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Subj: WIPI Press release 1999 - Premiere Issue   
Date: 11/11/99

Founded in 1981, WIPI is a nonprofit educational organization with the goal of promoting women photographers and their work through exhibitions, programs and publications. Our new website:
Women in Photography International or URL:, net or .org
incorporates our online publication, F2 . Published quarterly, this newsezine features regular contributions :

*** 1st Issue, Special Pesentation Portfolio, Photo Artist -
Jean Ferro

*** " Historical Profile" by Photohistorian, Curator and Author
Peter Palmquist

***"Marketing News" by Photo Marketing & Self-Promotion Specialist -
Maria Piscopo

***Book Reviews by Author
Carole Glauber

Each Issue of F2-eZine presents the work of three artists in the following galleries:

Gallery One - Featured Artist Profile & Portfolio (12 images)
a woman photographer who has been working in the photographic community for at least twenty years.

Gallery Two: Member Profile and Portfolio (3 images)
an up & coming woman photographer and WIPI Member, who talks about personal work and building a career.

Gallery Three: Historical Profile & Portfolio (3 Images)
Written by Peter Palmquist about a woman photographer who is included in the Women in Photography Archives. Unique historical commentary.

The WIPI Website also offers a wide range of photographic links, including member website links, gallery links, photographic organizations and corporation contacts.

With Four Levels of Membership:

1. Charter Membership
2. Professional Membership
3. General Membership
4. Student Membership

Women in Photography International offers something for every photographer at varied levels of interest and accomplishment.

We offer a truly unique network for women photographers from around the world.

Nancy Clendaniel