For articles, see f2 eZine Archive 10 - Apr - Jun 2002

Archive #10 - April-June 2002

Jean Ferro, President's Letter:

Archive 10 Spring Issue, April 1, 2002

Ah, Spring is in the blooming and WIPI still growing and glowing. We’ve had incredible growth since our January Quarterly.

Stephen Cohen’s photo l.a. was a huge success. Our booth was one of the most popular at the Jan 17 - Jan 20th collectors Expo in Santa Monica, CA. We were packed every moment with collectors, photographers, educators and those interested in what Women in Photography International is doing. Joanne Warfield, our Director of Exhibitions, whose spark of inspiration ignited the involvement at photo l.a., put together a beautiful presentation of 43 photographers and their work. We would like to thank Ruth Bernhard, Joyce Tenneson and Marsha Burns for donating photographs for the auction with the proceeds donated to WIPI. We are also very grateful to Stephen Cohen and Epson America for helping us promote WIPI.

The “Hollywood Bound” exhibition at the Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Library, Director, Dan Strehl with co-sponsorship by the Hollywood Arts Council, President, Nyla Arslanian, brought together 16 WIPI photographers who presented a fine assemblage of images related to Hollywood. The exhibit opened Jan 10 - thru April 30th.

“kitsch & klick, the art of the toy camera” opened at the Pierce College Art Gallery in Woodland Hills and will travel to the Hollywood Library starting the first week of May and be on exhibit until July 30th. Patrick Miller Lomo camera expert, gave a wonderful lecture and provided the attendees with a special toy camera booklet of information on the various cameras and Mary E. Oliver, Director of the Pierce College Art Gallery and her staff made the whole experience a delight.

And in the midst of all this, owner Don Weinstein and lab manager Jolie Margulies, of Photo Impact Lab, Santa Monica, asked WIPI to hang images on their walls until May 31st that had been at photo l.a. So needless to say, we’ve been extremely busy.

In our Spring Quarterly galleries we have the works of noted platinum photographic printer/photographer, Elizabeth Siegfried. Suzun Lucia Lamania, who began using her first camera, a Diana, at age twelve. And Ellie Brown, an award winning student photographer who is intrigued by the gender stereotypes. And in the Historical Profile, the new book in progress by Peter Palmquist, Directory Pioneer Women Photographers of the World. Also see Carol Glauber’s Book Review of Pioneer Photographers of the Far West A Biographical Dictionary, 1840-1865 by Peter E. Palmquist and Thomas R. Kailbourn, Foreword by Martha A. Sandweiss. The entire F2-eZine is full of wonderful articles, such as WIPI News features: Women In Film & Photography Harrison's Flowers - Great Women In Film, Meditative Magic by Judith Diana Winston, Photographing in Asia, by Beverly Pettit, WIPI Features From Abroad, Australia by Stephanie Flack.

We are lining up the venues for our 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Tea Time to start it’s road trip and we are happy to have be part of one of the most prestigious photographic magazines, International ZOOM Magazine 30th Anniversary Collectible Edition (Jan. 2002) with a special highlight about the Exhibit with pictures by Carol Nye, Julia McLemore and Mary Wanless.

With our growth comes new challenges. WIPI will be expanding over the next few months, adding new people and more satellite stations to bring you the best of what is going on around the world. We are also embarking on a funding campaign so we may spread our wings and provide more opportunities for our members. If there is anyone whom you would like to honor as a photographer or someone who has worked in the photographic community, please see our Membership section to find out how you can provide an “In memory of” contribution or Charter Membership. We also provide Corporate Sponsorship’s, Gold, Silver and Bronze opportunities.

In the coming months we will send a couple of surveys to find out what you are looking for in photography and how we can help you arrive at your goals. If you can, take the time to read through the archives, there you will find wonderful articles by Maria Piscopo about marketing and promotion and Selina Oppenhein’s final part III, Creating Success series gives us important keys to maintain a high level of professionalism.

One curious note, the 59th Annual Pictures of the Year International Competition sponsored by the Missouri School of Journalism,, had twelve jurors, five of which were females, view 20,000 images. 250 photographers where awarded honors and approximately fifty of them were women.

Special thanks to our webmaster Ludivine Martin who took on the huge task of the F2-eZine along with her responsibilities of updating the Membership and links area;Stuart Vail, for technical and gallery support;Cat Jimenez, President's Assistant and WIPI Photographer;Carrie Villines, a valued assistant; and Kay Gallin, financial consultant plus all the members who contributed hours to photo l.a, Hollywood Bound and kitsch & klick, Thank you. We are great because of your support.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Nancy Clendaniel, Membership Outreach at exhibition ideas, Joanne Warfield, Director of Exhibitions at

Spring is a great time to clear the path and start new projects. And remember if you are buying books, go through our website link affiliate program in the Book Review section to help support WIPI.

Have fun, enjoy your work,

Jean Ferro

For articles, see f2 eZine Archive 10 - Apr - Jun 2002