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Artist Statement and Bio

At any given moment, I have at least one-thousand-twenty-eight stories archived in my brain ready to tell all who care to listen. As a consequence of being a drama queen (so I am told), I am able to turn my experiences into funny, yet seemingly important, embellishments that others need to know. Amongst my friends and family, I am recognized for my exaggerations, inquisitiveness, verbosity and laughter. Consequently, these qualities emanate throughout my photographic and video work. Having fun is crucial to my creative process and why the toy camera is ideal for me. Currently, I enjoy attending Cal State Fullerton where I am in pursuit of my MFA in Creative Photography.

Lauren Gabriele is the first place winner of the WIPI "kitsch & klick, art of the toy camera" call for entries that was presented at Pierce College Art Gallery, Woodland Hills, CA, and is currently on view at the Frances Howard Goldwyn Regional Library, Hollywood, CA thru July 30, 2002.

While at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, Lauren was photographer for the senior year book, "The Griffin," and the college newspaper, "The Quest."

Lauren continues to expand her photographic and video skills, and in the past has worked at such facilities as Fotek Custom Photo Lab/Hollywood, CA, and Photocenter Imaging/Burbank, CA, as a Digital Imager.

E-mail: Whirlyswirlies@yahoo.com

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