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Melody La Montia
, Los Angeles, California, USA
"Untitled: Pinkroom" 2005,  2 1/4 Ultrachrome Print

June H. Lee
, Los Angeles, California, USA
"Julian Blooming" 2000, 35mm, film


Veronika Lukasova
, Washington, DC, USA
"Great Expectations / from Ms. Senior America series" 2005, Digital SLR

Meg Madison


Rania Matar
, Brookline, Massachusettes, USA
"Covered in the Heat, Beirut" 2005, 35mm Film

Dorothy O'Connor
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
"pool" 2006 large format (8x10) film



Teresa Ollila
, Lafayette, Colorado, USA
"Jumping" 2006, 35mm, Digital



Karen Riggs
, Tucson, Arizona, USA
“Homeless Man with Bedroll” 2006 Digital



Carrie Schechter
, Brooklyn, New York, USA
"Nicole" 2007 35mm, Digital


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