Community Outreach Project
WIPI is looking to provide information about women working within their community or internationally on special projects that are supportive in nature to helping the world become a better place. Current members may submit (free of charge) photos and links to special projects including, Arts, Women, Children, Animals, Elderly, Health, Political, Special Education and Environmental-- from local communities to International forums and organizations, past or current... Is it your JOB, or are you contributing your photographic services? From local communities to International forums and organizations...what contribution are you making today? CHOOSE one project or a combo... just fit the info into the requirement of 1-3 images and text for your total submission.

What contribution have you made /or are you making today?

1)   1 - 3 images:
approx 6" (432 pixels) ANY ONE SIDE (nothing larger)
note photographer copyright
short one (1) line caption for photo. (date optional).
72dpi resolution (not 100 or 150), only JPEG/JPG files)
so if it's SQUARE, 6 x 6... if it's
HORIZONTAL 4" high X 6" long,
VERTICAL 6" high x 4" wide

2)   Organization - Brief paragraph
1000 CHARACTERS or 150 WORDS about the organization (no longer), and a link to the organization (text must be edited -- check your WORD and CHARACTER count in your word processing program). Send the full website address including http:// or a direct link to your website page with the project.

3)   Photographer Paragraph
YOUR INFO: 500 CHARACTERS or 75 words about you the artist with a link to your WEBSITE along with EITHER FACEBOOK or TWITTER (one or the other only) We will also add your PHOTOPROFILE link if you have one. Send your full website address including http:// along with the full http:// link to your photoprofile.

4)   At this time the project is open to WIPI, Student, General, PROfessional, CHARTER and Advisory Board Members.


Please note, submissions that are not sent to the right e-mail box or do not meet the guidelines will not be uploaded.

Once we have the first five submissions completed, we will upload and continue to update. We will continue to add to this listing thru 2010.

TAKE advantage of this opportunity to promote community outreach associated to your career.

Patrizia Pulga and Licia Papini, the President of FIOF

1)  1 or 3 images:
approx 6" 432 pixels ANY ONE SIDE

This is the WIDTH of a HORIZONTAL approx. 6" long photo

No one side any larger than 6" or 432 pixels, that means, either in height or width.

2)   Organization - Brief paragraph

Text below is 1033 Characters or 144 words *this can be copied from the organization website

This year the main topic of the convention, which took place from March 13th to March 15th was "FOCUS ON FEMALE". The program was really amazing. Most of the exhibitions, seminars and lectures were led by women photographers. 

Many women photographers also in the staff, as Licia Papini,  President  of F.I.O.F. and Laura Sassi and Jessica Morelli, curators of the publications and catalogues of Orvieto Fotografia. I was invited  to lecture about my census of European Women Photographers carried on at the end of 2000, and about Women In Photography International, an organization I belong as a PROmember.

I presented WIPI's web site to show what an amazing source of opportunities there for women photographers worldwide. I talked about its history, organization and exhibitions-contests open to all the women photographers. The audience and the staff were really interested in the project that WIPI has carried on since its foundation, and showed sincere appreciation for the many sources the huge website provides to photographers.

(excerpt from WIPI F2-eZine Spring/Summer 2009)

3)   Photographer Paragraph
500 CHARACTERS or 75 words

EXAMPLE: This text below is 507 Characters or 73 words

Patrizia Pulga, is based in Italy, as a commercial photographer produces pictures of food for books and magazines. As a photojournalist Patrizia is concerned with:
- immigration and women’s condition in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.
- architecture and town planning in european cities in Italy, France, England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Esthonia and Czech Republic. Patricia teaches graphic design workshops in Italy and Spain and has had exhibitions in Europe and U.S.A

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