All material regarding submission is STRICKLY CONFIDENTIAL and not to be disclosed until Publisher acknowledges to do so.

This is a SPECIAL WIPI presentation.

Silvershotz is setting aside 40 pages for Women In Photography International

Upon notification from the publisher
- REQUEST for TIFF files that are exactly the same as the image, color, redention you submitted as JPG/JPEG for consideration

Publishing Agreement between: Silvershotz International Limited, Australia
Publication - Silvershotz International Journal, Volume ___ Edition ____

1.1 Usage Rights- Silvershotz
Copyright of the images, ownership of the images and intellectual rights of the images shall remain with the photographer at all times. The photographer grants Silvershotz International Limited permission to use the images in the context of an article about the photographer and their work.
1.2 Silvershotz will use the images in the context of the article for publication in the specific magazine edition as per agreement.
1.3 The publication will consist of printed material and electronic versions for the international market place.
1.4 Silvershotz is granted the right to use some of the images in marketing materials or lecture series within the context of the article and the specific magazine. At all times Silvershotz International agrees to identify the photographer as the copyright owner of the image/s.
2.1 Usage Rights – Photographer
Silvershotz International Limited retains the intellectual copyright and property rights of the layouts and integrity of the Silvershotz journal.
2.2 The photographer is provided with the Silvershotz logo and a PDF of their layout which can be used by the photographer to promote their work in publications, printed materials, electronic media, web sites, online galleries, exhibitions and marketing materials.
2.3 The photographer will at all times acknowledge and identify Silvershotz as the author of the article.
3.1 FEES
There is no fee payable by the photographer to Silvershotz International and there is no fee payable by Silvershotz to the photographer.
4.1 Copyright Protection.
Silvershotz will never attempt to sell or release any image to a third party under any circumstances for any use. Your image protection and integrity of the image is important and Silvershotz puts in place systems to embed images within the journal so copying is extremely difficult.
5.1 Photographers Indemnity
The photographer warrants/agrees he/she is the sole author of and sole owner of the copyright of the image and has the right, power and authority to enter into an agreement with Silvershotz. The photographer further agrees that the image does not infringe any person/s right to privacy. All necessary model releases required will be available on request and the photographer indemnifies Silvershotz International from any court action that may result from any injured party, real or imagined, that may result in harm due to public exposure. The photographer indemnifies Silvershotz against any action, suit or legal challenge in the event of any breach of the aforementioned clauses.
6.1 Image reproduction
SILVERSHOTZ will never crop or alter any image in any way whatsoever. The image is valued so highly that Silvershotz has a strict policy not to place text over an image.
6.2 Images must be supplied as a TIFF and saved at 300 DPI and sized at approximately 20x25cms. The designers then resize to fit the layout.
6.3 Images are not changed in any way except for density and conversion to CYMK by designers who match the printers colour target.
6.4 Silvershotz cannot be held responsible if images may differ from your source as Silvershotz prints directly from files supplied.
6.5 Files should be made available on your own server for download or sent by an FTP such as


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