"It's Magical" images of Sunrises, Sunsets & Rainbows.Jurors: see images both on physical contact sheets and full size images on a DVD.
Jury INSTRUCTIONS - September 13, 2012
PROCESS Please choose:

1) 1st Place

Plus as many Honorable Mention's as you like. For this particular competition we don't mind if you have an abundance of Honorable Mentions.

Please send your results by Sept. 28 or sooner.

Oct. 1st -
We will notify the winners and post the announcement on our Website once all juror responses are complete.

for reference - WIPI previous exhibitions

Juror - SUNRISES 75 images
page 1 thru 9

Juror-SUNSETS 172 images
page 1 thru 20

Juror- RAINBOWS 41 images
page 1 thru 5