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"LOOK AND LEAVE : New Orleans in the Wake of Katrina"
Photographs by Jane Fulton Alt
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This project grew out of having witnessed the aftermath of an unprecedented, devastating, natural disaster.

I spent 2 weeks in the capacity of a clinical social worker providing care and comfort to the survivors of Katrina and Rita, 2 deadly hurricanes that passed thru the south in August of 2005.

I was stationed in New Orleans and worked with a program called "Look and Leave." The residents who had been dispersed to 48 states were "invited" back to view their homes in the lower 9 th ward, a neighborhood that suffered not only the hurricane, but two breaks in a levee that drowned the community. My contact with the residents was to accompany them back into their homes for the first time since they fled.

I have been in mourning ever since. The stories I heard had one thing in common... they were all heartbreaking. By the end of the third day I was feeling overwhelmed with the multitude and complexity of the problems facing the residents.

I had the "katrina cough" and a raging headache. I left the site to gather myself. Within an hour I realized that I needed to do more. I had to photograph what I was witnessing.

These images are my attempt to describe what I saw. As public interest has waned, the media has pulled back. Americans have moved on to "other news" and some have forgotten what is happening in the South. Hopefully, these images will ensure that the survivors will not be forgotten. They will need our help for years to come.

Jane presents 30 archival color pigment prints 14" x 20"

"LOOK AND LEAVE : New Orleans in the Wake of Katrina"
  January 16 - March 12
DePaul University Art Museum, Chicago IL

Reception Info:
there will be a reception / fundraiser on
Mardi Gras, Tuesday, February 28th from 5-8pm
to benefit: Common Ground - http://www.commongroundrelief.org/mission_and_vision/

as well as Katrina Kids Project - Hope, One Crayon at a Time
Katrina's Kids Project was started by a group of Houston area moms in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The project gave evacuee children the opportunity to create, discuss and process their experience through art.  http://www.katrinaskidsproject.org/index.html

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the katrina photos

e-mail: photos@JaneFultonAlt.com     phone: 847-869-1331

Jane is an award winning photographer and WIPI PRO Member
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