HAPPY Birthday

October 14, 2005

"Each time I make a photograph I celebrate the life I love and the beauty I know and the happiness I have experienced. All my photographs are made like that responding to my intuition... After all these years, I am still motivated by the radiance that light creates when it transforms an object into something magical. What the eye sees is an illusion of what is real. The black-and-white image is yet another transformation. What exactly exists, we may never know."
...Ruth Bernhard

Photograph by Christine Burgoyne, 1998

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Tribute to Ruth Bernhard

Natural theology is the belief that all humans can know God through observing nature. Using my camera to commune with nature is my spiritual connection to the Infinite. The world is my church, my image

Merilee Adler, San Pedro, CA

For your inspiration and innovation; for forging the way for future women photographers; for making the world a more interesting and beautiful place! It is with gratitude and admiration that I wish you a very happy birthday, with hopes of many more years filled with health, happiness, love, companionship and creativity! You will always be one sexy woman! Fond regards,

Joanne Bartone, Pittsburgh, PA

I was fortunate to meet you in Palm Beach. Your influence illumines photography; your beliefs in feeling bound to all that exists caused me long ago to term my own work as "neotranscendental." The longing felt when drawn into a visual poem compels me to conjure photography's alchemy, that I might cast my vision into the annals of immortality. If this is foolish, then let me be foolish always.

Ivy Bigbee, Washington, DC

PROfessional Member

Ruth...is also my middle name... ItŐs an honor to be graced by your photos and legacy. These photos span the 30 years from the birth of my photo identity (1972) until the present time when my son/muse has reinspired me with purpose.

I shall look to your work as inspiration for everything possible. Thank you Ruth for turning 100 and this opportunity to give back to you.

Janet Century

Happy Birthday Ruth!

Nancy Clendaniel, Enumclaw, WA

Your life force is captured in each subject electrifying senses. You've bridled technique beneath the eyelashes of a child. Your gift is a testament to your humanity and we're the better for it.

Josephina DiSalvo


Dear Ruth, I hope your birthday is filled with light turning to silver and all things negative turning to positive. You will be a muse on the shoulder of all female photographers for centuries to come.

Joan Dooley, Pasadena, CA
General Member

I wish for you a bursting and dancing display of light, an erupting celebration of 100 years of the magic and beauty that you have seen and shared so exquisitely. Thank you Ruth, and Happy 100.

Wendy Farrow, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
PROfessional Member
Wendy farrow

Thank you Ruth for being you. For your Inspiration and leading women to a true understanding of the themselves and the beauty within. You are very beautiful, Happy 100 years young!

Jean Ferro, Los Angeles, CA

Happy Birthday Ruth, I met you at several workshops in the 1990s and also on the beach at Point Lobos, Carmel environs. Thank you so much for your contribution to the fine art of photography. Many more years.

Bonnie Flamer, Sherman Oaks, CA

"This snow goose appears angelic as it prepares to take flight. The lighting effects of the wings reminds me of some of your amazing work. Happy Birthday, Ruth."

Stacey Garry, Las Vegas, NV

Happy 100th! Thank you for illuminating the path for the rest of us.

Diana Lucas Leavengood

Ruth, you held this one in your hand at your last workshop on Whidbey Island and said "poetry". It than had a name. I'll hold that in my heart. Happy Birthday.

Colleen Meacham, Kirkland, WA

Happy 100th birthday! What an achievement!!!...I am wishing you a very special day and am proud to be able to participate in this tribute to you..Enjoy! Your photography is an inspiration to me....

Carey More, Los Angeles, CA

Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful and inspiration women in the world! May each day bring you renewed joy and happiness! With creativity and light,

Catherine Ellen Money,
Los Angeles, CA

PROfessional Member


Happy Birthday Ruth !

Dawn Norris, Newburyport Port, MA


It is an honor to participate in your century celebration, and to share the joy of photography.

Sharon Seligman, Spicewood, TX


Thank you Ruth for providing so much inspiration to so many photographers. Best wishes on your 100th birthday!

Carrie Villines, New York
PROfessional Member

Light and shadow remind me of what photography is about...form, shape and movement. A light dance if you will...Happy Birthday Ruth!

Margaret Waage, Southington, CT
General Member
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A photography as special tribute to celebrate Ruth Bernhard, poet of light and creator of classic images in the history of moder photography. Congratulation Ruth for your life and career.

Paola Zucchello, La Spezia, ITALY

Catherine Bauknight,
Los Angeles, CA

Ruth Bernhard, 2004
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