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Women In Photography International Archive

WIPI Member Photography contribution to
the Peter E. Palmquist,
Women In Photography International Archive
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University

VIA e-mail 6-19-03

To: Jean Ferro President,
Women In Photography International
Los Angeles, CA
June 19, 2003

Dear Jean,
On behalf of the Women in Photography International Archive, I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you and your organization's members for contributing so many wonderful images from the WIPI exhibitions to the Archive. All 43 images you sent in last week have been entered into the collections of the Women in Photography International Archive, and will join the balance of the Peter E. Palmquist collection in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University later this summer.

Sincerely, Suzanna A. Urminska
Associate Curator, Women in Photography International Archive

(please visit the websites of WIPI members listed below)

Addriene Adam
RIVER OF SILK, 2001 11” x 11” type-R, ed. 30/300 (printed on demand, retire Transp at 300)

Jane Fulton Alt
MATTERS OF THE HEART, 9.5" X 9.5" silver gelatin print, selenium toned, ed. 1/20

Shahla Bebe
SHAME, 14” x 11” Cross Process C-Print 1/50

Gene Berryhill
KUNMING, 10" x 8" Archival Inkjet Print 9/25, signed

Candace Biggerstaff
NEWBERRY ROSE LANE, 2001, archival inkjet 16 x 20" printed 2002, signed

Liza Hennessey Botkin

I AM WOMAN , 12" x 8" silver gelatin

Christine Burgoyne
RUTH BERNARD, 13" X 9" silver gelatin

Kathleen Carr
HORSES, 8" x 10" Iris print of Handcolored Polaroid Image Transfer, ed. 11/200

Margaret Clarke,
SLEEPER 1, 3.5" X 9" Ilfachrome Print

Nancy Clendaniel
THE GREEN CHAIR, 1985, The Serpentine, London, UK 8” x 12” C-print, signed
LITTLE BIRD, 1982” The Serpentine, London, UK, 8” x 12” silver gelatin, signed

Jean Ferro
MEMORIAL DAY, FOREVER SAD THE HEART, 1987 , 9.25” x 14” Self-Portrait Epson Archival 200 yr injet print signed
THRE GREEN SLIP, 1975, Self Portrait 8” x 12" Epson Archival 200 yr injet print Self-Portrait

Stephanie Flack
VOLTIVE OFFERING, 2001, signed 11” x 14” gelatin silver print

Guillermina Fuenmayor
SISYPHUS, 13.5" x 10.25" Inkjet Print , ed. 3/10

Helen K. Garber,
LEIGH HENNESSEY, 10.5" x 11.5" Selenium-Toned gelattin silver print , ed. 2/20
doanted by: Lawrence Shapiro and Judith Davies

Shelly Gazin
HARRY JAMES, 1979, (printed 1979) 11” x 14” silver geletin archival

Wilda Gerideau-Squires
THE MIME, 2001, 8” x 12” Print 2/2 type-R

Adrien Hefta
ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE, 2001, 13 .25” x 9.25” type-R, ed. 1/5

Marilyn Hunt
GARDEN AT MIDNIGHT, #1, 9.5” X 7.5” image of Handcolored B&W photo, digital print, Photo l.a.. 2002

De Karlen
LAS CONCHAS, 2001, Santa Barbara, CA, 8” x 10”

Elizabeth Kenneday,
SONG OF BOLSA CHICA IV, 9" X 9" Digital Ink Print with Oils

Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee
MONKEY SEE, 2002, 9 x 13 1/2” type-R, ed. 3/25,

Kenna Love
REMEMBERING HOMER, 11” x 11” C-print

Pam Mendelsohn

Kathleen McLaughlin

EASTER SUNDAY, SARBI, ROMANIA, 2000, 9.5" x 12" silver gelatin

Julia K. McLemore
A LEISURE SUITE #14, 14.5" x 6.5" Digital Print

Freyda Miller
WOMEN WITH WALLPAPER, 1978, cibrachrome 10” x 14" printed 1980, signed verso

Beverly Petitt

SHADOWS AT ANGKOR WAT, 2002 11” x 14” custom, type-R, ed. 1/10

Donatella Polizzi,
“FLOR” Silver Gelatin

Elizabeth Rassiga
MARKET DAY - BHUTAN, 2000 13.5" x 10.75" Fuji Crystal Archive , ed. 2/20

Patricia D. Richards
LANCE AT 26 WITH BAREFOOT BRIDE, 2001, 8” x 10” contact print, ed. 7/25

Juanita Richeson
The Big Wheel #41 11” x 14" silver gelatin

Susan Scafati
POMPEII HOTTUB, 2002 11” x 14” C-print, ed. 1/10

Sharon Seligman
SWAINSONS HAWK 9" x 14" silver gelatin

Tracy Jean Shields
MARION 11 ‘” x 14 " C-print

Elizabeth Siegfried

FILIGREE, 1997 8.25" x 12" Platinum Print, ed. 10/25

Dar Spain
LOOKING OUT 11" x 11" Handcolored silver gelatin #23

Jill Specht
SWAY 12.5" x 15.5" Photogram, 1/1

Amie Vanderford-Pfaff
MUSIC 11" x 14" C-Print , ed. 1/10

Carrie Villines
UNTITLED 11" x 8.5" silver gelatin, ed. 3/25
LIPS 10.5” x 14” Epson, 2000P archival ink jet

Joanne Warfield
CRIMSON ATHENA, 2001, 12.5" x 10" Polaroid /Archival Ink Print , ed. 3/25, signed
CURLS, 2002, 5.75” x 8.75” Archival Ink Print, signed
MAD HATTER, 2002, 5.75” x 8.75” Archival Ink Print, signed

Sylvia White
BODY SERIES #14 11” x 14” type-R,

Wilma Wong,
CORNERED EYE, 13 1/2” x 9” fuji archival-C-print, ed. 1/5 signed verso

Cynthia Zordich
INTERMISSION, 2002 16” x 20” b/w ed. 2/5

In addition: Along with WIPI's early history 1981-1997, Starting with WIPI's online revival in 1999, contributions of books, invitations, articles, resumes and photographs have been contributed to the Palmquist archive. Information on our exhibitons, 20th Anniversary Exhibition Tea Time, Images of Women, Images of Tea photo l.a. 2002, Hollywood Bound 2002, kitsch & klick, the art of the toy camera 2002, photo l.a. 2003. This included submitted slides, books, notes, website print outs and the progress of the organization. Our members have been well represented in this wonderful tribute to photography

To see information on Peter Palmquist, the triubte in Arcata, CA, April 2003 and to view photographs of the original archive where the work was held until it's removal in July 2003 to be shipped to Yale University, see Palmquist Historical Profile