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WIPI, a 501.(c).(3) organization is the leading resource for women photographers worldwide. The web site provides member galleries, reference library, the F2-eZine which contains articles from around the world, marketing news, photography links, book reviews, and listings for competitions.



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WIPI Exhibitions 1992-2015 complete list

WIPI 30th Anniversary 2011
black & white and color
WIPI 30th Anniversary Presentation photo la 2011
30 WIPI Member photo display

TURNING SILVER 25th Anniversary 2006

           Turning Silver, 25th Anniversary            
           Slide Show

           Winner List

           Honorable Mention

           Juror BIO's


Tea Time: 20th Anniversary 2001 Exhibit

Images from Tea Time and Winners List
Images from HOPA Reception
Juror BIO's & Statements
Press Release
Forward Excerpts:
Is Anatomy destiny?

Exhibition Stats
Lecture Series 2001
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Ruth Bernhard 100 Tribute
Ruth Bernhard article
Henri Cartier Bresson Tribute

Distinguished Photographer Award History
Editta Sherman, 2013

100 List Distinguished Photographers 2008
Carrie Mae Weems, 2005
Sylvia Plachy, 2004

Annie Leibovitz, 2003






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Archive 1
Premiere Issue, November 1999 - March  2000
| F2 eZine

Archive 2

April - June  2000
| F2 eZine

Archive 3

July - August  2000
| F2 eZine

Archive 4

Sept. - December  2000

Galleries |
F2 eZine

Archive 5

January - March  2001
| F2 eZine

Archive 6
April 2001 - June  2001
| F2 eZine

Archive 7
July - September  2001
| F2 eZine

Archive 8

October - December  2001

Galleries |
F2 eZine

Archive 9
January - March  2002

Galleries |
F2 eZine

Archive 10
April - June  2002
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 11
July - September  2002
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 12
October - December  2002
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 13
January - March  2003
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 14
April - June  2003
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 15
July - October  2003
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 16
October - December  2003
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 17
January - June  2004
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 18
July - December  2004
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 19
January - June  2005
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 20
July - December  2005
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 21
January - June 2006
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 22
July - December 2006
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 23
January - June 2007
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 24
July - December 2007
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 25
January - June 2008
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 26
July - December 2008
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 27
January - June 2009
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 28
July - December 2009
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 29
January - June 2010
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 30
July 2010 - December 2010
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 31
January 2011 - June 2011
Galleries | F2 eZine

Since the popularity of SOCIAL MEDIA has our F2-eZine features have not received the
attention as in the past Please visit our
page for Updates and exciting
news about member work. We will try to fill in
the blanks of special projects thru 2015 shortly

Archive 32
July 2011 - December 2011
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 33
January 2012 - June 2012
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 34
July 2012 - December 2012
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 35
Jan 2013 - June 2013
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 36
July 2013 - December 2013
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 37
Jan 2014 - December 2014
Galleries | F2 eZine

Archive 38
Jan 2015 - June 2015
Galleries | F2 eZine

Current F2-eZine







Virtual Exhibitions

2002 WIPI booth exhibition photo l.a. January
2003 WIPI booth exhibition photo l.a. January
2004 portfolios WIPI booth exhibition photo l.a.
2004 virtual * visual,
Decisive Moments,
Beauty, Camera Eye of the Beholder
2006 25th Anniversary, Exhibitors
2006 25th Anniversary Slide Show
The Portrait,
2007 Competition,
2008 Competition,
2009 Competition,
2009 Competition,
2010 Decade of Images,
2010 Faces,
2011 30th Anniversary, black & white & color
(Winter 2011)
2011 photo la, booth exhibition Member showcase
2012 photo la, booth exhibition Member showcase
2012 Annual Juried Exhibition
2012 It's Magical
2013 photo la, booth exhibition Member showcase
2013 Annual Juried Exhibition
2013 Out of Focus Juried Exhibition
2014 Photo LA, booth Exhibition
2014-2015 WIPI/YALE/CHARTER presentation gallery
2015 photo la "Put Yourself in the Picture" installation
2015 WIPi / YALE / CHARTER presentation transition gallery

Reference Library

I. Publications centered on single photographers
Books A-C
Books D-J | Books K-P | Books V-Z
II. "Collections" with multiple photographers
III. European 2000 Census
Member contribution, Beinecke/Yale June 19, 2003


March 2015 - Due to our upcoming exceptional & exciting move to the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University in the coming months, we are only accepting CHARTER memberships to support our transition and to bring attention to a strong body of women's work.
CHARTER MEMBERS will receive a WIPI Gallery and biography Presentation for Yale. The deadline to register & payment is April 1st and the Gallery must be completed by May 1st

RENEWAL or Upgrade only


Supporter Membership
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Supporter Membership
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> Application
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Current Member CHARTER UPGRADE Member
Supporter Membership $500 upgrade (includes WIPI/Beinecke / Yale Gallery Presentation)
Register w/payment by April 1, complete Gallery by May 1  
contact for link to requirements:

> Application
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Current PROfessional, General & Student
Renewal only - As of March 10, 2015
Renewals open thru April 1 only.
Following full transition to the Beinecke Library, June 2015, all Non Charter members who are paid thru May 2016 will be added with their name to the DONOR Wall. All others will be removed by June.

In Memory Of  
- Tribute to someone special
A posthumous recognition charter to pay tribute to a female colleague, loved one or someone special involved in photography.   see In Memory Of Listings< >Application

CHARTER - Considered leaders and supporters of the photography field and is open to Photographers who value their position as part of the foundation of Women In Photography International and the global photographic community.  If you are already a WIPI member and would like to UPGRADE to CHARTER at a discounted rate, contact us at:


see CHARTER Member Directory

CHARTER MEMBERSHIP OPEN anytime.   >Application

WIPI DONOR WALL LISTING <  $150 donation -
(new as of March 2015)
Show your support for women photographers worldwide and make a donation. Wall listing of your personal name or business. Become a WIPI Supporter TODAY! Listings do not change or update unless there is a new donation.
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Your contribution will support a wide variety of programs offered by Women In Photography International  and is greatly appreciated - our SPONSORS

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Women In Photography International promotes the visibility of women working in the photographic arts through our online galleries, F2-eZine feature articles, juried exhibitions, education and community outreach


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