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Archive 6 - April - June 2001
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I must confess, I love a contract however, it may be because a Letter of Agreement is the form I prefer. The difference in title imparts a good natured union.

Some artists shy from the commerce side of a creative business and the paperwork that goes with it. Some may not appreciate much beyond the act of creation and find everything else a distraction. While I could live without most paperwork, I find establishing a simply written agreement releases me to focus on creative work.

Keep in mind, negotiating a contract or agreement can be a creative process in making a deal that's good for you and all involved. A Letter of Agreement should assert what you are going to do, what you need to do it, fee arrangements and when you'll deliver. A quick way to get started is to spin off from Who, What, Where, When, and How, flushing out details unique to each project.

For example, (Who) Pukashell (What) will produce a series of videos on rhythms of the sea, (Where) from the northwest coast of Victoria Island. (When) Pre-production will begin____ and the series will be delivered by _____ to Visionary Inc. Visionary Inc. agrees to pay the fee of $$$ to Pukashell with one-third or $ due before or at Pre-production start date, and one-third or $ due at completion of rough-cut. Balance of $ is due and payable upon completion and delivery.

Agreements finally should include who will own the work, in some cases for what usages and how long, before both parties sign.

Letters of Agreement I've authored keep the agreement as simple and clearly stated as possible. This may not be always be possible when dealing with entities who conditionally present their own contracts.

Become familiar by researching how other artists create contracts or agreements. A prolific artist recently told me when first aiming to establish herself, she contacted an established photographer and asked him to lend her an example of his contract. He did.

Non-profit artists' support organizations can be a good resource, some even offering low-cost legal assistance with membership.

Remember, people can dream, wish and talk about ideas all they want. A Letter of Agreement signals an activated commitment to fulfillment.

Kathryn Golden, Producer/Director is co-founder of Searchlight Films, award winning, film and video production company located in Berkeley, CA -where "ACROSS TIME AND SPACE" a feature documentary film about a three schools in three countries, two generations and a World War is in post-production.

SearchLight Films
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Marketing & Self-Promotion

By Maria Piscopo,
author Photographer's Guide to Marketing & Self-Promotion
All work copyright Maria Piscopo
Allworth Press

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