Dawn & Mom waiting for a bigger wave



Paul Martineau & Robert Mapplethorpe's photo of Patti Smith



William Eggleston, David Lynch & Julien Frydman, Paris Photo L.A. 2013




Malibu Mom & Billy Bob Thornton at "Under The Influence" exhibit



Henry Diltz with his photograph of Linda & Paul McCartney at Morrison Hotel Gallery




Lucie Boswell, Malibu Mom & Lydia Velarde's journal page (not meeting BONO) at Astro Burger on my birthday.




Nick Ut on the cover of the LA Weekly & "The Shot of a Lifetime"




Steven Poster - President of International Cinematographers Guild Local 600;
Freelance Director of Photography; asks to keep my business cards.




Lucy & Ethel - Founders of "Comet's Flight School" - XMAS 2014




Mom, Dawn & Dad on Memorial Day, 2015




Dawn Hope Stevens is a freelance photographer, creative entrepreneur, television producer/host, magazine publisher, and president/founder of an innovative photography network organization ~ Clickers & Flickers Photography Network (1985-present). Clickers & Flickers is a dynamic group of talented and spirited individuals, who run the gamut from students with their first 35mm or digital camera to commercial photographers and cinematographers, museum curators, gallery owners, camera store owners, along with Pulitzer Prize winners ~ all with a passion for photography.

Stevens was a producer and host of (18) local cable access television shows. She provided the general public an opportunity to see local photographers and learn about their work through her informative interviews.

Stevens has exhibited her photographs of blues musicians in solo shows : "Thoroughly Blues" at The Coffee Gallery Backstage, Pasadena; “Following the Chitlin Circuit” at the Great Western Bank, Westwood; Cobalt Cantina, Silver Lake; and at Toi Art, Hollywood. Her work has been included in group exhibitions: City of Los Angeles show at Barnsdall; LA Photoworks Gallery; The Canon Gallery, Beverly Hills; and included in a portfolio presented to the late Linda McCartney by WIPI. Stevens’ photo credits include: album cover of Harmonica Fats & Bernie Pearl, book
cover with Blind Joe Hill, work in Living Blues magazine, Long Beach Blues Festival Programs, and in private collections.

For the past 29 years, Stevens has organized and hosted C&F’s monthly photo-networking dinners with honored guest speakers, including Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Ut (whose horrific photograph June 8, 1972 "Napalm Girl" of a naked little girl running down the street toward his camera covered with napalm in Vietnam helped end the war); fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky; actor & photographer Leonard Nimoy; photojournalist Steve Schapiro; architectural photographer Julius Shulman; the “Blue-Eyed Indian” from Laguna Pueblo photographer, Lee Marmon; Sports & Senior Official NBA photographer Andrew Bernstein; current President of Local 600 (Cinematographers Guild) Steven Poster; Jazz Photographer Herman Leonard; Rock ‘n Roll photographer Henry Diltz; National Geographic photographer, Gerd Ludwig; Producer & Screenwriter of many James Bond films and Photography Collector, Michael G. Wilson; Former Director of Warner Bros. Photo Lab, Greg Dyro; Curator of Photography, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Karen Sinsheimer; women photographers: Jean Ferro (November 1989 & September 1994); Elizabeth Carmel (October 2006); Julia Dean (March 1998); Amy Kawadler (November 1997); Bobbi Lane (October 1998); Elizabeth Shatner (February 2007); E.F. Kitchen (August 2002 & October 2010); Carol Henry (March 2012); Kim Gottlieb-Walker (July 2011 & October 2014); J.J. L'Heureux (August 2014); Beverly Houwing (November 2014); Amelia Davis (January 2015);and many others. Never to be forgotten... Eugene F. Lally, the inventor of digital photography who worked with NASA on the Apollo mission in 1961. He invented the "mosaic element" which is now called the "pixel".


I am so humbled and thankful to the late Eugene Lally (1934-2014) a Science Rock Star for his kind words of encouragement and for calling me the "Connector of the DOTS":

“Thank you again for inviting me to speak at your recent meeting. The audience was as good as it gets. They were so excited about the material I stayed with them till well after midnight. Their enthusiasm was contagious. They also appreciated my latest spacecraft design where I use a digital focal plane on the Exoplanet Explorer Spacecraft’s telescope to investigate exoplanet atmospheres. Radio astronomy and SETI have been looking for life for 50 years with no result. The new spacecraft would receive useful data immediately when in orbit to determine if any life-forms may be present on exoplanets. We will be using digital photography soon to explore our galaxy in the optical domain for life from orbit. This shows how far digital photography has gone in 50 years. Thank you again and keep up your wonderful work for us photographers. You are the gal who connects the dots for us that most don’t even see. We appreciate your hard work to help our cause. Let’s hear it for Clickers and Flickers”. ~ Eugene F. Lally (American Scientist-Photographer, Inventor of Digital Photography, 1961)

I also thank my parents for being supportive of Clickers & Flickers from day one and it is now coming up on 30 years. My late father taught biology, zoology, anatomy & art. Photography was one of his many passions and he always had a darkroom to process and print his own work.

My mother Hope Stevens is 92 years young and for the last 8 years I have been her "caretaker" and she has been my "personal assistant" with Clickers & Flickers. Everyone loves Malibu Mom. For the past four Clickers & Flickers' Halloween photo-networking dinners, I have dressed up as the "Connector of the DOTS" - looking like Lucy in a dotted dress and being a good sport Mom is dressed as Ethel.

My love of People, Photographers, and Malibu Mom are the subject of recent iPhone photography.

Women In Photography International Charter Member

Dawn Hope Stevens

Malibu & Pasadena, California

©Copyright for all images remains the property of exhibited photographer, and promotional use for Women In Photography International. All inquiries regarding use of and purchasing image use rights must be directed to the photographer.

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Dawn Hope Stevens founder / Editor Clickers & Flickers -
Selection of C&F Magazines by Photographer/Guest Speaker:

Toot Your Own Horn, by Dawn Hope Stevens (C&F's 25th Anniversary issue, summer 2010)

Jay P. Morgan, The Slanted Lens: Photocomics & Video a collision of two worlds"
Elvira, by J. P. Morgan

Eugene F. Lally's illustration
"American Scientist / Photographer inventor of Digital photography 1961 -NASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary"

Norman Seeff  "The Power and the Passion to Create"
Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith, by Norman Seeff

John Van Hamersfeld's, "Visual Artist - 50 years of Graphic Design"
logo "Crazy World Ain't It" on Mick Jagger

J.J. L'Heureux, Painter, Naturalist & Photographer, "Faces from the Southern Ocean"
Penquins by J.J. L'Heureux

Herman Leonard, "Jazz Giants" Billy Holiday

Amelia Davis - "It's Never Just Been a Job, It'a Been My Life" (sole owner & manager of Jim Marshall Photography), Janis Joplin, by Jim Marshall (1936-2010).



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