Women In Photography Celebrates Freedom - 1992

Jurors: G. Ray Hawkins, Glenna Avila and Suzy Kerr

Of the almost 500 photos entered, about 20% were from out of the country: Kenya, Bangladesh, Latvia, India, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Czechoslovakia and several republics in the former USSR.

Organized by Women In Photography, the international competition and exhibition was an opportunity for women photographers to present photographs depicting personal, political and environmental freedom, as well as a chance to celebrate and rejoice in the new era of emancipation and collaboration for peoples worldwide.In conjunction with the exhibition, the first of the lecture series "Women Behind the Images - 1992" was also held at the Los Angeles Photography Center (LAPC), January 1992.

There were 50 winning photographs representing 48 women.

Congratulations went to Judy Glickman of Cape Elizabeth, Maine and to Margaret Preissman of Beverly Hills, CA, each of whom had an image chosen by all three jurors. Seven women who were chosen for the exhibition had been winners in 1989, They are: Carolyn Berry, Linda Joseph, Carol Nye, Gisela Gamper, Judy Glickman, Susan Sapides, Althea Edwards and Janet Knott.

The exhibition opened at the Los Angeles Photography Center, January 25, 1992. The Exhibition Coordinator was Patty Donovan

Images from Women In Photography Celebrates Freedom - 1992 were displayed in the F2 Special Edition Winter 1992 Issue. This was the final edition of F2, and marked the closure of the organization until its rebirth with the premiere edition of Women In Photography International's F2-eZine and online galleries in November 1999 on www.womeninphotography.org

Exhibition coordination and production by Alexandra Milovanovich (WIPI President 1992) and Pat Donavan

Nahar Ahmed, Dhaka, Bangladesh Rally for Democracy
Carolyn Berry, Monterey, CA The Friends
Patsy Bluestein, Miami, FL Women's Biker Series #1
Diane Bush, Buffalo, NY Paula
Kristin Capp, Suquamish, WA Ice Games, Moscow
Gail Chase, Bellevue, WA Almost Out
Sharon Collins, Brooklyn, NY Sundown Journey
Jennifer Colten, St. Louis, MO Cemetery, New Orleans, LA
Judita Csaderova, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia Untitled
Julie Dennis, Los angeles, CA The Circle Series #3
Althea Edwards, La Crescenta, CA Divorce Was More A Beginning Than An End
Jan Fields, Atlanta, GA Our Future, Something Worth Watching
Gisela Gamper, Kingston, NY Censorship
Judy Glickmn, Cape Elizabeth, ME Auschwitz and Reflecton of Women viewing Oven-Auschwitz
Sally Jorgensen, Santa Cruz, CA The Dress
Linda Joseph, Cerritos, CA Breaking Free
Laurie Klein, Danbury, CT Untitled
Janet Knott, Boston, MA Untitled
Jane Krensky, Los Angeles, CA A House Divided
Susan Lapides, Cambridge, MA Vacation Club
Elizabeth Leeor, Richmond, VA Flight
Narmi Michejda, Warsaw, Poland Crime of Anti-Semitism
Kathrin Miller, San Francisco, CA Leisure World #2
Galina Moskaleva, Minsk, Byleorussia Reminiscences Of Childhood #2
Carol Nye, Fallbrook, CA Untitled
Laura Pettibone, Pacific Palisades, CA Water Series
Keri Pickett, Minneapolis, MN Diana Saldana At Church, Oxnard, CA 3/17/91
Marjorie Pillar, Woodbury, NY Day of Beauty, Kibbutz, Geza #2
Gayle Portnow, New York, NY Bodies In Motion #59
Margaret Preissman, Beverly Hills, CA Blue Moon
Betty Press, Nairobi, Kenya African Women Celebrate Freedom-Ideals of JFK, Dakar
Lara Jo Regan, Los angeles, CA Performance Artist, Anna Holmer, In Her Car
Kathleen Rohr, Irvine, CA Untitled
Marilyn Root, Somerville, MA Here We Go Again Fighting For Reporductive Rights
Inta Ruka, Riga, Latvia My Country People
Jill Sabella, Seattle, WA Tomasa
Karen J. Safer, Playa del Rey, CA Lisboa
Gulnara Samoilova, Ufa, Russia Untitled
Elise M. Sanford, Athens, OH The Stuff of Dreams Series: Ruth Baldwin as Marlene Dietrich
Irina Sergeeva, Ryazan, Russia Untitled
Ann Shamel, Santa Monica, CA Mon #6 and Babyland '89
Lena Skibitskaya, St. Petersbury, Russia Bath House 1
Ilga Suna, Riga, Latvia Midnight In Abandoned Farmhouse #3
Daniela Sykorova, Prague, Czechoslovakia Freedom - Happiness
Fannie L. Tapper, Houston, TX Untitled
Barbara Van Cleve, Santa Fe, NM Jan On Bareback Bronc
Carol Vuchetich, Houston, TX The Invisible People
Gale Wrausmann, San Francisco, CA Resurrection


1989 The year of WIP International . The inaugural opening at The Pacific Grove Art Center on the Monterey Peninsula, proved that WIP is no longer a group of California artists. With winning photographers hailing for the US, Canada, Thailand and Sweden, WIPI took the major step to becoming an international organization dedicated to promoting the visibility of women photographers and their work. Curated by Linda Bellon Fisher and designed by Cloyce Wall from Carmel, the opening reception was attended by over 500 people. In 1989 Jean Ferro's self-portrait work “Eye To Eye” was presented at Paris Photo Lab with additional support from A&I Color Lab and Fuji Photo Film, Inc.

Juror: Val Williams

Women Photographers In America 1989
Susan Wittenberg; paperback, 92 pages, 32.5 cm., ZOOM MAGAZINE Exhibition Showcase

Bobbi Abramson
Anki Almquist
Barbara Alpert L
Lynn Altman
Evelyn Barnes
Michele Jan Baylis
Carolyn Berry
Darlene Bondi
Nan Blake-Norvell
Alayne Renee Blickle
Afarin Radjaei Bokharai
Edna Bullocks
Christina Chase
Judith Collins
Bonnie Donohue
Patty Donovan
Patricia Dubose-Duncan
Pamela Duffy
Joyce Alexis Edelman
Althea Edwards
Kirsten Ekstrom
Eva Enderlein
Bonnie Flamer
Gisela Gamper
Bernadette F. P. Gibson
Judy Ellis Glickman
Lynn Goldsmith
Sharon Green
Aronel De Roy Gruber
Kathy Corday Hardin
Gina Halsey
Susan Haskins
Linda Joseph L
Leslie R. Kahl
Shari Kessler
Janet Knott
Carin Krasner


Susan Lapides
Ann E. Latchford
Odette Lupis
Marcia Mach
Judy Mandolf
Denise Marcotte
Elaine Mayes
Patricia Mazza
Olivia B. McCullough
Meryl Meisler
Genevieve Naylor
Catherine Noren
Kenda North L
Lorie Novak
Carol Nye
Beverly Parker
Judy Duchesne Peckam
Phyllis Peet
Stephanie Regen
Christine Rodin
Adeline Ropion
Della Rossa
Joan Roth
Carol Sawyer
Janet Schipper
Barbel Scianghett
Susan Silberberg
Trish Simonite
Chris Singleton
Jane Stevens
Helen Feyler Switz
Val Valandani
Grace Weston


“Women Photographers in America 1987”

1987 competition.. “Women Photographers in America” was presented at the LA Municipal Art Gallery, and included fine art images in many sizes and shapes - even leaping into three-dimensional forms. Judy Coleman presented her unique self-portrait imagery at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, and Linda McCartney was the first of our Distinguished Photographers to receive her portfolio award in the made-for WIP custom leather case designed by the NY portfolio maker Brewer/Cantelmo.

Women Photographers In America
August 11 - September 13, 1987
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department
Jurors: Judith Keller
Catherine Lord
Organizer, E.K. Waller
assisted by WIP's new Director, Nancy Clendaniel
exhibition catalogue; first edition; paperback, 28 pages, 24 cm.

Pamela Allen
Judy Coleman
Linn Underhill
Denise Milford
Ann Merredith
Linda Brooks
Barbel Scianghetti
Laura S. London
Tamara Kaida
Paula Goldman
Robin Brailsford
Holly L. Wilder
Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman

Antoninette Geldun
Gisela Gamper
Dean E. Brown
Trish Simonite
Diane Jackson
Cindy Frances Heidel
Marcia Goldner
Corinne Whitaker
Sharon Daniel
Muriel Fujii
Laura Aguilar
Julie Fineman
Ginny Brush
Laura Parker

Women Photographers in America 1985

cover image: Judy Mandolf
( women lying on counter...Elizabeth Opalenik )
exhibition organized by E.K. Waller

Women Photographers In America 1985.
85 women;
sponsored by The Women’ Building founded by Judy Chicago in 1973
with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts
The Los Angeles Photography Center, founded in 1960
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department

Jurors Irene Borger / January 1985
Josine Ianco-Starrels / Director of the Municipal Art Gallery
Organizer, E.K. Waller
exhibition catalogue; first edition; paperback, 44 pages, 21 cm., 10/30]

Judy Allen
Carol Armstrong
Lee Baade
Judith A. Beckman
Niki Berg
Marie Bergstedt
Cindy Bernard
Lisa Bloomfield
Marion Bulin
Joan Burnham
Millie Burns
P.K. Chung
Jane Marie Cleveland
Carlie Collier
Diane Cook
Cynthia Crigler
Julia Marsalek Dawson
Aviva Diamond
Rita Dibert
Barbara Drucker
Ina Evans
Kathleen A. Farley
Raisa Fastman
Amani Fliers
Kathe Flynn
Pamela Fong
Gisela Gamper
Margaret Grundstein
Annette Gurdjian
Linda Hackett
Hella Hammid
Beth Herzhaft
Tamarra Kaida
Deborah Kajn
Corey Kaplan
Barbara Karafin
Elizabeth Kenneday
Claudia Kleefield
Deborah Kogan
Carin Krasner
Katharine Kreisher
Jane Krensky
Diane Lally
Susan Landgraf
Tracey Landworth
Jilly Lauren
Erika Leppmann
Rita Kurtz Lewis
Brenda L. Lewison
Judy Mandolf
Ann Meredith
Ruth Morgan F
rances Murray
Carol Anne Nye
Alis Olsen
Patricia Park
Judith-Love Pietromartire
Pam Pitt
Vaughan Rachel
Ruby Ray
Debbie Rich
Holly Roberts
Nancy Rosenblum
Mary K. Roth
Debra Rueb
Sheila Satkowski
Stephanie Sax
Linda Schwartz
Sandra Schwimmer
Carla Shapiro
Linda Slobodin
Ruthann Stenmark
Jane Stevens
Catherine A. Stirek
Abigayle Tarsches
Morgan Thomas
Carlyn Tucker
Susan Twiddy
Susan Unterberg
Martha Vaughn
Nancy Wells
Judith Winston
Gale Wrausmann
Mary Ann Wuebker
Kathy Zadorozny