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May, 2006, WIPI sent an e-mail toward the end of the day of May 1st, asking our Members to send two images surrounding the controversy of immigration related to all nationalities who participated in the May 1st demonstration. If you are a WIPI member and took photos related to immigration anywhere in the world during May or another time, please follow the instructions in the e-mail you received from WIPI about posting your images to this page.

Luz Tapia / Los Angeles / May 1, 2006

Issa Sharp / Los Angeles / May 1, 2006

Shahla Bebe / Los Angeles / May 1, 2006



Catherine DeYoung / Los Angeles / May 1, 2006

Joan Dooley / Los Angeles / May 1, 2006

Josephina Di Salvo / Los Angeles / May 2006

Sarah Bones / Philadelphia immigration protest rally / April 10, 2006

All images copyright the photographer,
and in no way represent any political statement,
just pure "freedom of expression"
by female photographers. As we receive
images we will post them from WIPI members