20th Anniversary Exhibition Tea Time
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Nancy Martin
, Los Gatos, CA,
"Souls Feast"


Jamie Nicholl, Philadelphia, PA,
"Profile" (CD Image)


Carol Nye
, West Hills, CA,
"Bessie Loo, Fr. Chinese American"


Patrizia Pulga, Bologna, ITALY,
"Indian Women"

Patrizia Pulga
, Bologna, ITALY,
"Bride In Brooklyn"


Elizabeth Rassiga
, Reno, NV,
"Proprietress: Tibetan Tea House"

Talli Rosner-Kozuch
, Tenafly, NJ/ISRAEL,
"Women in Bath"

Aliki Sapountzi
, (M) SCOTLAND, UK, "Women Mourning, Udalpur, Rajasthan, India"

Fanny Sarri,
"Bam, Iran"

Margaret Sartor
, Durham, NC,
"Katherine, Monroe, Louisiana"

Kanako Sasaki
, Ithaca, NY/JAPAN,

Sharon Seligman, Spicewood, TX,

Sharon Seligman
, Spicewood, TX,
"Different Reflection"

Leslie Sokolow
, Santa Monica, CA,
"Untitled #19"


Erin Spencer
, Seattle, WA,
"Untittled 1999, Self Portrait Series/New York #3"

Mary Ann Sulik
, St. Paul, MN,
"Prague, Czech Republic"

Amie Vanderford-Pfaff
, San Jose, CA,
"Sneaky Pete"

Carrie Villines
, Tarzana, CA,
"Julie's Hands"

Cynthia Wands
, Woodland Hills, CA,
"Infusions of Memory"

Mary Dorsey Wanless, (M) Topeka, KAN,
"At Mona's Tea With The Girls"

Barbara Von Eckardt
, Lincoln, NB,
"In Memorium"

Joanne Warfield
, Venice, CA,
"Persephone Rising"


Laine Whitcomb
, New York, NY,
"A Crown For Stephanie"


Sylvia White,
Los Angeles, CA,
"Window Work #2"

Lillian Elaine Wilson
, Burbank, CA,
"Tea and Memories" & "Trupti's Beauty"

Lillian Elaine Wilson
, Burbank, CA,
"Trupti's Beauty"

Cynthia Zordich
, Canfield, OH,
"Tea Party Approach"

Paola Zucchello
"Poet Marina Piperno's Tea"

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"International Tea Time"
20th Anniversary Exhibit

Premiered at House of Photographic Art (HOPA)
San Juan Capistrano, CA
October 10 - November 15, 2001
(check back for updates and new locations)