For articles, see f2 eZine content    Archive 4 - Sept - Dec 2000

Archive 4 - September - December, 2000

Letter from the President Jean Ferro-


Our Cover montage is a reflection of our exciting year 2000. By clicking on an individual image, it will take you to galleries and/or stories we presented through out the year.

We are proud to announce the acquisition of the card catalog of Women Photographers, Books, Periodicals and Exhibition catalogues, a photographic archive which has been amassed over a period of 27 years by Founder and Curator, Peter Palmquist. This comprehensive research tool can be accessed through our online Reference Library and will be extremely valuable to Scholars and Collectors the world over who will find this collection to be one of the most important contributions to the history of women in photography. The card catalog is part of the over 27,000 biographical files on Women Photographers that Historian Peter Palmquist houses in Arcata, CA.

We welcome our new Board Secretary, Lillian Wilson. Lillian is an accomplished photographer and professional photography representative for Eastman Kodak Company.

New to our Advisory Board is Jane Slate Siena, Head of Institutional Relations at the Getty Conservation Institute, and President of the St. Petersburg International Center for Preservation, Russia and Jill Waterman, photographer/writer and Senior Photo Editor at FPG International, and Picture Editor/Contributing Writer for the Fotophile photographic journal. In this issue you will find an article by Jill about the L.E.S.Girls Club/NY in the WIPI News Section.

Our Galleries showcase Chicago Tribune photographer, Stephanie Sinclair as the featured photographer in Gallery #1. Winifred Meiser, Member gallery and the Historical profile on Mary Eleanor Browning, who in 1951 made history by photographing her own surgery. In the Gallery Highlights section you will find images from the Tipper Gores exhibit of "The Way Home, Ending Homelessness in America." WIPI Member highlights include, Lillian Wilson, Patricia D. Richards, Jill Waterman, and Cindy Pichard.

New this fall, is the exciting book

" reviewed by Historian, Carol Clauber. Carol's insightful review is illustrated with images by NG staff photographer, Jodi Cobb. Also included in the review are images by Maria Stenzel and Karen Kasmauski and book cover by Joanna B. Pimeno.

Please take a moment to read the wonderful story by Russian Photographer/Writer Julia Sorokina, in the WIPI News section of the f2 eZine. A special thank you to Nancy Clendaniel, our past Editor, for bringing Julia to our attention after a recent photo trip to Russia. Speaking of trips, check out the cutting edge art weekend at Black Rock Desert with images by Anthropologist/Photographer Leanna Wolfe who photographed the "Burning Man" exhibit.

We have received an excellent response to the "2000 Women in Photography" Call for Entries. We've changed the focus from "just photographers" to include ALL women working in the photographic arts, including curators, publishers, writers and others, whose contribution to photography has made a difference. So nominate yourself and/or your favorite editor, curator, publisher or working representative today, the deadline is December 31, 2000.

In answer to our Membership Survey request, we have compiled an interesting links list for Competition and Employment opportunities. We have also expanded our International Photography Links section, a great asset to anyone's favorites list. The Flags icon link will open a page that allows you to translate our site into any one of 6 different languages. So remember, when you are looking for a contact related to photography anywhere on the globe, stop by our links section to achieve your goal.

We welcome your contribution. If you have articles or links you would like us to consider, please send them along and remember to add our link to your site. Our vision and your voice combine to create the Premiere On-line Resource for Women in the Photographic Arts .....we're clicking.!

Jean Ferro

A special note of Thanks to Amie Vanderford-Pfaff, our "Webmaster"... you're the best..!



For articles, see f2 eZine content    Archive 4 - Sept - Dec 2000