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Jane Fulton Alt
, Evanston, ILL,
"Sacred Heart #2"
2nd Place, Women )

Shahla Bebe
, Los Angeles/IRAN,
"Unknown Woman"
3rd Place, Women

Alexia Berry, Boston, MA/FRANCE
"Havana, Cuba"

Jan Bogle, Bellevue, WA,
"Tea Pickers" Sir Lanka"


Jan Bogle
, Bellevue, WA,
"Tea Factory: Sir Lanka"

Liza Hennessey Botkin, Studio City, CA,
"I Am Woman"

Judy Dion Bracci, Cottage Grove, MN ,
"The Esthetic"

Tania Bravo
, Astoria, NY,

Christine Dellosso, Los Angeles, CA,
"African Queen - Senegal"

Christine Dellosso, Los Angeles, CA,
"Three Gisha - Japan"

Jennifer Drucker, Saint James, NY,

Mary McCartney Donald, England
"Saint" 1998 "Special Contribution"

Jean Ferro, Los Angeles, CA,
"Statue of Liberty"

Jane Foley
Ferraro, East Aurora, NY,
"High Tea"

Gloria Golden
, Plainview, NY,
"Mint Tea - Marrakesh"


Judith Elaine Halek, New York City, NY,
"Between Contractions"

Patricia Harper, West End, AUSTRALIA,
"Who Do You Think You Are"

Adrien Meredith Hefta, Seattle, WA
"October -Daisy"
( 3rd Place, Tea

Rachel Hotchkiss
London, ENGLAND,
"Tea and Sympathy"


Marilyn Hunt
, Austin, TX,
"Chicken Pots"

Elizabeth Kenneday Long Beach, CA,
"Song of Bolsa Chica" Series II"

Suzun Lucia Lamaina
, Brisbane, CA,
"Maiden, Mother, Crone"

Julia K. McLemore, Columbus, OH,
"A Leisure Suite #13"

Julia K. McLemore   
Columbus, OH,
"A Leisure Suite #4"
2nd Place, Tea  

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"International Tea Time" 20th Anniversary Exhibit

Premiered at House of Photographic Art (HOPA)
San Juan Capistrano, CA
October 10 - November 15, 2001
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