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January - June 2005

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Exhibition runs January 10 - March 1, 2005
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Jurors: Sue Brisk/Magnum Photos, Howard Greenberg Gallery /NY, 
Lesley Martin /Aperture Foundation, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff /Paris, France

An online WIPI juried exhibition

LOOKING Ahead - 2006

Museum of Photographic Arts presents
April - July 2006

THE MUSEUM of PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS * 1649 El Prado San Diego CA 92101 (619) 238 7559

More than sixty years ago, a generation came of age under the yolk of the Great Depression, the rise of fascism, and a world war. Some joined the burgeoning field of the mass media that was just taking shape through new and revolutionary technology. Literally at their fingertips was a newer, faster means of communication through radio, talking pictures, newsreels, the 35mm camera, and the large picture magazine. With unprecedented speed, proximity, and realism, their images arrived in people's homes igniting imaginations and shaping public opinion.

In the spring of 2006, the Museum of Photographic Arts is mounting a museum-wide examination of the photographs, films, newsreels, and cameras from the late 1920s to mid 1950s that -- not unlike our Internet age -- changed the world.
The largest of these exhibitions celebrates the first women in photojournalism; Breaking the Frame: Pioneering Women in Photojournalism includes vintage photographs by Margaret Bourke-White, Esther Bubley, Thérése Bonney, Hansel Mieth, and the British and Russian photographers, Grace Robertson and Olga Lander, respectively. Rosie the Riveter had nothing on these women, whose entrée into the mass media helped shape our collective understanding of history then and now. Forging a point of view and way of life through an unprecedented move out-of-the-home and into a career that demanded courage, intelligence, and skill, their achievements were revolutionary. Two exhibitions will accompany Breaking the Frame. The first examines the actual 35mm cameras that came into being in the mid-1920s; the second celebrates the first photographs made with them by Erich Salomon, Robert Capa, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Martin Munkacsi, and Tim Gidal.

In the Main Gallery:

Breaking the Frame: Pioneering Women in Photojournalism 

Thérése Bonney (American/French)
Olga Lander (Russian)
Grace Robertson (British)
Hansel Mieth (German/American)
Esther Bubley (American)
Margaret Bourke-White (American)

15-20 photographs by each photographer          

Illustrated Catalog - Mieth, Bonney, Lander 

Adjacent galleries:

Framing in 35:The First 35mm Photographs 1928-1940
Erich Salomon
Martin Munkacsi
Robert Capa
Tim Gidal

Alfred Eisenstaedt
8-10 photographs by each photographer

Birth of New Technology and the Picture Magazine
In cases:
Vintage cameras (UC Riverside Collection)
Magazines from various countries:
Berliner Illustrirte Zaitung, Picture Post, LIFE, USSR,
Peste-Napli, etc.

  • Newsreels 1928-1950s – March of Time, RKO Pathé
  • Early radio

  • Film Series – early documentaries such as Joris Iven’s 400 Million, John Huston’s War Trilogy, Helen Levitt’s The Silent One, Paul Strand, and others; Hollywood fare Since You Went Away, Too Hot to Handle, and others; first on-location feature films using documentary footage including The Search (1948) [written by Thérése Bonney, dir: Fred Zinnemann, debut of Montgomery Clift]

THE MUSEUM of PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS * 1649 El Prado San Diego CA 92101 (619) 238 7559

2004 - WIPI History

A Women In Photography International Exhibition

Best of Show:
Stephanie Flack   People's Choice: Gabrielle Gianella 
See complete list of winners
  International Jury panel bios    Recently Archived Oct. 2004
Curated by: Carrie Villines
Jigisha Bouverat, Director of Art Buying, TBWA\Chiat\Day (Los Angeles)
Jean Ferro, Photo Artist/President, Women In Photography International
Jeanine Fijol, Photo Editor, Photo District News
Graham Howe, Author/Curator/Founder, Curatorial Assistance, Inc.
Stephen Perloff, Founder/Editor, The Photo Review
Maria Piscopo, Creative Services Consultant
Miriam Romais, Managing Director, En Foco (New York)
Niyatee Shinde, Photo Historian/Writer/Curator (India)
Stuart Vail, Editor-In-Chief/Publisher, TheScreamOnline
Roger Watson, Photo Historian, Fox Talbot Museum (England)

Photo l.a. 2004  archive, held January 2004 WIPI Booth, presented artists, Michele Dugan, Jean Ferro, Stephanie Flack, Freyda Miller, Elizabeth Opalenik, Juanita Richeson with pecial presentation of Ruth Bernhard.
See artist porfolios and SEE onsite images of event and ...the final hours..behind the scenes after the event...packing up!

*** international photography award ***

Sylvia Plachy received the
2004 Women In Photography Interntional Disginguished Photographers
at the 2nd Annual 2004 Lucie Awards presentation,
York City, Manhattan Center, October 18, 2004

2004 International Photography Awards
list of winning WIPI Member participants:

Photographer of the Year: Book:"Intimacy" JOYCE TENNESON - ENTRY 3154 - NEW YORK, US
Fine Art JOYCE TENNESON - 1st place - entry 3154 - NEW YORK, US
Still Life JOYCE TENNESON - 1st place - entry 3155 - NEW YORK, US
Nudes :MICHELE DUGAN - 2nd place - entry 5083 - LOS ANGELES, US

Professional Honorable Mentions
Book Fine Art JOYCE TENNESON entry 3155 - NEW YORK, US
Portrait: JOYCE TENNESON entry 3154 - NEW YORK, US
Other Fine Art: MICHELE DUGAN entry 5014 - LOS ANGELES, US
Other Fine Art: JOYCE P. LOPEZ entry 2209 - CHICAGO, US
Self-Portrait: DONNA DELONE - 2nd place - entry 3033 - CHELSEA, US
Photo Essay: ISSA SHARP entry 1631 - LOS ANGELES, US
Family: ISSA SHARP entry 1294 - LOS ANGELES, US
Wedding: ISSA SHARP entry 4733 - LOS ANGELES, US

Non Professional
Portraits: STEPHANIE FLACK - 1st place - entry 1821 - LOS ANGELES, US
Pets: ALINE SMITHSON - 2nd place - entry 1234 - LOS ANGELES, US

Non Professional Honorable Mention
self-portrait: DONNA DELONE - 2nd place - entry 3033 - CHELSEA, US
culture:  STEPHANIE FLACK entry 1818 - LOS ANGELES, US
culture:  STEPHANIE FLACK entry 1820 - LOS ANGELES, US
Underwater: CAROLYN MILLER entry 4037 - ATLANTA, US
People: - Culture: CATHERINE HALL entry 12532 - NEW YORK , US