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Archive 3 - June 2000 - September 2000

Jean Ferro, June 2000

To the Membership and the Photography Community

As the newly elected President of Women In Photography International, I would first like to acknowledge several people who have helped make this organization great.

Foremost I want to thank Nancy Clendaniel for her dedication over the years as our past Director. She has been the thread holding the organization together as it has gone from a paper based newsletter to an online resource center. Her new position as F2 editor will place her at the pulse of the action, utilizing her wonderful networking skills and uncanny ability to delve into peoples lives as she does so powerfully with her writing, documentary and portraiture photography.

Sylvia White, one of WIPI's long term members since 1982, has accepted the board position as our new Treasurer. I'm confident that Sylvia will bring to this position the same accuracy and dedication as she does her passion for teaching and professional photography work.

For their loyalty and service, I'd also like to recognize former president Alexandra Milovanovich and past secretary Bobbi Abramson who will now serve as a WIPI Ambassador. We also owe a great debt of gratitude to David Fletcher (Fraggle from England) for his time, effort and patience in helping us set up our original site.

While I'm at it, I'd like to both welcome and thank our new webmaster Amie Vanderford-Pfaff for her invaluable contribution to this latest 3rd edition.

We owe a very special acknowledgement also to Peter Palmquist, historian extraordinaire, who houses the Women In Photography Archives of over 25,000 women photographers from around the world. His knowledge, support and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

And, of course, a heartfelt applause to the many women worldwide who have been members of our organization. We are here today because of the time and care, talent and spirit these wonderful women brought to us and to the world of photography.

Women in Photography International is making great strides thanks to our membership and our online publication, F2. We have revamped our website to better accommodate growing interests and needs as we are fast becoming the premiere professional resource for women photographers worldwide. Be sure to check our archives of past issues to find valuable information on historical profiles, galleries and articles

The response to our Call For Entries in our WIPI NEWS section, for the 2000 Women Photographers Millennium Project is growing! We would encourage all who have nominations or who would like to nominate themselves to do so before the closing date of December 31st, 2000 (Now closed).

Beginning June 15th, Kodak is sponsoring our exciting "Membership Drive 100." The Kodak film giveaway will be a great way to encourage the first 100 new members to get out and start shooting with three professional rolls of film in their bags! This is just the beginning in a long line of special offers and unique opportunities for WIPI members over the coming months. Be sure to check the "Call for Entries" section of F2, and watch for Awards & Scholarship Programs we'll be offering later this year.

Remember, we can only become the very best resource with your participation. We are expanding our volunteer team to include committees that will be involved in on-line auctions, gallery sales, educational programs, membership outreach, website expansion and corporate sponsorships. Let us know how you can help by applying your special skills to our online team! Send your inquiries or suggestions to: We welcome new ideas, so if you just have an idea...send it along, we'll be glad to read it.

As president, I look forward to serving our members and the community.

Thank you,

Jean Ferro

see F2-eZine Contents ARCHIVE 3