Crystal Slippers - Golden


Crystal Slippers, original

Crystal Slippers, Fire

Crystal Slippers, Multi-Facet

Crystal Slippers, Pink Flowers

Duck, Leader

Ducks-In-A-Row series #1

Ducks, Orange Lips


Ducks, Pastel Eight

Pink Duck

Jean Ferro

Jean Ferro began working in photography in the 1970s, mentored by and ultimately collaborator with some of the era’s most celebrated photographers including Laszlo Willinger, Helmut Newton, Mario Casilli, Don Peterson and Antonin Kratochvil. The first time she looked through the lens of a camera, she sensed an immediate connection simultaneously focusing and expanding her vision. She began to build a body of provocative and intimate self-portraits exploring her relationship to herself and the world around her. 

Among her first work to be shown was “The Green Slip” series, selected for the 1978 Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) invitational exhibition. A collection of Ferro’s images was published in 1985 by the prestigious international fine arts photography magazine ZOOM, and featured in their American, English, French German and Italian editions. Our Illusions and Reality Women Photographers highlighted her photograph, "Memorial Day," prominently displayed at Nikon House in New York City and at Tokyo's Konica Plaza. “Bomarzo,” from Ferro’s Italian series, became the poster image for the 1989 show, “Paris Photo Lab Presents Jean Ferro,” a solo exhibition held in collaboration with Propaganda Films in Hollywood, California. This early recognition helped to establish Ferro as a highly collectible photographer and gained her international acclaim as a photo-based, mixed media artist in what became an eclectic 40 year career.

Fascinated by the people and progress in the culturally creative communities she discovered in her adopted cities of Los Angeles and Hollywood, she covered the movie and music scenes, shot celebrities and album covers and advertising. But her interests were broader. In the wake of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, Ferro’s images of the land site and construction progress for the Southern California Rail Authority helped secure the necessary FEMA funding for the expansion of the Metrolink rail system. Through a Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Artist in the Community grant, Ferro directed and produced the video social commentary, "Through Our Own Eyes: Self-Portraits by People Without Homes.”  Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery featured an installation of this documentary in the 1995 exhibition, “Social Engagements: Observations and Personal Narratives.” 
Inspired by her family history and her innate desire for freedom of expression, Jean’s 1996 “Global Liberty” art series of 42 photographic collages debuted at the Los Angeles City Hall’s “Bridge Gallery” and was honored with a commendation from Mayor Richard Riordan. Fine arts photographer Edmund Teske called Ferro’s exhibition “the essence of Walt Whitman and Edward Steichen's The Family of Man."  
In 2000, Jean became president and the driving force of Women in Photography International continuing and expanding the organization’s original 1981 mission of promoting visibility of women photographers and their work.

Since 2005, she has photographed and written the Random Notes section of The Photograph Collector, covering large annual international art shows as well as the newly created Paris Photo L.A.  

Ferro’s popular “ducks-in-a-row” series was created in 2002 from her SX-70 Polaroids. She produced the romantic and nostalgic photographic series “Crystal Slippers” in 2012.  

Her extensive archive includes portraits of Arianna Huffington, Larry Gelbart, music industry greats, David Bowie, Ringo Starr, Herbie Hancock and Reba McEntire, and her mentor, Hollywood raconteur, the late Samson DeBrier. Jean continues to document the career of her son, actor/director Eric Etebari. 

(bio in progress - incomplete)

2000-2015, Women In Photography International President, ( Curator, Juror, Conceptual design and promotion/pr related to online exhibitions, feature stories and onsite art fair presentations.

2012-present, Crystal Slippers fine art series, published Silvershotz, final collectible analog printing, Women In Photography International feature article.
- 2012 photo la, Women In Photography International, footwear digital presentation

2007-present, onsite film documentation of Eric Etebari, film and video, projects include Film Bare Knuckles and independent projects onsite before, during and post productions.

2006-collaboration w/Kodak to create production of digital limited edition of Women In Photography International 25th Anniversary book and distribution to museums/libraries worldwide.

2003-2004, Lucie Foundation, collaboration to launch Lucie Awards and to honor women photographers to received WIPI Distinguished Photographers Award at 1st Annual Lucie's/Los Angeles, Annie Leibovitz, 2003 and New York/Sylvia Plachy, 2004.

2002-present, ducks-in-a row series for charitable auction and current 2014 online sales. Auctions, Focus On Aides 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, Municipal Art Gallery, and others.

1999 - present, Capitol Records building, ongoing documentation - end of century, Capitol Records Commission, 1999 Capitol Records Building collectible Christmas Card

1999 - Dreamworks, SKG, land site and structural documentation for proposed studio on the Howard Hughes Playa Vista Property. Files are archived in the
Dreamworks SKG studio library.

1997 - 1998 FOX Story Telling project, ( Michelle Isenberg program, project director Gayle Gale, LA Cultural Affairs, Artists in the Community). Ferro created innovative organized display using 1st digitized online Konica gallery to present 22 artists and filmmakers at work at six LA City schools presentation for Fox Studios (ARTISTS: Gayle Gale, Angela Briggs, Candace Gwane, Richard Wyatt, Richard Godfrey, Alfredo DuBach, FILMAKERS: Mark Berndt/Michael Long, Mar Elepano/Stacy Armenta, Luis Mesa/Aito Steele, Gardner Monks/Chris Levitas, Judy Irola/Gardner Monks STORYTELLERS: Alidz Agbabian, Phyllis Chang, Ayanna Contreras, Karen Golden, Georgiana Sanchez, Willie Sims

1997 - FOX Story Telling project, ( Michelle Isenberg program ) Studio documentation of artist Rene Petropolis and Tony Berlant, personal in-house studio and exterior installation of project at Fox Studios, Century City. LA City Schools, LA Cultural Affairs 6 onsite artist program. First unique digital online photo documentation gallery through Konica.

1996 - present Statue of Liberty Series, 1st showing Statue of Liberty, solo exhibition, Los Angeles City Hall, Bridge Gallery, 42 international newspaper/photograph mixed media art works, Gannett, billboard bus stop poster. Michele Isenberg (extensive and ongoing project) Exhibited, Fine Arts Building

1995, Samson DeBrier (1910-1995), onsite tribute and archive, covering Samson's life and work, personal and public documetation archive, includes Curtis Harrington, Marjorie Cameron at his home. (6026 Barton Ave/Hollywood, where Kenneth Anger's 1954 cult film Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome was filmed with Anaïs Nin). Tribute attendees included family, Michelle Phillips, Mary Guggenheim, Cameron, Curtis Harrington, family, friends, writers ,poets, artists, and others. Samson was my personal friend and mentor.

1994 - Jan- May, Earthquake Emergency, Southern California Regional Rail Authority, documentation, of the transition of the rail line in So. California with the Metrolink expansion program - images helped secure FEMA Funding for construction and expansion of the rail system. Jean Ferro / historical archive

1995, Gangs, imprisoned teens, work camps self-portrait art project, LA Theater Works

1992 - 1993 - Through Our Own Eyes, Self-Portraits without Homes, produced/directed, 30 min. video documentary sponsored in part by a grant award from the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept and others. (completion time one year)

1990 Paramount Pictures Corp Valentino Place Door multi-color cibachrome 49" x 40" hexad

1990 - Women In Film Festival, International division, Directors Guild, Oct. 25, 1990, Dir. of Photography documenting and preservation of photographic files. Programs in film and TV, written, produced or directed by women in file.

1975- present, Music, film, TV personalities, portraits, concerts, editorial

1974 - present, city scapes, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Death Valley, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Manhattan, New York, Paris, Rome, Studios: Kensington Gardens, El Centro, Valentino Place, The Hermoyne.

1974-present, Personalities, music, film, tv, theater productions,

1974-present, fine art self-portraits, exhibited and published

2014, SILVERSHOTZ, Women In Photography International feature, Jean Ferro pgs 52-55 Crystal Slipper series, .curator Clive Waring/Editor
2013-present, The Photograph Collector, Paris Photo LA, Jean Ferro Random notes, 4 page column article and photos
2005-present, The Photograph Collector, Month of January, Random Notes on art scene fairs, Art Los Angeles, photo la, Art Contemporary, MOCA/Geffen Art Books (2013 -present), article and photos.
2010-2013, Silvershotz, edited version The Photograph Collector
2007, "Gold VI", Polaroid SX70 Focus On Aides #12, / Directors Guild, Los Angeles, exhibition catalog
2005, Random Notes by Jean Ferro, photo l.a 2005, The Photograph Collector
2005, Zebra # , Focus On Aides #11, / Directors Guild, Los Angeles, exhibition catalog
2004, Women In Photography International, 5 photographer portfolios, Jean Ferro, Self-portraits, Epson printer 2000P
2004, Red #IV, Polaroid SX70 series, Focus On Aides #10, / Directors Guild, Los Angeles, 2004 exhibition catalog
2003, JeanFerro, Women in Photography, Coagula Dec.02-Jan03
2002, Photo LA, Women In Photography International, exhibition/auction. ducks-in-a-row "Stars & Stripes" Polaroid SX70
2002, Focus On Aids #9, Barney's Beverly Hills, CA, ducks-in-a-row #1 original SX70 4 image series Hollywood Portfolio exhibition catalog
- Hollywood Bound, Women In Photography International ( presents Hollywood Bound at the Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Branch Library
2001, 20th Anniversary, Women In Photography International, House of Photographic Art, San Juan, Capistrano,
Statue of Liberty original.
2000 Edinburgh Film Festival, Scotland, Hweid Chronicles Production, artwork: Statue of Liberty
1999, Los Angeles, City of Dreams, (Book), Towery Publishing, Urban Tapestry Series. Includes Los Angeles City Hall images, and others.
1998, G:obal Liberty, Fine Arts Building, Los Angeles, CA
1998, Global Liberty, Mercantile Bank, Century City, CA
1997/1998, Fox Studio Story Telling Project, Community Outreach, Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department w/Michelle Isenberg and Artist/Director, Gayle Gale., featuring 6 artist and 6 filmmakers onsite documentation.
1997, TV Liberty, Focus on AIDS 7, Directors Guild, Los Angeles exhibition catalog.
1996, Edmund Teske Quote, Global Liberty. "Your show Jean Ferro! - is the essence of Walt Whitman and the Edward Steichen great show "Family of Man".
- Coagula, Issue #23, News, page 45
- LA Weekly, Global Liberty. also recommended: Pick of the Week/Peter Frank
1995  Through a Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Artist in the Community grant, Ferro directed and produced the video social commentary, "Through Our Own Eyes: Self-Portraits by People Without Homes.”  Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery featured an installation of this documentary in the 1995 exhibition, “Social Engagements: Observations and Personal Narratives.” 
Bomarzo, Focus on AIDS 6 exhibition catalog.
- Brainchild Palm Liberty, 1pg. 2/95
- Brainchild Kids Stuff Let's Play, 6pgs. Summer 95
1994, The Green Slip (series of 3) Focus on Aids 5 exhibition catalog
1992, Gironale de Scilia (It) Jean Ferro, Modella Chesi Immortala da se in Mostra Catania by Donatello Polizzi Piazza
1991, Mmoria Day Images & Orgins: Reflectons of Women Photographes LA Cultural Affairs Commision on the Status of Women, Bridge Gallery, Los Angeles City Hal.
- Media Appetizers "Food For Thought" Musum of Antropology, CA State University, Cic, CA
1990, Paramount Pictures Corp commission, "Valentino Place" cibachrome 49" x 40" hexad
1990, Women Photographers /NY, exhibited New York Nikon House and Tokyo Our Illusions and Reality exhibition catalog
1989, Women in Photography, Public Access, 30-minute Talk Show featuring Jean Ferro, Nancy Clendaniel, host
- Palm Springs-Red Lite Focus on Aids IV exhibition catalog
1988, Zoom Magazine, Ferro self-portrait TV screens (Am, Fr, It, Ger) Jean Ferro (No. 34-February) Focus Los Angeles pgs 46-51
1987, Collaboration wHelmut Newton, self-portrait session, Valentino Place, fine art session and repeat session for Helmut Newton documentary segment Frames from The Edge by RM Arts/Germany
1986, Eye on L A, ABC-TV: Jean Ferro, Self-Portrait Photographer; Satin Goddess and Valentino Place, polaroid's; Chuck Henry, narrator; Nicholas Stein, director
1985, America, CBS-TV: Jean Ferro; Housewife's Dream/ Around L.A.; Jack Jones, narrator; Nicholas Stein, director
- PEI Productions/cable: Jean Ferro, Portrait of a Self-Portrait Photographer; Bed of Roses/ Sea of Blue Feathers; David Kellogg, director
1985 Petersen's Photographic (Am) Cover and article Self-Portraiture: The Art and Intimacy-Jean Ferro by Franklin Cameron, pgs 20-25 (June issue)
- Zoom Magazine (Fr #110, Eng #26, Am #21, Ger 1/85, It #47) Jean Ferro by Altamon Baker, pgs. 60-67
- Shukan-Shincho (Japan) Mar. 15, three pages, self-portraits
1981, Photo (Fr #168) Spiderman and Self-portraits by Jean Radnetter (Sept issue)
1978, Rochester Institute of Technology, M.F.A. Department Invitational, Feb. 1978, M.F.A. Gallery "Green Slip," series "Satin on Satin,"and "Ginkgo Leaves" (hand written invitation on rice paper from Jay Pastelak (Dec. 1977)
1977, Wet Magazine (Am) Proof Sheet-Wet Torso by Jean Radnetter
1977, Wet Magazine, features Bob & Bob
1974, Petersen's Photographic (Am) Self-portraiture by Joan Yarfitz, p.88, The Stage by Jean Radnetter (Dec issue)

2007 Jean Ferro Self-Portrait Collection 3.5" x5" limited edition, fifty, 38 pgs. GraphiStudio/Italy
2006, Women in Photography International, 25th Anniversary, Turning Silver, Liberace's Gold Piano
1999, Los Angeles, City of Dreams, (Book), Towery Publishing, Urban Tapestry Series. images: Los Angeles City Hall, Mayor Glass Door, Book Fan.
Book portrait Howard Rafiel, a memoir by Howard Rayfiel Where The Hell is Desilu?
Paperback Writer, (satirical) images: author Mark Shipper, Ringo Starr, Sergeant Pepper LP (abstract)

2013-2014 The Photograph Collector, Jean Ferro "Random Notes," Paris Photo LA,
2005 - Present, The Photograph Collector, Jean Ferro "Random Notes" January/month of Art Los Angeles, Art Show Los Angeles,
photo la, Art Contemporary. 2013-2014 Art Book Fair / MOCA/Geffen Contemporary

2014, MOCA/Panel Discussion: “Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman” Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014, 3pm, West Hollywood City Council Chambers Panelists include Tosh Berman, Jean Ferro, George Herms, David Meltzer -- moderated bycurator Yael Lipschutz
2005, Women In Photography International Conference Seminar Panel Do's and Don't's of working in photography w/Franchise Kirkland, Scott McKiernam and Karen Hansen
1991 Los Angeles Children's Museum: Winifred Meiser photo project, coordinated 10 workshops, led two
1989 Women in Photography Annual Paris Photo Lab: New Photographers lecture series
1988-89 Pierce College, Woodland Hills CA: Creative Photography slide show/lecture
1986-89 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA: Lectures Creative Photography invitation by James B. Wood

2005, Kodak, sponsored trip to Santa Fe trip/book digital book presentation / Worldwide Pro Photographer Relations per Audrey Jonkhere
1992 Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Artist in the Community Grant to produce: Through Our Own Eyes,30 min documentary for public access TV.
1996 Fuji / A&I collaboration - Fuji photo copier AP 5000, Statue of Liberty production prints and Fuji display PMA Las Vegas expo.
1993 Popular Arts Entertainment, HBO, Hollywood CA Zona Productions, Beverly Hills CA, sponsor TOOE project
1991 Bob Olsen Color Expansions, Hollywood CA, Bob Olson "Fractured" 48" x 37.5"
1989-2004 Paris Photo Lab, Los Angeles CA, Alain Labbe and Tony Lowe lab technicians
1988, Paris Photo LAB, LA, Self-Portrait solo exhibition, color ilfachrome, b/w silver gelatin, printers: Alain Labbe, Tony Lowe / Statue of Liberty "TV Liberty" "Multi-color"
1986, Polaroid sponsorship, Limited Edition Spectra System.
1985-2000, A&I Lab (James Ishara), "Statue of Liberty" project, "Bed of Roses" - "Sea of Blue Feathers" "Original Self-portraits"
1974-1981, Richard's Photo, b/w portfolio prints and film



Women in Photography International
2000-present - President / photo artist, Women In Photography International non-profit 501.(c).3
(see WIPI History)
Website and onsite projects including press and creative materials production
Online curator of competition galleries
Juror, various competitions, See WIPI Competition list

Lucie Foundation Advisory Board
Women In Photography International Charter Member

WIPI PhotoProfile

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Small Self Portrait book 3.75 x 5" 20 pg/ limited edition 50 books, printed by Graphi Studio / Italy

(50 mini books created from files of LARGE glass cover book w/photo prints)


17 boxes of materials submitted to the archive cover 15 years of notes, images, files, computer, letters, exhibitions, promotional designs, posters, etc.

President of Women In Photography International starting 2000.

Shipment included: Imac svivel moon base computer containing files dating back to 2000 along with external hard drive with ALL competitions and membership listing and communication files along with outreach programs, (i.e., Disgintuished Photographers Awards, photo LA) and other onsite productions including printed and digital files. See President's letter



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Women In Photography International Archive is held at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University, Peter Palmquist Western Americana permanent Collection since 2003. The inclusion of WIPI hard copy and digital files from mid-2003 to present will be added to the collection. The 2014-2015 WIPI CHARTER GALLERY is set up for inclusion into the upcoming newly renovated Beinecke Library. The CHARTER MEMBER gallery of dedicated women photographers is a spotlight to introduce and showcase historical documentation and current member work.

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