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"International Tea Time"
20th Anniversary Exhibit

Premiered at House of Photographic Art (HOPA)
San Juan Capistrano, CA
October 10 - November 15, 2001


November 12, 2001

Hello Everyone,

We had a grand and successful 20th Anniversary Exhibition Tea Time reception! The day was absolutely perfect, weather great, ambiance wonderful, there were a couple of hundred delighted guests, and of course, exquisite images for all to see! We did it! 63 artists, 75 images!

It was a pleasure to see so many of the exhibition artists. Shahla Bebe, Liza Hennessey Botkin, Tania Bravo, Margaret Clarke, Rose Lynn Fisher, Adrien Meredith Hefta, Suzun Lucia Lamaina, Carol Nye, Elizabeth Kenneday, Elizabeth Rassiga, Carrie Villines, Amie Vanderford-Pfaff, Barbara Von Eckardt, Cynthia Wands, Joanne Warfield, Sylvia White and Lillian Wilson. Several artists came from out of town, while others sent notes wishing they could be here, but due to the World Trade Center situation, had a change in plans. Several artists spent the night in charming historical San Juan Capistrano and visited the Mission the great restaurants and antique shops.

It was the fastest three hours I've ever spent at a reception for sure. Maryanne Charis, the HOPA gallery owner, rolled out the red carpet (literally) brought out the Silver Tea Pot and Tray setting and Sylvia our Treasurer brought the tea and cookies..! The celebration began at 1pm and lasted until 5pm. And what are those funny blue booties? That's Maryanne's clever way of protecting the Persian carpets from street grime when she has such a large crowd moving through the gallery.

Lecture Series 2001 WOMEN BEHIND THE IMAGES, 2001
As Tea Time travels we will be providing a lecture with each venue to introduce the Women who are in the exhibit and to meet the women of the community we are visiting. Carol Nye gave a lovely presentation of her work to a full room of spectators. Her work is a critical and affectionate exploration of the blessings, curses, contradictions, and opportunity of lives caught between cultures. Carol Nye is a bicultural person of Chinese origin, born and raised in Macau in a non-traditional, Western-educated family. She came to America on a college scholarship and stayed. won first place Women and for which she received the Epson 2000 printer and the jurors also chose her "Bessie Loo, Fr. Chinese American" to be included in the exhibition.


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We did video footage of the event and it seems like there were a lot of digital cameras there (including myself with the Sony Mavica, FD92 hanging on my shoulder and Carrie Villines with her Nikon Cool Pix 995). Winifred Meiser, Director of Through Children's Eyes and Advisory Board Member with WIPI since the early days, came with her Fuji Pro Digital and captured some wonderful images of the day including our Group image.

Winnie also provided Award Certificates to all the winners and a special commendation for Nancy Clendaniel, our past director for her dedication and service, to Amie Vanderford-Pfaff for her dedication as Webmaster and one for me too..!

We had the Apple iBook with a display of the multimedia CD presentation and potential sales of some of the work... With everything in place, we are ready to roll. I'm guessing it will take until the first of the year to set the schedule of new venues. Invitations and suggestions are coming in and it will take a moment to coordinate the exhibition movement. We just want you to know that the exhibition was a great success, tons and tons of wonderful compliments on the presentation and great success with the multimedia CD and poster as a commemorative and marketing package.

So, stay tuned, check the website for monthly updates. If you haven't become a member yet, consider the advantages of signing up to our organization, see Membership Info at www.wipi.org. If you see any press about us, or have any contacts remember to send them along to TeaTime@WomenInPhotography.org. On behalf of WIPI, its Board and its Members, we wish you all continued success.

Jean Ferro
Women In Photography International

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"International Tea Time"
20th Anniversary Exhibit

Premiered at House of Photographic Art (HOPA)
San Juan Capistrano, CA
October 10 - November 15, 2001
(check back for updates and new locations)