Calla Pink + White, 30x40" Cibachrome




Fotogram Boquet, 20x24" Cibachrome

Iceland Red, 30x40" Cibachrome

Yellow Rose, 30x40" Cibachrome


Platinum Tulip, 48x56" Cibachrome


Tasha's Tulip, 48x56" Cibachrome



Kelp In Light, 48x60" Cibachrome




Pravda, 30x40" CIbachrome




Seahorse Eyes, 8x10" Cibachrome



Summoned Heart, 20x20" Cibachrome


Carol Henry

It has always been my desire to expose people to the unseen elements or small details that surround them from the natural world and to have sensory experiences of beauty or feelings of wonder. I find that color of this intensity fills the viewer with awe. I like that!

Color is one of the tools that I utilize to achieve that desire. For 30 years I have been working with Cibachrome, manufactured by a Swiss Company, which became Ilfochrome in 1992. The archival color darkroom material is a positive receiver and the process is a projection of light passing through my compositions. The exposure on this light sensitive material, when processed, gives me the luminous color I am looking for to help create a zen-like environment, that is enveloping and engaging.

In 2012, the last run of Ilfochrome,was manufactured. Now I am one of the only photographers still using the medium. Although my paper is now expired, I am still printing captivating unique pieces from my final box of 20x24" paper in 2014.

My education in photography began at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, with professor Dennis Staffne, currently of St. Louis. I began working on Cibachrome while pursuing my BFA in Photography. A process I immediately became enthralled with was unique printing on this material, though I was the only one in the program that worked that way.

Many years later while working as an art director in Los Angeles, I was introduced to The Lab Ciba and Frank Green, where I had the opportunity to locate my darkroom near their 48” processor. There I have made 8x10” through 48x56” prints. My color analog darkroom has been located there since the late 80s, now 25 yrs, giving me the ability to print consistently.

I have shown in many galleries and sold over a thousand of these unique prints. It is my current goal to exhibit this work in museums. Publishing monographs will also be a new goal as printing new work with this medium and process is coming to a close.

New maiden journeys are ahead and I look forward to exploring and creative discoveries!


Photo LA, Postcards, Women In Photography International, LA, CA
Photography West, Carmel, CA
Carmel Visual Arts, Carmel, CA

Photo LA, Wood prints, Women In Photography International, LA, CA
Photography West, Carmel, CA
Acqua Calda Exhibit, Monterey, CA
Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite, CA
Carmel Visual Arts, Carmel, CA

Photo LA curating the Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite
Photography West, Carmel, CA
SCIART, Camarillo, CA

Photo LA, curated, Women In Photography International, 30th Anniversary, LA, CA
SCIART, Camarillo, CA
Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA
Palm Springs Photo Festival
Photography West, Carmel, CA
Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN
Arts Council CV Exhibit, Thousand Oaks, CA
Orange County Contemporary
Center of Art, Santa Ana, CA

Herotogen,Westlake Village, CA
Photography West, Carmel, CA
Studio 391, Gualala, CA
SCIART, Camarillo, CA

Photo LA entry exhibit of large prints.
Fresh Fair, Los Angeles, CA
PhotographyWest, Carmel, CA
Reyes Adobe Art Gallery, Agoura Hills, CA

Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, CO
Beatrice Wood Studio, Ojai, CA
Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Photography West Gallery, Carmel, CA

PhotographyWest Gallery, Carmel, CA
Diesel Bookstore, Malibu, CA
Design Award Exhibit, Cincinnati, OH
Leila Heller Gallery, NY, NY
Mumm Champagne, Rutherford, CA
Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, SB, CA
Brand Library, Glendale, CA

Photo LA, CA
Ansel Adams Gallery,Yosemite, CA
JosephWahl Arts, Woodland Hills, CA
Darkroom Studio,Westlake, CA

The Center for Fine Art Photo, Ft. Collins, CO
Darkroom Studio,Westlake, CA
PhotographyWest Gallery, Carmel, CA
Photo LA, CA
JosephWahl Arts,Woodland Hills, CA

Carmel Highlands Inn, Carmel, CA
Mumm Champagne, Napa, CA
Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Steinway Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC

Ansel Adams Gallery, Monterey, CA
Photographers Out of the Box, Brea, CA
Joseph Bellows, LaJolla, CA
Mumm Champagne, CA
Sink Gallery, Denver, CO

Contemporary Artifacts Gallery, Berea, KY
Jerry Miller Gallery, Palm Springs, CA
Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Benham Photographic Art, Seattle,WA
Camera Obscura Gallery, Denver, CO

Ansel Adams Gallery, Mono Lake,Yosemite, CA
House of Photographic Art, San Juan
Capistrano, CA
G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, LA, CA
Houston FotoFest, Houston, CA
Los Angeles Museum of Art, LA, CA
McLean GAllery, Malibu, CA
Mumm Champagne, Napa, CA

Ansel Adams Gallery, Pebble Beach,Yosemite, CA
Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO
Maui Ocean Center, Maui, HI

Ansel Adams Gallery, Pebble Beach,Yosemite, CA
Works On PaperPhoto LA, CA
Malton Gallery, Cincinnat, OH
Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI
Steinway Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC

Ansel Adams Gallery, Pebble Beach,Yosemite, CA
Mumm Champagne, Napa, CA
Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
Steinway Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC

Ansel Adams Gallery, Pebble Beach,Yosemite, CA
Ashua-Irving Gallery, Boston, MA
Coast Gallery, Maui, HI
Montecito, Gallery, Montecito, CA
Mumm Champagne, Napa, CA

Ansel Adams Gallery,Yosemite, CA
Julia’s Gallery of Photographic Art, Lexington, KY
Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA
Tiffany & CO, Pebble Beach, CA
Steinway Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC

Ansel Adams Gallery, Pebble Beach, CA
Grant Gallery, Denver, CO
Montecito Gallery, Montecito, CA

Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite, CA
Camera Obscura Gallery, Denver, Co
Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
National Audobon Society Gallery
The Woods, Brentwood, CA


University of Cincinnati, Design, Art and Architecture
Northern Michigan University

GALLERIES Over The Past 20 Years

Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA
Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, CA
G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, LA, CA
McLean Gallery, Malibu, CA
Joseph Wahl Gallery, Woodland Hills, CA
Montecito Gallery, Montecito, CA
Photography West Gallery, Carmel, CA
Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite & Pebble Beach, CA
Coast Gallery, Maui, HI
Benham Gallery, Seattle, WA
Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
Camera Obscura Gallery, Denver, CO
Mark Sink Gallery, Denver, CO
Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Julia Weinstein Gallery, Lexington, KY
Ashua Irving Gallery, Boston, MA
Leili Tagliani Gallery, NY, NY
D'Arno Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


Stanford University Hospital
Northwestern University
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals
Goodby SIlverstein Advertising
Latham and Watkins Law Firms
Fox Media and more

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