CELEBRATING 35 Years - October 2016

Transition of Women In Photography International physical archive is now complete and
included in the Peter Palmquist Western Americana Permanent Collection.

WIPI FILES will be available following the Beinecke renovation September 6, 2016.

For details, about reopening - visit the renovation website.

AUGUST 2016 FINAL Binder distribution to the Beinecke & list of additional libraries

BINDERS NEED to be completed and TO SHIP By AUGUST 15th.
FINAL Binder progress for Yale & Libraries donations needed.

Since our physical files are now housed at the Beinecke Library, we are also sending WIPI History BINDERS to Yale, Harvard, Smithsonian, Getty, Women’s History Museum, ICP, Tucson, TO SHIP By AUGUST 15th.

We are asking for a support donation to complete this project.
The Beinecke binder is being duplicated to all the libraries and contains a capsule of over 155 pages showcasing exhibitions, Charter Members Profiles with galleries/bio/statement, Donor Wall list of supporters, nine (9) photo LA special presentation events, along with pages showcasing our collabaoration with the Lucie Awards, 20th Anniversary DVD, 25th Anniversary Book, 30th Anniversary photo la and the links to the website on paper and PDF DVD for research…and a special 1990 special newsletter w/the feature on Mary Ellen Mark receiving WIPI’s Distinguished Photographers Award.. see images in link below.

THANK YOU! Any increment Donate Form below

Your support contributes to the success and history of women photographers worldwide. If you have a friend that you would like to suggest they sign up for the DONOR WALL, please pass long this link http://www.womeninphotography.org/BeineckeUpdate.html

The DONOR Wall must be signed up by Sunday Aug. 7th. It takes days to prepare the files and handling of the 10 binders.


ANY questions, please contact Jean Ferro at (323) 462-0121

2015-2016 Final inclusion  EXHIBITORS SHARE Social Media

Binder contains approximately 155 pages with about 10 more needed to be added to 10 binders (7 for distribution, 1 for Jean Ferro, 1 for WIPI) 1 Extra for future restructure meetings.

YALE has all materials from ALL competitions, prints, books, computer, back up drive, etc. This binder is an introduction to the WIPI Archive held at Yale to introduce researchers to the core of the organization.
Included in the 155+ page binder shipping Aug. 15:

1) History of the organization,
2) Letters from Beinecke Curator
3) Acknowledgements
4) Charter Member Listing Link page & Donor Wall
5) Print out intro of 70 Charter Member clips from the biographies
6) DVD of 70 CHARTER MEMBER Complete biography with images,
7) Various starting 2000 exhibitions, programs, early materials,
8) 1990 Mary Ellen Mark Distinguished Photographer Profile printed newsletter
8) DVD of 20th Anniversary,25th Anniversary Book distribution to Museum/Universities Info, 30th Anniversary Info
10) DVD w/CHARTER Galleries, Website Home Page, and Member Link Section
11) Photo LA showcase of events of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Lucie Award presentations, Annie Leibovitz, Sylvia Plachy
12) 8x10 magnifying screen for small print viewing

- accpeting only supporting memberships and Donor Wall contributions)



Sample pages of booklet programs, Charter Member link listing

File list delivered to Yale and Charter member pages

Selection of 70 CHARTER Member Profile clips, FULL BIO & Images will be on the DVD

Selection of 70 CHARTER Member Profile clips, FULL BIO & Images will be on the DVD


Selection of 70 CHARTER Member Profile clips, FULL BIO & Images will be on the DVD

20th, ANNIVERSARY, 25th and 30th Anniversary Program pages

25th Anniversary Book Distribution page, Program promo cards


CHARTER Member pages continued, WIPI Article pages



20th Anniversary DVD (2001),  2010 FACES Exhibition print 84' x44", photo la 2014


Program promo materials, 1990 WIP original newsletter w/Mary Ellen Mark


Mail labels and boxes ready to go after Binder update is completed


ALL MATERIALS. DVDs, books, exhibitions, promotional materials and COMPUTER
shipped, July- August 2015, External hard drive was shipped end of September 2015.

Final WIPI CHARTER gallery info update Feb. 2016
Renewed strength to complete starting late June 2016
BINDER SHIPMENT to Libraries Aug. 15, 2016


HELP fund the final Binders:

updated July 26, 2016

SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP ONLY ACCEPTED during Transition and restructuring. NEW programs and outreach 2017


Support Membership
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Support Membership
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Support Membership
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In Memory Of  
- Tribute to someone special
A posthumous recognition charter to pay tribute to a female colleague, loved one or someone special involved in photography.   see In Memory Of Listings< >Application



WIPI DONOR WALL LISTING <  $150 donation - 1x
Show your support for women photographers worldwide and make a donation. Wall listing of your personal name or business. Become a WIPI Supporter TODAY! Listings do not change. This option does not include the Yale Gallery or upcoming Binder presentation.
M E M B E R S H I P    A P P L I C A T I O N

Any dollar amount increment up to $5000
A minimum $150 donation gives you a name listing on our WIPI Donor Wall. personal name or website listing. Donations also accepted to support August 2016 Organization history binder completion to libraries.

or send someone Gift Certificate Membership

Donor Wall     $150
Charter $1500
Charter Yale Alumni $1000

Your donation is Tax Deductible. Your name will be added to our Donor Wall unless you send an e-mail requesting no listing, members@womeninphotography.org

**NOTE: PayPal accepts Checks, VISA and M/C and AMEX in the USA and Internationally


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Founded in 1981, Women in Photography International is a nonprofit educational organization with the goal of promoting the visibility of women photographers and their work through exhibitions, networking, outreach programs and our online resource center. Our member's have received incredible opportunities through the visibility and association to our organization and web site. Remember to add your WIPI information to your resume and our Link to your web site and note any special feature stories or gallery presentations. (Testimonials)

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