A Glorious Day, Mt. McKinley, Alaska



Freedom's Struggle: Meiser sculpture combining flag & eagle images




We All Need A Little Space, Canada

Library Story Time: A reading of my environmental story, Vista, CA


Dances With Whales


Vicky Baze, winning her 2000th race,


Move Over Boys - Vicky Baze gets in the win picture.



Puppy Love


A Symbiotic Relationship


A Praying Mantis in (Bird of) Paradise



Since arriving in the USA from Scotland as a new bride in the early sixties, I’ve visited and lived in numerous places throughout the US and Europe, sometimes by choice, but more often by the random selection of assignments in my husband's career - first in the U.S Navy - then as an aerospace employee.

Fortunately (maybe unfortunately for some folks) I love talking with people and frequently found myself with new people in new settings, which made my foray into photojournalism a natural extension of my life. And in a real twist of fate, I’ve even been on a photo assignment aboard a military ship for several weeks at sea while my sailor spouse remained ashore on temporary assignment.

And now with time and opportunity, we’ve traveled in our motorhome up and down and across America and Canada, even reaching “The Top of the World” on our way to Chicken, Alaska and throughout the delightfully colorful Canadian Maritime Provinces


Wherever I am, I like to have a camera nearby. Sometime it’s a photographer's paradise – others places are less obviously photogenic, but photography is more than snapping pretty pictures. It's about looking and seeing, experiencing a taste of the world around you.

Initially, I took photos to accompany my articles and later began participating in exhibits. With the advent of digital equipment and software such as Photoshop, the sky – and your imagination – are your only limits.

For example, using Photoshop, I incorporated two of my photographs – an American flag and an Alaskan Bald Eagle, into one 6 ft canvas image entitled “Freedom’s Messenger” for a “Kites Over Vista” banner which hung on a lamppost in downtown Vista, CA. The movements from the flag’s stars and stripes are replicated in the movements of the Eagle’s wings and in the red & white stripes it carries in its’ beak

From this image, I created the design for my sculpture “Freedom’s Struggle” (now on permanent display in Vista, CA) as a tribute to our military and veterans. The streetlamp is an integral part of the sculpture. The April 7, 2014 edition.San Diego Union Tribune published the article “Military Tribute to Become Permanent “ and a photo
A chance meeting with a Gifted and Talented elementary school teacher opened a new avenue in my life. She invited me to talk with her students about photography.

I felt that the children needed a hands-on experience, not just someone to show them pictures and talk about their photos.

Thus was the beginning of Through Children’s Eyes, Inc. a nonprofit (501) (c) (3) organization using photography as an educational tool. It was incorporated in 1984 with donations of equipment and supplies from the photographic industry including Vivitar, Nikon & Fuji.

Photographers - both amateur and professional - from a college student to newspaper reporter - to WIPI members (including current President and Photo Artist, Jean Ferro who conducted a program with children at the Los Angeles. CA Children’s Museum, and Past President Nancy Clendaniel in Seattle, WA on a ferry-board ride with a boatload of eager youngster) volunteer their skills to help instruct and develop children’s visual awareness and communication skills.

The children's images, from the US, Russia, and Indonesia, have been exhibited in numerous locations, from local libraries, photography centers, children's museums, and the United Nations in NYC.

In March 2000 we held our first Internet-based programs and online Photo Gallery exhibits in cooperation with YMCA children’s programs in Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA and St. Paul, MN.

An exhibit of a recent program, “A Hunt For Public Art In Downtown Vista” is at the Vista Civic Center (open through May 15, 2015 at Vista's City Hall). During a reception for their exhibit, the children were introduced to City Council members while their proud parents and family watched. The children then presented a copy of their book “What I Saw and Learned on a Photographic Hunt For Public Art in Downtown Vista” to the City Council.

Local news coverage included the San Diego Union Tribute’s publication of a group photo and an online slide show and article “Cameras On the Go” by The Vista Press. A copy of the book, which includes my documentation photos, the children’s Artist’s Statements, and recognition to the sponsors, is included in the WIPI/Yale Archival project. Recent Program:

Over the years, a lot has happened, yet in some ways, nothing has changed. Here, in 2015, I still find ways to fit in everything in that means a lot to me – the Through Children’s Eyes program, my photography and art projects, my writing, the environmental and tobacco education programs - and of course, the comradeship with other WIPI members and their encouragement, which keeps us all motivated.

Affiliated Organizations:

Through Children’s Eyes, Inc. Founder/Director 1982 - Present <>

A four-minute youtube documentary on the Through Children’s Eyes program was created and narrated by Jenna Holmes, a very talented HS senior who went on to study film in college. Jenna has many great youtube projects to her credit. See documentary <>

Vista Art Foundation

Founding member & Past Director of VAF’s Young Artists Gallery

Published Works - Productions - Photography Exhibitions

Photographer/Writer /Contributor for books, magazines and newspapers articles and published photography including:

Editor & photo documentarian for Photo-Book by Through Children’s Eyes participants
“What I Saw & Learned on a Hunt For Public Art in Downtown Vista”.

"Women & Work”, Maureen R Michelson NewSage Press 1986
Contributing photographer credits. (Two editions)
Book “Playing Smart" by LA Times Reporter Susan K Perry. Contributing chapter credits on conducting photography activities with gifted children.
Magazines, & Newspapers (print & on-line) photos and/or writing
92081 Zip Code Magazine Feb 27 & 28, 2015 “Five North County Mayors Give Thumbs Up” & “JC Wynn Vista’s Person of the Year”.

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens (photojournalism)
Photography & story-time at annual community Earth Day Celebrations and Fall Festivals, including photo-ops with VHS Key Club volunteers and “Roxy the Recycling Robin from my children’ environmental story & one-act play “Roxy the Recycling Robin and the Mystery of the Missing Trees”
Photo LA WIPI booth photo of Voice of America Interviewing a WIPI member.
Vista Chamber of Commerce (2 cover photos & inside photos)
Vista Parks & Rec. Quarterly Magazine Cover photo
Vista Village Center 10th Anniversary Celebration (photojournalism)
City of Vista photography and public art pieces (on line images & juried shows)
City of Vista photography and public art pieces (on line images & juried shows:
Digital Photography Winifred Meiser "Freedom's Messenger"
Shutterbug Magazine (photos for their article on Through Children’s Eyes program and Winifred Meiser)

Gambling Times (photojournalism) Photographer for 8/1986 article on Thoroughbred horseracing

Gifted Children Monthly (education photos & Article
Peterson’s Photographic photos for article on Through Children’s Eyes
Stars & Stripes - European edition – (photojournalism) Photos and article
Off Duty Magazine Europe Photos and articles
Winline monthly columnist for Naples, Italy military families (Journalism)

Newspapers: Photos published in periodicals including: Los Angeles Times, Daily News, San Diego Union Tribune, The Vista Press, and Zipcode magazine 92081.


Creator/Producer: Environmental Film Festival & DVD, Dove library Auditorium
Co-Producer: Earth Day Celebrations, Vista Townsite Community Center
Producer: Earth Day Celebrations, Carlsbad Dove library Courtyard & Auditorium
Executive Producer/Script Writer, TCE Pubic Service Ads featuring Steve Allen
Executive Producer/Author: of “Roxy the Recycling Robin and the Mystery of the Missing Trees” a children’s one-act play Premiere Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks, CA
Received Gold Award Outstanding Achievement in Recycling Education 1996)
Co-Producer. ASI Photographic Seminar TCE fund-raiser LA Convention Center
Co-Producer ASI Photographic Seminar TCE fundraiser Ambassador Hotel LA.

Awards: (Photography & Civic Recognition)
Photography Awards

City of Vista Juried Shows “The Road Home” Honorable Mention
Kites Over Vista Banner digital image "Freedom's Messenger"
Vista Art Foundation Juried Exhibit 1st Place “Hummingbird Refueling Station
City of ‘Vista Juried Exhibit Honorable Mention “The Road Home”
CA Environmental Art 2nd place
LA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO: Honorable Mention
The Millennium Project international Honorable Mention

Civic Recognition

USMC Camp Pendleton CO Commanding General Volunteer Appreciation 2012
USMC Camp Pendleton MCI West CO Certificate of Appreciation 2012
CA Department of Conservation Award for Recycling Awareness Program 2006
City of Vista (Vista in Bloom) Mural art project 2004
City of Vista Townsite Community Partnership Outstanding Service Award 2002 -2003
City of Vista Proclamation Co-Founder First Vista Earth Day Celebration 2003
City of Thousand Oaks, Gold Award Outstanding Achievement in Recycling Ed. 1996
Ventura County Public Health Outstanding Achievement in Tobacco Ed. 1993
United Nations Youth Forum on Environment: Letter of Commendation
San Fernando Valley Arts Council Certificate of Appreciation 1991
City of Los Angeles Mayor Bradley Commendation for Public Services 1986
American Business Women’s Association SFV Chapter Woman of the Year 1986
Congresswoman Bobbi Fiedler, Letter of Commendation 1985

Exhibitions & Photographic Art Installations: 2001 - 2015

City of Vista, CA Public Art Permanent installation 2014: “Freedom’s Struggle”
San Diego Union Tribune April 7, 2014: Military tribute to become permanent. Article by Linda McIntosh

City of Vista, CA Public Art Permanent installation “The American Flag & CA Poppies” I used my photographs of the US Flag & California Poppies were used to design the mural.°©°©°©
San Diego Union Tribune reporter Jennifer Kabbany interviewed artists for article July 12, 2004 titled: ”Vista utility boxes to get fresh look”.

City of Vista Public Art a Kites Over Vista Banner “Freedom’s Messenger” 2008
Digitally combined images printed on large canvas and displayed downtown Vista on streetlight at Main St. and Indiana for one year.

San Diego Regional exhibits 2001 - 2015

Civic Center, Vista, CA Photography “Coming Home”
Art Center Fallbrook, CA Photography “America – It’s Beautiful”
Library Fallbrook Photography “Remembering 911 Responders”
Vista Library VAF Member Voices of Vista “ Memorial Day”
Community Center Library, Encinitas CA (Sculpture) “Ode to Andy Worhol”
Vista Art Beat/ Vista Art Foundation’ Room, “By the Dawn’s Early Light”
Vista Wellness Center “A Symbiotic Relationship"\Dove library & Auditorium Earth Day Celebration

Past Exhibits1982 - 2000
The Millennium Project international online project “Last Turning of the Night sky”
PhotoShow International Los Angeles Convention Center “My Friendship With Italy”
PhotoShow International Santa Monica Convention Center (TCE Documenting Photos)
UN Youth Forum on Environment (Environmental Ed & Nature photography exhibits
Las Vegas Convention Center Photography “Documenting Through Children’s Eyes”
Civic Arts Plaza Thousand Oaks (Sculpture project) “Recycleo the Lion”
Warner Center Gallery, San Fernando Valley Los Angeles (Photography)
UCLA International Students Association Exhibit Photography: “Highland Games”.
Los Angeles Cal Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, (Sculpture) “Pack o Lies”
Los Angeles World Trade Center (photography) “Cavacalda Sardi”

WIPI Exhibits: “Winifred Meiser” 2001 - 2015

WIPI Women In Photography International Exhibits US and UK (photography)

WIPI You & Your Camera Exhibitors photo la 2015 “Winifred Meiser”
WIPI - Photo LA 2014 POSTCARDS “Freedom’s Struggle
WIPI Photo LA WIPI photo credit of “Voice of America Interviews WIPI member”
WIPI Event on-line Juried exhibit. It's Magical 2012
Honorable Mention “Walking in A Midnight Rainbow”

WIPI Event photo la 2011 WIPI 30 years! “Freedom’s Messenger”

WIPI Event Commemorating Inauguration Day U S Jan 20 2009
“A Front Row Seat At History” a series by Winifred Meiser. 1.“Walking the Walk” 2. "Dancing with the Stars & Stripes" 3. "Mr. President, Say Cheese"
WIPI Archives Gallery Two: Member Profile & Portfolio Winifred Meiser Oct 2000

UPDATE - JULY 2015 - MARCH 2016

Yes, it has been a busy time this past year, with exhibits & travel, and exciting photo opportunities, including photographing a jet fighter’s in-flight refueling from a US Military Refueling Tanker. There was nice local media coverage for two projects close to my heart - the Through Children’s Eyes photography program, and my Playtime With A Purpose Environmental Edu-tainment Program activities.

Also, an interview with 92081 was published in their November/December, 2015 edition,. I was invited to participate as “Principal For A Day” in the Vista USD annual event. A great adventure and unique learning experience for eighteen of us “principals”, detailed in the December 4, 2015 online article in The Vista Press. All this, plus community recognition of my patriotic sculpture “Freedom’s Struggle”, inspires me to keep on “keeping on” with my photography, art and environmental activities.

January 2016: My sculpture “Freedom’s Struggle” is designated for placement next to the new Memorial Wall in Vista, CA. The sculpture, like the Memorial Wall itself, was created in tribute to our military and veterans, past, present, and future, to thank them for their service and sacrifices that keep us free.

In May 2016, “Freedom’s Struggle” will be installed on Rotary Lane, in cooperation with the Hi Noon Rotary Club, the Vista Art Foundation, and the City of Vista. A formal dedication ceremony will include the screening of a short (10 minute) documentary by Vista High School students conducting interviews with their peers and community members on the design and meaning of the sculpture, and the traditions of the American flag. Quotes from a variety of local residents will be narrated by Francine Filsinger, President of San Diego

This is my third patriotic-themed art piece to be accepted for public display in Vista.
The first, “The US Flag & California Poppies” was one of the first “Vista in Bloom” utility box murals, the second piece was “Free Flight”, a six foot. photographic image on canvas banner, displayed for a year on a streetlight on Main St. in Vista.

Originally displayed as one of the “Kites Over Vista” public art series, “Freedom’s Struggle’s design combines my digital images of an Alaskan Bald Eagle and a US flag. The flag, which I photographed in Vista, was originally flown over the US Capital Building in Washington, DC on a 4th of July, and later presented to a military member in recognition of service.

Using Photoshop I combined the image of the flag’s movements with the eagle so that its’ body and wings carry the stars representing the United States. The eagle’s beak holds a ribbon of red and white stripes that represent the thirteen original states. The stripes - tapering down into kite strings becoming entangled/untangled? around the lamppost - represent democracy’s never-ending struggles to remain free.

The stars and stripes were painted on the sculpture’s eagle from enlarged details of the merged images.

I look forward to creating additional digital works, in a variety of mediums and materials incorporating the exciting technology of full-color 3D printing.

2016 – 2021 Overall Goals:

Create several other public works of art, including large-scale sculptures, using full-color 3D printing. Expand the reach of both the Through Children’s Eyes program and the environmental educational goals of the Playtime With A Purpose program

2016 - 2021: Through Children’s Eyes Program Projects and goal.

• The Camera as an educational tool for literacy: Alphabetical photos into words series.
• Through Children’s Eyes – A 35-year Respective: Photographic Exhibition & Photo-Book Series, including images from the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.
• This nonprofit organization will operate worldwide under the guidance of an international educational/children’s organization.

2016 – 2021 Playtime with Purpose Environmental Edu-tainment Program Goals:

• International Performances of the musical “Roxy the Recycling Robin and the Mystery of the Missing Trees” – both stage play and animated film version, for children of all ages.
• Activities conducted with inter-generational groups.
• The play, with it’s’ simple message and short lines serves as both an environmental and children’s literacy educational tool environmental.
• Roxy is the children’s environmental spokeswoman for a worldwide audience.

Winifred Meiser Photography & Artworks: Activities, Exhibitions and Events:

Photography & Mixed Media Art Exhibits

Fallbrook Art Center, Fallbrook, CA
July 1 – July - August 30, 2015
“Saluting Our Wounded Warriors and Veterans” (Photography)

August, 2015 Photography trip in CA, Washington State & Hawaii, Scotland & England

September 2015 Alley Art Festival Vista, CA Sculptures from Recycled Materials:
“Ode to Andy Warhol”. A series of circular, crushed, recycled aluminum cans.
“Pack O Lies”. Recycled plywood, carpet role core, and cedar wood shavings & text.
“Snoopy Welcomes Robotic-man”. Recycled steel, aluminum, computer parts & recycled plastic wood.


Photos published in “The Vista Press” online and SD Union Tribune for Vista Chamber of Commerce, Vista Unified School District, Vista Art Foundation, & Alta Vista Botanical Gardens.

March 12, Photographer for Chamber event: Women Who Will: The Power & Purpose of Phenomenal Women: Stories that Inspire, Educate & Elevate!

Through Children’s Eyes, Inc. Winifred Meiser, Founder/Director
Nonprofit Organization Program using photography as an educational tool.

Jan. - Oct 2015 Through Children’s Eyes Program & Photo Book exhibit series:
“A Photographic Hunt for Public Art in Downtown Vista” by students at Vista Academy of Visual & Performing Arts Elementary School.

2015 Exhibit & Photo-Book Presentation dates & locations:

January 2015: VAVPA School/Vista Public Library: Exhibits
March - May 2015 Vista Civic Center Gallery Exhibit/book presentation
July – Sept. 2015 Vista Historical Society Exhibit/book presentation
October 10, 2015 Alta Vista Botanical Gardens Display of nature photography
October 19, 2015 Vista USD Festival of Arts Photo-Book display
Online Articles on Through Children's Eyes 2015 program activities include:
The Vista Press: “Cameras On The Go Academy of Visual and Performing Arts” November 10, 2014, and The Vista Press: Vista Art “Through Children’s Eyes” April 16, 2015’s April/May, 2015 edition “Local students gain civic pride and inspiration through photography

2016 Through Children’s Eyes Program Schedule

April 9, 2016 Alta Vista Gardens Earth Day event exhibit of Nature photography

2016 Playtime With A Purpose Program Environmental Edu-tainment

April 9, 2016 Alta Vista Gardens Earth Day event environmental activities

May 15, 2016: Playtime With A Purpose Program Environmental Edu-tainment

Eco-Fest: Kids’ Planet Pavilion. Activities include my Playtime with a Purpose Program’s Environmental Edu-tainment program, including vignettes from the play “Roxy the Recycling Robin and the Mystery of the Missing Trees”.

Women In Photography International Board and Charter Member (1987)


2016 & 2017: Photography, Photojournalism, Artwork, Activities, Exhibitions and Events

April 22, 2016. I was honored to have my sculpture "Freedom's Struggle" moved to Rotary Lane, and placed near the Memorial Wall, by request of the Rotary Club and the City of Vista. Both pieces were created with the same tribute in mind, "To honor all who serve – past, present, and future.

September 11, 2016 Brandon Gallery, Fallbrook, CA. "Remembering 911" exhibit. Theme depicting scenes of shared experiences, survival, and gallantry. Received Merit Award for my photo of a 911 NYFD First Responder visitor to Fallbrook being thanked by patriotic couple. (Sept 20, 2016 The Vista Press Article/photos "Local Photographer Wins Award – "Remembering 911")

Community photojournalism projects:

Throughout my life, I've photographed a wide range of worthwhile community activities, particularly those that involve students from K though 12 grade. I'm always impressed by these young people's dedication - whatever the activity- and heartened to know that there are so many good young persons out there following in the footsteps of the civic groups that keep their communities strong. A sampling of events recent events include:

December 4, 2016 Vista Christmas Parade.
December 15, 2016 San Diego, CA Police Foundation Benefit by the "Kids for Cops" students, to raise funds for higher protection vests for police officers.
January 28, 2017, Oceanside, CA Veterans Association of North County San Diego Vietnam Veteran's Medal-pinning ceremony
March 25, 2017 National ENCORE dance competition The energetic, talented students (ages 5 – 17) competed in the regional competions.
April 21, 2017 Vista HS JROTC Patriotic, dedicated members with their precise Pass & Review and Color Guard ceremony, and a very distinguished Awards Ceremony.

Among these dates, the January 28, 2017 event stands out most in my mind: Three generations of family, a host of their friends; the town's mayor and community representatives; plus veterans of WW11 and all later wars- came to witness a formal military medal-pinning ceremony – with the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, two Purple Hearts, and several other medals pinned on the lapel of Vietnam veteran and hero Daniel Iman, by his Congressional Representative Darrel Issa.

This traditional ceremony took place a little late – actually, over forty years late, since the medals arrived in the mail while he was still hospitalized recovering from wounds received flying a helicopter on numerous flights under fire to rescue servicemen from enemy territory. Recently, a retired buddy learned there had never been a formal medals presentation and contacted his congressman; the rest as they say, is history. The San Diego Union Tribune and The Vista Press published articles with my photos of this occasion, and of a variety of other community events.

Another special to me event, on April 22, 2016, was the opportunity to photograph my sculpture "Freedom's Struggle" being moved and reinstalled on Rotary Lane, next to the Vista Memorial Wall. It was relocated there at the request of the Hi Noon Rotary Club and the City of Vista. Engraved pavers, with the names of military members - past, present, and future - will be placed around the base of the sculpture.

Vista HS students conducted and filmed studio interviews with their peers and community members about the sculpture and are now writing a student narration on war, what they learned about it's impact on both the young and adults. The short (ten min) documentary, to be screened as part of a future student film festival, also discusses the impetus behind the design and name of the sculpture.

2016 Through Children's Eyes Program activities in Vista

April 9, 2016 Vista, CA. Alta Vista Gardens Earth Day event exhibit of TCE Nature photography.
May - July 2016 Vista Historical Society exhibit of TCE photography & photo-book "What I Saw and Learned on a Photographic Hunt for Public Art in Downtown Vista"
Oct 15, 2016 Vista, CA VUSD Festival of the Arts, exhibit & display of the book

2016 – 2017 Playtime With A Purpose Program Environmental Edu-tainment Program:

April 9, 2016 Vista, CA Earth Day Alta Vista Botanic Gardens. "Roxy the Recycling Robin" appearance and environmental activities and storytime "Roxy the Recycling Robin and the Mystery of the Missing Trees"
April 16, Oceanside, CA. Appearance by "Roxy the Recycling Robin" at MiraCosta College STREAM FESTIVAL (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math) for kids K -8th Grade.

May 15, 2016 Encinitas CA Eco-Fest. I coordinated the event's "Kids' Planet Pavilion", activities, including "Playtime with a Purpose" Program's Environmental Edu-tainment program, of storytime of "Roxy the Recycling Robin and the Mystery of the Missing Trees" and an appearance by "Roxy the Recycling Robin".

December 4, 2017: Vista, CA. Christmas Parade "Roxy the Recycling Robin" joins VHS Character Leaders Club members riding in the parade, encouraging families to recycle their Xmas trees and gift wrapping.

April 8, 2017 Vista, CA. Earth Day Celebration, Alta Vista Botanical Gardens. VHS Character Leaders Club members escort "Roxy the Recycling Robin" to greet children and read the story of "Roxy the Recycling Robin and the Mystery of the Missing Trees" in the Children's Garden.

May 10, 2017 Escondido, CA. Sustainable Surplus Exchange. Appearance by "Roxy the Recycling Robin" and friends to help share info about this organization, which provides donated surplus materials at no or low cost to teachers and qualified nonprofit organizations.

May 18 2017 Escondido, CA. Appearance by "Roxy the Recycling Robin" and friends, at Sustainable Surplus Exchange's new headquarters to greet and share info with attendees.

2017–2022 Goals:
1. Personal Photography/Artwork
2. Through Children's Eyes, Inc. program
3. Playtime WithA Purpose Environmental Edu-tainment

1 Personal Photography/Artwork Goals:
Exciting options await via the digital and 3D printing mediums. I want to see where full-color 3D printing will lead me in combining photography and art.

Creating additional "Freedom's Struggle" sculptures and other artworks for both full-scale and reduced-scale pieces, using resins and 3D printers - a challenge I look forward to ASAP!

2. Through Children's Eyes, Inc. Goals:
Long-term goals for the organization include: To link TCE with world-wide educational organizations to conduct on-going TCE programs within their communities and share the children's photography with their peers in other nations through photo exhibit exchanges.

To promote use of public art spaces - galleries, museums, and civic centers - to include a designated space for curated displays of children's photography and artwork on a regular basis, and to create a publication that lists those locations.

For example, the museum at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido CA, and the Civic Center Gallery in Vista, CA have provided space to exhibit children's photography and art. Also, the Vista Art Foundation included a monthly "Young Artists' Gallery" exhibit space in their gallery.

3 Playtime WithA Purpose Environmental Edu-tainment Program Goals:
Worldwide Recognition of Roxy, "The Children's Environmental Representative".

International Performances of the musical "Roxy the Recycling Robin and the Mystery of the Missing Trees" – both stage play and puppet show formats, and an animated film version, sharing a simple environmental message for children of all ages.

Provide libraries everywhere with sponsored copies of the "Color N Keep It" coloring book/short story to Read, Remember and Recycle message, and to serve as an inter-generational basic environmental and literacy educational tool.

I hope to accomplish most, perhaps all of these goals before passing the baton of my community activities to our next generation, with whom I have so much regard, faith in for our future.

Women In Photography International Charter Member

Winifred Meiser

Vista, CA

©Copyright for all images remains the property of exhibited photographer, and promotional use for Women In Photography International. All inquiries regarding use of and purchasing image use rights must be directed to the photographer.

File GALLERY & BIO complete
January 30, 2015
FILE UPDATED, 5/05/2015 included 2 books, postcard and letter
FILE COMPLETE, 5/15/2015 bio complete
UPDATE -Photographer response UPDATE -FEBRUARY 2016 - APRIL 2017

UPDATE FINAL May 2017 COMPLETE website 1999-2017 file transfer to the Beinecke.
All organization files, computer, external hard drive, printed materials,
photographs, DVDs, books, competitions files and onsite installation art work.

Book submission 5/2015

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Women In Photography International Archive is held at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, Peter Palmquist Western Americana permanent Collection since 2003. The inclusion of WIPI hard copy and digital files from mid-2003 to present will be added to the collection. The 2014-2015 WIPI CHARTER GALLERY is set up for inclusion into the upcoming newly renovated Beinecke Library. The CHARTER MEMBER gallery of dedicated women photographers is a spotlight to introduce and showcase historical documentation and current member work.

Beinecke File thru 2003 - Series IV - Women in Photography International Records Literary and image rights, including copyright, belong to the photographers and authors or their legal heirs and assigns.

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