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CALL FOR ENTRIES: (now closed)

Become part of WIPI'S historical first decade of the 21st century online archive!

Women In Photography International is excited to present "
FACES" a call for entries to all (male and female/professional/amateur) photographers and artists.

WIPI is looking forward to seeing images of peoples "
FACES" from all ages, all races, male and female from birth through adolescent, teenage, mature, elderly and centenarian years.

Choose images (no more than 3 people in one group) that you want to share with the world. Images that reflect either an artistic representation, classic professional portrait or casual face snapshots including pretty, grotesque, happy, sad, excited, surprised, content, suspicious, angry, puzzled, animated, upside right.. or upside down!. Famous to not so famous! In costumes, hats, veils, wearing glasses to bare chested bullies!

Images of faces can either fill the frame with just the face or we require a minimum crop from the hip/waist in the frame. We want to see "
FACES" -- standing full frame images need to be cropped to at least to waist level for our competition.

Call for entries also includes freckled faced to eye patches, bushy eyebrows, good and bad plastic surgery, Halloween/Carnival masked, rain drenched, runny nosed, twins, triplets, Mom/Dad, Grandma/Grandpa, sisters, brothers, friends, strangers, toothless smiles to an alluring look, eating, drinking, smoking, laughing, crying, sleeping, praying or singing -- full face or profiles will be accepted, no date restriction.

"FACES," another WIPI capsule of time representing and showcasing women's work from around the globe.

1st and 2nd place winners
+ Honorable Mention
(Following juror 1st & 2nd and over 100 Honorable Mention choice gallery presentation, WIPI will create online thumbnail proof sheets of all images submitted and accepted into the competition)

Sarah Hughes, Editorial Photo Agent

Keith Milton, Owner/Director

Sophie Mörner, Photographer/Founder/Publisher

1st prize win an Apple iPad WIFI + 3G (32GB) + 10 image WIPI online Gallery
2nd prize, iPad WIFI (16GB) + 10 image WIPI online Gallery
( option: cash equivalent or apple gift card for iPad )

Age categories:

Birth (infancy)
 (up to 11mo)
(1-2 )
Child (3-12
Teen (13-19)
Twenty (20-29)
Thirty (30-39)
Forty (40-49)
Fifty (50-59)
Sixty (60-69)
Seventy (70-79)

Eighty (80-89)
Ninety (90-99)
100 (100-100+)

Q&A about age groups


WIPI welcomes ALL images: Color, B/W, taken with any type of film or digital camera, including mixed media images, alternative or manipulated, scanned film or scanned prints and submitted as a JPEG file. Online submission only. Minimum 2 image submission. If you want to submit to two age groups with the same image, just submit it twice with two different age ranges identified with the file (each age group counts as one submission). If you are submitting one or more images to the exact same age range, add 01, 02, 03 etc, after last name and first initial *(see below)
Each image must be identified with one of the age groups above.

Thru DEADLINE: August 15th -

SEPTEMBER 8th - (10th Slight delay due to holiday)
NOTIFICATION of winning images
PRESENTATION online exhibition

Minimum 2 image submission Maximum 10 images
per submission form

Submitting MORE than 10 entries? Please start again with a new form.

Submitting 10 images total in different groups -- make sure to identify your file according to age groups above.

i.e., Jan Smith (SmithJ-birth.jpg) (SmithJ-forty.jpg)

Submitting different images in the same age group -- submit file with (SmithJ-01-teen.jpg) (SmithJ-02-teen.jpg)

USE only your last name and first initial only (see above.) Keep submission simple. Once juror choice is completed we will notify the winners and request image information. If there are multiple people in one image, at least one person must meet one of the age groups listed above. Duplicate images count as an individual submission. If you have two or three people in one group and submit to 3 different age groups, that would be 3 submissions.

* JPEG's at "high" quality
* 72 dpi resolution
* 8 inches(approx.) 8 in = 20.3 cm or 600 pixels at their widest point
* COLOR or B/W

(SEE SAMPLE SIZE and format)

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Links to personal websites, e-mail or WIPI PhotoProfiles are provided as a member perk for Honorable Mention winners.

Women In Photography International, a 501.c.3 organization founded in 1981, is the #1 resource center for women photographers worldwide. WIPI brings visibility to women working in the photographic arts to curators, educators, researchers, gallery owners and the photographic community.

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FACES International Juried Competition - Call For Entries
1st and 2nd place winners + 108 Honorable Mention

Deadline August 15, 2010