Archive 18    July - December 2004

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STEPHANIE FLACK, PRO MEMBER - Winner, virtual * visual juried competition
Stephanie is an Australian who currently resides in Los Angeles. For Stephanie, photography is a passion that encompasses two key dimensions, a medium for expression and a matter of record to be experienced by others. She is drawn to, and has documented cultures such as Tibet, Ghana, India, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar and the remote areas of Australia in order to capture both the unique and the universal.
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Gabrielle Gianella, People's Choice virtual * visual juried competition
Gabrielle's love of nature is an inspiration for her work. She has been shooting photography for most of her life, and likes to celebrate the beauty of nature in her images. Her work has often been considered as whimsical and humorous,
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Sara C. Rytteke
- General Member Gallery
born and raised in Sweden. She did her undergraduate education in Sweden, France, and US. In 2000. From the Black and White close-up self-portraits in 1994 to the 1998- 2002 series “On Art, Beauty and Persuasion ” I have continually explored the issue of female identity and influence from massmedia and popular western cultural ideas.
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