| Credits |

Peter Palmquist, Women In Photography International Archive

Jean Ferro, Photo Artist, President WIPI

Cornelia Butler, Museum of Contemporary Art / Los Angeles
Joyce Wilson, Photographer/Professor Brooks Institute of Photography

Art Direction
Jean Ferro

Multimedia CD Presentation
Chuck Behrman, C.H. Behrman Photography

Graphic Design
Invitation, Poster and CD Jewel Case Graphics
Sharyn Keller

Editing, Photographer Bio’s & Resumes
Carrie Villines

WIPI Webmaster
Amie Vanderford-Pfaff

New WIPI Logo for CD Design and Photography
Helen K. Garber, Photographer
Sara Streeter, Logo Model
Sylvia White, Photographer

CD Replication
Disc Makers

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Sponsors in part:

Epson America, Inc

M. Z. Berger / New York (Distributor of Timex Mini Clock Collection)

House of Photographic Art (HOPA)


Mary McCartney Donald
Linda McCartney Estate
Robert Montgomery, Robert Montgomery & Partners


Susan Baraz, Director Focus on Aids
Pam Barnnett, Epson America, Inc.
Lionel T. Bauman, M. Z. Berger / NY
Pam Becker, Coordinator, Tea Time Travel Page
Gary Beucher, Design Syndicate, Venice, CA
Candice Biggerstaff, WIPI Member
Sue Bohle, The Bohle Company
Maryann Charis, House of Photographic Art
Tony Christian, White Eagle
Nancy Clendaniel, Nancy Clendaniel Photography
Barry Cowan, Barry Cowan Design
Eric Etebari, Etebari Enterprises
Dr. Stuart H. Garber
Karen Hansen, Fresh Lists
Alison Holland
Ken, Non-Stop Printing, Hollywood
John Moyer, Disc Makers
Michael Salerno, Coagula Art Magazine
Larwrence Shapiro, Santa Monica Arts Commission
Dan Steinhardt, Epson America, Inc.
Tanya Tull, Beyond Shelter
Amie Vanderford-Pfaff, WIPI Webmaster
Rebecca Willis, AVWave Productions

...and to everyone who has helped to make this commemorative exhibition possible.

Contributing Professional Members

Adrienne Adam
Cherise Arthur
Christine Burgoyne
Jo Ann Darling
Gisela Gamper
Helen K. Garber
Emily Goodwin
Stephanie McGehee
Pam Mendelsohn
Beverly Pettit
Wendy Phillips
Donatella Polizzi
Patrizia Pulga
Sharon Seligman
Elizabeth Siegfried
Joanne Warfield
Cynthia Zordich

Charter Members

Betty Bennett
Nancy Clendaniel
Catherine Delmia
Jean Ferro
Bobbi Mapstone
Alexandra Milovanovich
Peter Palmquist
Amie Vanderford-Pfaff
Sylvia White


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"International Tea Time"
20th Anniversary Exhibit

Premiered at House of Photographic Art (HOPA)
San Juan Capistrano, CA
October 10 - November 15, 2001
(check back for updates and new locations)