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Justinn Rogers
California Summer School for the Arts (CSSS)

Throughout my work I find a new peace, whether I know what the image is specifically about or not. I personally feel that working through the subconscious mind and not entirely knowing the context of the image are the best ways of externalizing subconscious thought. It mystifies the process, pushes me to work harder at what I love doing, and is creatively satisfying.

If, in the end, I know why I created the image, that’s wonderful. On the other hand, if I knew everything about myself, I think I would be a boring person. It’s the not knowing that is mysterious and creative. The unknown motivates me to strive harder to uncover a little more about myself.

I attended California Summer School for the Arts (CSSS) in the summer of 1999 and will attend again in the summer of 2001. I love the creative unknown process in my work, and as I learn more, I realize I need more structure and time to develop creatively. This is what I hope to gain by attending the California Summer School for the Arts.

Most recent publication:

Phoenix Downtown, June 2001 cover image art, multiple of 4 images "The Accordion Series".

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