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With a theosophist approach to creating Leslie Ebert connects with the creative source, allowing an intuitive discovery of imagery that exists in the micro world around us. This visual information provides a glimpse into the movement of energy flow, the make up of the universal field, and possibly the afterlife itself.

Self taught as an artist, Ebert has a degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon in Eugene. Over the last twenty years Ebert's Mixed Media work has evolved from etching drawings into metal plates to transferring photographic images on to them. This body of work combines current image capture technology of macro digital photography with sublimation dye image transfer techniques which heat translucent pigments turning them into a gas that transfers into the metal surface, creating a soft painterly effect. White space becomes the silver of the aluminum support while the transparent pigments have an iridescence luster that creates a 3-D look to the finished works.

Leslie Ebert's artwork can be found in numerous private and corporate collections around the Pacific Northwest including Austin Industries, art of the Allison Collection of Oregon artist's; as well as several private collections internationally (in India, China, Vietnam, England, France and Canada). Ebert has shown recently in group shows at the ‘National Association of Women Artists Gallery in New York and the Center on Contemporary art in Seattle Washington. Leslie Ebert has been listed in Whos Who of American Artists and her work has been on the cover of magazines most recently Art Access, Seattle, Jan/March 2014, as well as published in several books and journals including Diffusion; Unconventional Photography Annual Vol. IV, and 'Visual Journeys; Art of the 21st Century.’


“My approach to art is spiritual in nature. Each series a visual narrative of my own search for meaning. I am interested in the transpersonal experience of creative process and infusing into the art that state of interconnectedness found in the timeless moments of creating. After years of exploring this idea in painting this concept has lead me to photography. At first I found myself picking up my camera to capture this phenomena of reflected pools of light as reference for paintings, but over the last several years the photographs have evolved into unique works of art of their own.

Using the tools of macro digital photography I capture painterly abstract images of the aether. I choose to print these images using a sublimation heat transfer process which uses transparent pigments to infuse color into aluminum. This archival process produces a luminescent quality that allows these images to be shared as they were discovered, glowing from the inside.

I do not photograph objects or places, I capture the energy signature radiating from objects and places. Just as a psychometrist reads the energy coming off a persons car keys to tell you about the owner, I use the tools of photography to bring a visual understanding to the phenomena of vibrating energies as creative catalyst described by physicists as quantum entanglement.

My works answers to painter Wassily Kandinskys’ call to artists, to seek out the spiritual and report back using visual expression. Through the medium of macro digital photography I explore the vibrational nature of our physical world and the idea of resonance as the universal creative force. Accessing these normally invisible elements by dissecting rays of light with the optics of my camera lens, I capture these energy signatures that bring to my mind remnant fingerprints of a Devine consciousness at play.”


2011 Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Featured Artist, Portland Oregon

2009 Art Etc. Featured Artist, Portland Oregon

2005 Washington State University, Science Gallery, Vancouver Washington
2005 Wene' Gallery, ‘Exploring Quantum’, Portland Oregon

2003 Silver Creek Gallery, ‘Conversations’, Silverton Oregon

2001 The Gallery at Willamette, ‘The first ten years, a retrospective’, West Linn Oregon

1999 Gallery 33, ‘Recent work’, Portland Oregon

1997 First Avenue Gallery, ‘Mixed Media’, Portland Oregon

1996 Waterstone Gallery, ‘Symphony in Paper’, Portland Oregon

1995 Edmonds Art Festival Museum, Edmonds Washington
1995 Artisan Center Gallery, ‘Stillness in motion’, Portland Oregon

1992 AIA Gallery ‘Impressions’, Portland Oregon


2014 NAWA Gallery, ‘Winter Exhibition’. New York, New York

2013 NewSpace ‘Now; Salon’ Portland Oregon
COCA Center of Contemporary Art, ‘Collision’ Seattle, Washington
NOoSphere Gallery, ‘Fly On the Wall’ NewYork, NewYork

2012 Waterstone Gallery, ‘Pentimento’, Portland Oregon

North Shore Art Association, ‘Experimental Art’, Gloucester Massachusetts
Chehalem Cultural Center, ‘Oregon Artists Showcase’, Newberg Oregon
Gallery 114 ‘Exit Winter’ Juried Guest Artist Show, Portland Oregon
Art Takes Times Square, electronic billboards New York, NewYork

2011 Garden Pavilion ‘The All Oregon Art Annual’ Professional division’ Salem, Oregon
GDP Studios, ‘New Vibrations in Art’, Shelton Washington

2010 Dragonfly Gallery at Rosedale, ‘New Directions’ Austin Texas

2008 Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center “Illumination” Fort Myers Florida
Microcosm Gallery ‘Soul to Soul’, New York, NewYork

2007 First Presbyterian Church ‘Gifts of Spirit’, Portland Oregon

2006 Coos Art Museum ‘Oregon Artists Biennial’, Coos Bay Oregon

2005 Peninsula Fine Arts Center, 'On the Edge 2005 ', Newport News Virginia

2004 Blue Moon Gallery 'Healing Environments' Little Rock Arkansas
Cork Gallery, ‘Wish you were here’ Lincoln Center, New York, New York

2003 Crane Museum ‘Celebration of American Paper Arts’ Dalton Massachusetts
Landmark Art Center 'Landmarks in paper’ St Paul Minnesota

2002 ArtStudio Gallery ‘Small Works II’ Santa Fe New Mexico

2001 Waterstone Gallery ‘Collective Impressions’ Portland Oregon

1997 Omni Gallery, ‘Invitational’ Portland Oregon

1994 The Ink People Gallery, National Competition, Eureka California

1993 Museum of Fine Art ‘74th National Exhibit’ Springfield Massachusetts


Austin Industries, Newberg Oregon
Avista Energy, Portland Oregon
CAP Inc. headquarters, Portland, Oregon
ESI Corporation, Portland Offices, Oregon
Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, Oregon
Marsh USA Inc, Portland Oregon
The Taylor Group, Portland, Oregon
TKS Group, Portland Oregon
US Trust, Portland Oregon
West Coast Bank, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Willis Corporation of Portland, Oregon
Zenith Administrators, Portland, Oregon


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2010 ‘Art of the Allison Collection’, Catalogue
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2009 ‘Extraordinary Measures’ – feature film w/ Harrison Ford
‘Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery; The First 50 Years 1959-2009’ Bowlan
Thresholds; Literary Journal, Spring/Summer

2008 Who’s Who in American Art #29, Marquis Publishing

2006 Connections: We Are All One Exhibition Catalogue October

2004 Oregonian,’ Artist Studios Become Art’ Steven Amick

2003 MidValley Arts newspaper, Issue #4

2002 Oregonian, ‘Finding Textures of Peace..’ January . Janet Goetze

2001 West Linn Tidings ’Willamette Gallery features...’ November
Art Calendar Magazine, Cover Artist, February

1999 Art now Gallery Guide, Artist Profile, October

1997 City Limits magazine, Artist’s of the Month June/July

1996 Untitled’ Magazine, Best of 1995 issue, January

1992 Showcase 92, Beaverton Arts Commission, exhibition catalogue

1987 BARCH, University of Oregon, - Bachelors of Architecture from the School or Architecture and Allied Arts, Minor in Art History, Eugene Oregon


2008 - 2010 Graduate course work in the Transpersonal in Visual Arts, Edgar Cayce Institute, Virginia

UPDATE - JULY 2015 - MARCH 2016

Ebert is preparing to release her first self published book titled Traces of Creation; Phenomena, featuring over one hundred full color images of her macro digital photographs of light signatures. It is to be released at an exhibit of the same tittle in March 2016 at Sage Gallery in Portland Oregon. This is the first book planed to be a three edition series Traces of Creation; Narratives to be followed by ColorFields. Her photography is also coming out in the latest publication by the Society of Layerists in Multi Media, to be released in the fall of 2016 by Fresco Fine Art Publishing. Both books will be available on

Also in the spring of 2016 Leslie Ebert's photographs the Presence of Angles and The Winds of Change will be exhibiting at the Crayola Gallery at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem Pennsylvania in the show "the Creative Muse". While the piece Electromagnetic's will be exhibiting in the show "In-VISIBLE"' at the new Lawrence Gallery at Point Park University, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

In 2015 from August through October, Ebert had a 25 year Retrospective of her artwork at Museum Contempo, Olympia Washington. In October of that year she also had an exhibit of her photography titled "Light Taking Form" at Studio 820 in Oregon City, Oregon. Her image Portrait of an Orb went on Digital Display at Scope Miami in Florida, and the Louvre Museum in Paris France as part of the See.Me Exposure Awards. One of her images from the Chaos series was also juried by Saatchi Gallery London England to be included in their Digital Display program. She finished out the year with the image Delusions showing in the group exhibition titled Primarily Color at the Atlantic Gallery in New York through the Professional Women Photographers organization.

Since the last entry on her C.V. in 2014
Leslie Ebert participated in the Center of Contemporary Art Seattle Washington exhibit "Who are You" and the Portland Art Museums;RSG Annual Fall show in Portland Oregon. As well as Museum Contempo's "Life in Bloom" Olympia, Washington

UPDATE - MARCH 2016 - APRL 2017


2016 Sage Gallery, Phenomena, Portland Oregon

2015 Museum Contempo, Luminance; A 25 year Retrospective, Olympia Washington
Studio 820, Light Taking Form, Oregon City Oregon ! GROUP EXHIBITIONS on DIGITAL DISPLAY
2015 Scope, Miami Art Week, Florida
Saatchis Gallery, Digital Display, London, England
Louvre Museum, See.Me Exposure Awards, Paris, France

2013 See.Me Gallery, The Story of the Creative, Long Island City, NewYork

2012 ‘Art Takes Times Square’, electronic billboards, New York, NewYork


2017 Spectrum, Miami Art Week, Miami Florida
PhotoLucida Portfolio Walk, Portland Art Museums Mark Building, Portland Oregon
Plates to Pixels, Visual Armistice, Juried Showcase,
Portland Art Museums RSGallery, Spring Annual, Portland Oregon
Merge IV, African American Performing Arts Center Albuquerque NewMexico
ADC, Artist Show Case, Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 Sage Gallery, The Spiritual Gift, Portland Oregon
The Banana Factory Crayola Gallery The Creative Muse, Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Point Park University Lawrence Gallery, In-VISIBLE, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

2015 Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery, the 126th yr of NAWA , New York New York
Atlantic Gallery, Primarily Colors, New York New York
Museum Contempo, Life in Bloom, Olympia Washington

2014 CoCA’ Who Are You’ Seattle Washington
National Association of Women Artists Gallery, Winter exhibit, New York New York
Portland Art Museums RSGallery, Fall show, Portland Oregon

2013 Museum Contempo, Who is God, Olympia Washington


2017 Merg exhibit catalogue, Created by the Society of Layrists in Multi Media

2016 Unique Insights; The Society of Layerists in Multi Media, University of New Mexico Press
Traces of Creation; Phenomena, Foreword by Mary Carroll Nelson, self published
Willamette Week, 3/16 Dont try to make sense of these pictures, Jennifer Rabin
Tribune, Pittsburgh 4/2 In-visible into the spotlight, Kurt Shaw

2015 ArtLifeVideoBlog Day135, the Abstract Photography of Leslie Ebert

2014 NAWA 125th year exhibit catalogue,

2012 Who’ Who in American Art’ #31

Women In Photography International Charter Member


National Association of Women Artists NAWA
Society of Layerists in Multi Media SLMM
Women in Photography International WIPI
Professional Women Photographers PWP


NAWA members are archived at the Frick art Reference Library, New York
PWP members are archived at the he National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC
SLMM members are Archived at the Institute of Historical Survey Foundation, New Mexico
WIPI Members are archived at the Beinecke Library, Yale University, New Haven Connecticut

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Current Developments

In 2017 Leslie Ebert attended PhotoLucida a biAnnual portfolio review event in Portland Oregon
where she is currently following up on the many leads and opportunities gathered there. She is also
finalizing travel plans to attend Spectrum Miami in December of 2017 as an exhibiting artist
through ADC Fine art. Where she will also add Miami Florida to her ongoing Energy of Place
photography project. The Energy of Place is a long-term project investigating the Light Signatures
of varying geographies and cultures. With attention to capturing the shape and color of the light
energy as it has been influenced by the history of that place, the memories of the people and their
cultural beliefs in combination with the electromagnets of the earth, as they come together to
influence the shape of the Light around us. In 2016 Ebert traveled up the coast of Croatia from
Dubrovnik to Venice as part of this ongoing research. In 2015 she added the village of Xacatitos
Mexico to this project and the island of Bali Indonesia in 2014. She is currently planning her next
destination in this series, Portugal scheduled for Spring of 2018 with Peru, Cuba, India, and Australia
all earmarked as future locations for this project.

Leslie Ebert also continues to work on her Other Peoples Junk project, a photographic
psychometry of sorts which involves collecting objects from garage sales and travels that are
emitting strong vibrations and setting them up as still life studies for photographing the light energy
emanating from those objects in the studio. She has also begun developing a new project titled
Playing with Optics that will use lenses and filters to break light into its basic colors and structures
to document and compare the results using digital photography.

Leslie Ebert
Portland Oregon
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