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Archive 6  April - June 2001

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Joanne Chilton
Nova Scotia, Canada

Joanne Chilton's involvement in Photography and other artistic expressions began during her younger years, and later started exploring different avenues of creativity from early to mid 90's. Her artistic endeavors range from abstract painting, poetry to Photography.

Her love for travel has woven a wider understanding of culture, history and spiritual connection, which she creatively expresses often in her photography. Living abroad has taken her to such places as Greece, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, France and other parts of Europe and North America. Since her return to the Maritimes she still continues to travel abroad, including Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Wales and England.

More recently Joanne has discovered the fullness of weaving words with images and has exhibited twice, using images with commentary and poetry. Her unique style allows her to present solo exhibits with strong themes that enhances and adds depth to her work. She is interested in combining her photography and poetry into book format and eventually publishing her own book in the future.

Joanne's style of Photography that she most connects and works with is Miksang Contemplative Photography. Miksang means "Good Eye" in Tibetan. She is currently taking workshops in the Contemplative and Visual Arts that deepen and enhance her style. Her work is in various places throughout Europe and North America. Her online portfolio and gallery of work is updated regularly. She has displayed and exhibited work in various Galleries, shops and venues and is currently working on presenting proposals to exhibit her work internationally and other parts of Canada and US.

Some of Joanne's sources of inspiration are women who speak their truths and believe in themselves. Other inspirations are music and poetry by the great Sufi poet Rumi. Other sources are the great masters of photography such as Weston, White and Dorothea Lange. More recently another source of deep inspiration is the book, "The Zen of Seeing," by Frederick Franck.

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