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  WIPI Press Juror List 1985-2015

Archive WIPI History starting 1981
Reference archive, letters, exhibition

2016 - 10 UNIQUE Binders - 156 pages - includes George Miles letters, CHARTER Member Listings and Galleries, WIPI history, wipi.org homepage, programs, promotional materials, on two DVDs - given to selected Museums/Libraries. Sent September 2016 to complement the September reopening of the renovated Beinecke Library.

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Selected libraries


George Miles, William Robertson Coe Curator correspondence - 2003 thru 2016

Distinguished Photographer
Awards Programs

Photographer quotes dividers

WIPI heading logos

CHARTER Member contact list

CHARTER Member (70) presentation bio clips (DVD contains: full CV, 10 image galleries)

Website HOME Page printout (16 pages - HOME page PDF on DVD) ending with
City of Los Angeles Council member Joel Wachs 1988 Commendation

Competition Juror list, 1985 - 2015

Supporting Member and Donor Wall listings

2001 - 20th Anniversary - Teatime - Press: Zoom feature, archive documentation, postcard promotions
(DVD in back of binder)

2015 - Listing of WIPI scanned and physical archive materials boxed and shipped to Yale/Beinecke Library

2006 - 25th Anniversary Turning Silver promotional materials - competition winners, distribution list of
Kodak Sponsored Limited Edition books (150) sent to exhibitors, museums, universities, jurors

2002 - 2010 A selection of promotional materials, including Faces 2010 Juried exhibition poster image

2011 - photo la - WIPI 30th Anniversary
Exhibition promotion materials, Members exhibition

2009 - 2014 postcard promotion / Silvershotz feature, 11 photographers

2015 - Listing of 2000 thru mid July 2015 WIPI history and digital competition files

Women in Photography Milestone Notes 1981 - 2016

f2 Women in Photography Quarterly Publication (1 copy of original f2 Newsletter)

Interactive presentation CD of CHARTER Members Listings and Galleries, including George Miles
correspondence, WIPI Milestone Notes, website home page, programs and promo materials

20th Anniversary Teatime CD (produced during 9/11/01)

Teatime cover, inside cover and back of CD

1987 Women Photographers in America exhibition catalog

2015 - Put Yourself in the Picture - photo la. Jan 2015 and Photo Independent, May 2015 back cover/spine


A broad palette of women’s work showing the growth and challenges
of women photographers in the Digital Age.