Featured Student Member Gallery
Archive 9 - January-March 2002


Artist Statement and Bio

Marya Alford is currently a junior, majoring in Fine Arts Photography, at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Originally from Georgia, Marya became interested in photography through her mother's curiosity in the art.

“My work stems from childhood objects and their deteriorating relationship with people as they age into adulthood. In my pieces, these innocent childhood toys function in a strangely different environment. Left behind by their owners after adolescence, they now function in an adult world. I work with the nostalgic quality and innocence of these childhood objects as well as the process of these toys being left behind. This process of the forgotten shows the aging of these toys through time in a strange, dark, indoor space. A tiny sliver of the outdoors is shown, relaying the message of growth, both within the world and within the owner of this stuffed toy.

“The aged toys series later led into my current work, the snow globe series. I handmake the globes, each of which reflects the idea of childhood objects left behind. Most snow globes focus on the scene inside. My snow globe scenes, however, are placed on top of the globes with paper inside, floating and swirling about. This paper contains text of dictionary definitions that deal with the subject matter of each scene. Emphasis is placed on both the text and the scene.”

Marya can be reached at: maryaalford@mindspring.com