July 2005

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Tesse with Mask

Tesse with Giant Pear


Natalie with Purse

French Clown

MiKyoung with Veil

Jordan's Tatoo

All images copyright © Dale Sparage, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

About the Artist

Dale Susan Sparage is a Michigan based photographer.
Her photographs have been included in group shows in New York, the Palm Springs Desert Museum, The Toledo Museum, University of Michigan, Tucson Arizona, and others. Currently she has a show at the ARTFUSION gallery in North Miami, and an upcoming show at the Jewish Museum in West Bloomfield, Michigan scheduled for the month of August.

Her current body of work “Portraits of Women” looks at idea of gender under the changing guise of portraiture. “Girls in Wonderland” explores the transformation of girls as they come to terms with adolescence and find their place as women.

There exists so many ways to change and reinvent our appearance that our physical image turns into a permeable façade making it more difficult to capture the essence of one’s personhood through the traditional meaning of portraits. New ways of representing our ever changing physical being in relation to contemporary cultural environments is the challenge we face as image makers. As seekers of truth and meaning to explain and understand what it means to be human within the context of highly evolved technologies there is a strong need to continue to question the impact and validity of the images we create.