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  WIPI Press Juror List 1985-2015


Archive WIPI History starting 1981
Reference archive, letters, exhibition

2016 - 10 UNIQUE Binders - 156 pages - includes George Miles letters, CHARTER Member Listings and Galleries, WIPI history, wipi.org homepage, programs, promotional materials, on two DVDs - given to selected Museums/Libraries. Sent September 2016 to complement the September reopening of the renovated Beinecke Library.

Yale University Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

(f2-Winter issue 1992 - Profile Judy Dater)

National Women's History Museum, Washington D.C.

(f2-Vol. 2 Number 3 Fall 1990 - Profile Mary Ellen Mark)

Smithsonian Museum (Library)
American Portrait Gallery
(f2-Vol. 2 Number 3 Fall 1990 - Profile Mary Ellen Mark)

International Center of Photography/NYC (ICP Library)
(f2-Vol. 2 Number 3 Fall 1990 - Profile Mary Ellen Mark)

University of Arizona, Center of Creative Photography
(A research center and museum at the University of Arizona, Tucson)

(f2-Vol. 2 Number 3 Fall 1990 - Profile Mary Ellen Mark)

GETTY Museum Center (Library)

(f2-Winter issue 1992 - Profile Judy Dater)

The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America
at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University
(f2-Vol. 2 Number 3 Fall 1990 - Profile Mary Ellen Mark)

WIPI in house binder
(f2-Vol. 1 Number 3 May-June 1988 - Profile Ruth Orkin)

Jean Ferro
(f2-Winter issue 1992 - Profile Judy Dater)

Sharyn Keller
(f2-Vol. 2 Number 3 Fall 1990 - Profile Mary Ellen Mark)

Each binder includes:
f2 original newsletter
1987 Women Photographers in America Exhibition catalog, August 11—September 13, 1987
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department
Original Newsletters contained Director's Notes (Nancy Clendaniel 1987-2000 and current 2017 Advisory Board Member). and/or President's Notes (Alexander Milovanovich - active late 1988-until hiatus 1992). F2 Newsletters featured profiles, exhibition listings, industry news, member notifications, book reviews and plans and programs.

Atchived Newslettrs, a very limited selection of various F2 newsletters available

WIPI online starting in 2000 followed original F2 print example to online outreach through F2-eZine WIPI News

Postcard note from Mary Ellen Mark
Published in (f2-Vol. 2 Number 3 Fall 1990, Profile Distinguished Photographer Award) 

Thank you so much for the Distinguished Photographer Award and for the portfolio of beautiful prints. I am honored and overwhelmed by such a personal and generous gift - Please extend my great appreciation to all the women who so generously gave me a photograph and honored me with this award.
Fondly, Mary Ellen Mark

Book sent in 2008 to a list of museum / libraries
TURNING SILVER 25th Anniversary Exhibition / Kodak Professional sponsored book

Binder documents a history of WIPI especially from 2000 forward including the Kodak Professional sponsored book for WIPI's 25th Anniversary production of "Turning Silver" national and international distribution to exhibitors, jurors and museums/universities