Age categories:

Birth (infancy)
(up to 11mo)
(1-2 )
Child (3-12
Teen (13-19)
Twenty (20-29)
Thirty (30-39)
Forty (40-49)
Fifty (50-59)
Sixty (60-69)
Seventy (70-79)
Eighty (80-89)
Ninety (90-99)
100 (100-100+)

Q & A about age groups:

Human development (biology)
From Wikipedia--Stages of human development--

Q & A about age groups:

There are two people in the picture of different age, what number should be given?
Your choice.. whichever you feel would give you the best opportunity in that age range for at least one of the people in the photo.

I want to submit the image of two people in the picture into different age groups - what number should be given?
If you want to submit both people of a different age groups and one is 27 the other 46 into two age groups. That's a double submission. It would be noted as two separate submissions and you would name your file, i.e., SmithJ-twenty.jpg, SmithJ-forty.jpg
(using your last name and first initial as the file name)

In general what if one does not know nor ask how old a person is.
guesstimates are fine... especially since there is a wide range of age opportunities. If a person is in an age range of let’s say 20-29, 60-69,

Does it make a difference if it's an old photo or new photo?
Any photo that meets one of the age categories is fine.

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