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Transition of the Women in Photography International file to the
Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library / YALE University

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(C)    LILYAN ALOMA, new york city, ny  (2004)
 (C)       ROSEMARY DELUCCO ALPERT, bellingham, wa (2016)
  JANE FULTON ALT, evanston, il   (2000)
(C)     MERRIE ASIMOW, menlo park, ca  (2010)
 (C)     MARIA DANIEL BALCAZAR, washington, dc (2012)
(C)     MARIANA BARTOLOMEO, tucson, az (2015)
(C)          JOANNE BARTONE, pittsburgh, pa (2004)
   CATHERINE BAUKNIGHT, los angeles, ca  (2003)
(C)   SHERRIE BERGER, los angeles, ca (2014)
  IVY BIGBEE, centreville, va  (2005)
  CANDACE BIGGERSTAFF, newbury park, ca  (2000)
    LISA BLAIR, santa fe, nm  (2011)
(C)     ANGEL BURNS, los angeles, ca (2011)


   KATHLEEN T. CARR, honaunau, hawaii,  (2001)  
    NANCY CLENDANIEL, enumclaw, wa (1987)
 (C)      JILL CONNELLY, west hills, ca (2015)
 (C)     KATHY CORDAY, chicago, il  (1989)
 (C)     JULIA DEAN, los angeles, ca, (2015)
   JOAN DOOLEY, pasadena, ca   (2004)
(C)     LESLIE EBERT, portland, or (2013)   


(C)       JEAN FERRO, los angeles, ca (1988)
     BONNIE FLAMER, sherman oaks, ca (1981)
(C)      MARTINA GATES, new york  (2006)
(C)   WILDA GERIDEAU SQUIRES, andover, ma (2001)
(C)  DARCIE GOLDBERG, west chester, pa  (2008)
(C)      JANE GOTTLIEB, santa barbara, ca  (2011)
(C)     CATHY GREENBLAT, palm springs, ca  (2005)

H -I-K

   CAROL HENRY, los angeles, ca  (2007)
(C)      ANN GINSBURGH HOFKIN, minneapolis, mn  (2010)  
(C)   KATHRYN JACOBI, santa monica, ca  (2006)
(C)    RENÉE JACOBS, Los Angele, ca (2015)
   BELINDA JENTZ, waltham, ma  (2006)
(C)     J. J. L'HEUREUXvenice, ca (2012)
   CAT JIMENEZ, Lucie Foundation, los angeles,ca   (2003) 
(C)      SHARYN KELLER, los angeles, ca  (2001)

SALLY KIM-MILLER, seattle, wa (2013)
  E. F. KITCHEN, venice, ca  (2011) 


  JUNE H. LEE,  los angeles, ca  (2006)
 (C)   MEG MADISON, los angeles ca   (2004)
    BRENDA MALTESE, lompoc, ca (2013)
     JULIA MCLEMORE, charlevoix, mi  (2001)
 (C)       WINIFRED MEISER, Vista, CA (1987)
 (C)       CAROLYN C. MELTZER. atlanta, ga (2012)
 FREYDA MILLER, los angeles, ca  (2001) )
 (C)       CATHERINE ELLEN MONEY, los angeles, ca  (2005)


 (C)   HILARY NERONI, south burlington, vt  (2010)
   CORDULA OHMAN, santa monica, ca  (2010)
     JANE OLIN, carmel valley, ca  (2008)
 (C)        BEV PETTIT, skull valley, az (2008)
   MARGO TAUSSIG PINKERTON, hillsborough, nc  (2010)
 (C)     DIANNE POINSKI, sacramento, ca (2014)
 (C)    BETTY PRESS, hattisburg, ms  (1992)
 (C)     PATRIZIA PULGA, bologna, italy   (2000) 

plano, tx (2000)
   j. MADISON RINK, taos, nm (2006)
   DIANE ROTER, los angeles, ca (2010)
 (C)      WENDI SCHNEIDER, denver, co  (2007)
  ELIZABETH SIEGFRIED, toronto, canada   (2001)
 (C)  DIANE SILVERMAN, los angeles, ca  (2009)
(C)      TRISH SIMONITE, san antonio, tx  (1987)
 (C) DAWN HOPE STEVENS, Clickers & Flickers los angeles, ca  (2010)
 JANE STEVENS, chicago, il (2011) 
(C)   MONICA KANE STEWART, san diego, ca  (2010)


 (C)   KATHLEEN TAYLOR, los angeles, ca  (2008)
 (C)    MELANIE TEMMER, greater los angeles, ca (2013)
  SARA TERRY, The Aftermath Project, los angeles, ca (2010)
(C)       TIFFANY TRENDA, malibu, ca (2006)
(C)     PATTY TUGGLE, saint cloud, fl (2011)
 (C)      AMIE VANDERFORD, memphis, tn (2001)
 (C)   MARGARET WAAGE, southington, ct  (2005)

CHARTER   no-Yale Gallery

(C)    JOAN ALMOND, malibu, ca (2002)
(C)        JACQUELINE DARAKJY, los angeles, ca (2001)

(C)        MICHELE DUGAN, los angeles, ca (2002)

(C)        GISELA GAMPER, new york city, ny  (1985)
(C)      CAROL S. GEE, pacific palasades, ca (2002)

(C)      MARTHA HAMBLIN, /MARTHAT, mebane, nc  (2009)
     AZLIDA LEO, east coast, singapore (2009)

(C)    BOBBI MAPESTONE, venice, ca (1983)

(C)       STEPHANIE MCGEHEE, kuwait   (2001)

(C)      MAGGIE MEINERS, winnetka, il  (2010)
(C)      STEPHANIE MCGEHEE, kuwait   (2001)
dunn loring, va (1984)
  CAROL NYE, west hills, ca   (1985)
(C)   ELLEN WALLENSTEIN, new york, ny (2013)
(C)   SYLVIA WHITE Photographer, Joshua Tree, ca  (1981)
CAROLYN E. WRIGHT, lake tahoe, nv  (2005)
(C)  REBECCA TULL YATES, los angeles, ca (2015)
    CYNTHIA ZORDICH, canfield, oh   (2000)

Distinguished Photographers

Distinguished Photographers Awards
Women In Photography Internaitonal's recognition to a photographer
who has contributed significantly to the world of photography.
Past recipients include:

 Eve Arnold, 1983
  Ruth Bernhard, 1984
 Judy Dater
, 1985
 Ruth Orkin, 1986
  Linda McCartney, 1987
 Mary Ellen Mark, 1988
 Marion Post Wolcott, 1989
 Joyce Tenneson, 1990
 Berenice Abbott, 1991
 Grace Robertson, 1992
 Annie Leibovitz, 2003
  Sylvia Plachy, 2004
Carrie Mae Weems, 2005
 Distinguished Photographer 100 Announced Aug. 31, 2008
Editta Sherman, 2013

"In Memory Of"

   Betty Bennett  (1927 - 1996)
   Catherine Delmia  (1943 - 1999)
   John H. Gagnon (1931 - 2016)
   Peter Palmquist (1936 - 2003)
Winter Bell (1975 - 2003)

Advisory Board

WIPI Board of Directors

      Jean Ferro, President, Executive Director 2000-2014

Advisory Board

  Glenna Avila
    Chuck Behrman
      Nancy Clendaniel
  Judy Dater
Dorie Ford

   Winifred Meiser
   Maria Piscopo
  Jane Slate Siena
  Joyce Tenneson
  Carrie Mae Weems
  Peter Palmquist (1999-2003)

     Nancy Clendaniel,  Director of Outreach  
  Carrie Villines, Curator Online Exhibitions:
virtual * visual, Decisive Moments, Beauty, Camera Eye
      Jean Ferro, Curator, Online Exhibitions, OnSite Exhibitions
  Carol Henry, Photo LA, 2011
  Candace Biggerstaff, Photo LA 2012, 2013

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