It's Magical

Images of Sunrises, Sunsets and Rainbows

OPEN to ALL photographers 18 years of age or older!
DEADLINE - Tuesday, Sept. 4, midnight (PDT)
Winners notified October 1st
Exhibition PRESENTATION online
October 15th

   1st Place winners in all three categories + honorable mentions listing w/images.


Women In Photography International will present an online 10 image gallery for each Category winner   Sunrises, Sunsets, Rainbows

Your gallery w/biographical information can be of various style images, does not have to conform to competition subject matter with the exception of including the winning image
(value Pricelesss...becomes part of the Women In Photography International online
WIPI Archive viewed by curators, archivists, writers, photographers

Honorable Mention: WIPI will organize Honorable Mentions into Seascapes, Skyscapes Mountains, Deserts, Cities, Towns, Silhouettes, the same category will include rainbows. etc. (see Faces Exhibition)

Juror choice each Category winner:
Sunrises, Sunsets and Rainbows will receive a Topaz Bundle (value $299.99)

or if you already have one of the Topaz programs you can upgrade to the complimentary
bundle (value $249.99)

The Topaz Plug-in Bundle helps amateur and professional photographers accomplish the most common creative and corrective post processing tasks. With 10 powerful and easy-to-use programs, users can quickly enhance their digital images with flexible adjustments that are easy to apply and customize - and often in just 1-click!

* Easily integrates into any workflow to help improve and streamline productivity.
* Browse included presets and instantly apply a variety of looks - or create your own presets & share!
* Simple, easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls.
* Easy for anyone to use, yet still flexible enough for pros.
* Customize and tweak settings for an unlimited number of creative looks.

Whether hobbyist or Professional, having the best tools to support
your outcome is priceless.
It's like having a professional lab at your fingertips !

special note from TOPAZ, month of August
Re-Masking class online w/30% discount on purchase of ReMask


Each Category Winner:
Sunrise, Sunsets, Rainbows will receive

Buddy Bundle
135 unique high-res background images and a boatload of one click Photoshop tools to make portrait and album building a snap. 135, 300 dpi backgrounds in sizes 11” X 14?, 12” X 24 and 10” X 20” Subjects include; children, traditional, high school, sports, Americana and a sampling of mixed subjects. Each can be re-sized or cropped to fit any custom mat size or used as digital backgrounds. Hundreds of actions and styles for coloring typography, building albums, one click portrait matts and studio templates. (*a $300 value no cash exchange)
The perfect collection for art and business.

LayerCake is the newest tool for professional photographers, photo artists, designers & Photoshop professionals. Now you can improve your photos way beyond what any filter can do or build your own signature album & protrait templates with a simple "Drag and Drop" in Photoshop!

Check for combo webinars using LayerCakeElements & Topaz Labs



Juror choice Category winners:
Sunrises, Sunsets and Rainbows will receive:

iPhone 5 (16GB) NEW this fall!

(announcement should be mid-end September)
iPhone 4s:
Duel Core A5 chip
8MP iSight Camera (impressive clarity)
It's the most amazing iPhone
*option..or you can also ask for the current 4S

(service provider needed Att, Sprint, Verizon)

Apple generally makes new iPhone announcements in the fall.



iPodTouch 8GB
Music, games, iMessage, HD video recording, and more, black or white casing

(*the iPhone or iPod may be exchanged for cash value $200.)


Juror choice Category winners:
Sunrises, Sunsets and Rainbows will receive:


Capacity: SLR body, 2–3 lenses, flash and accessories, magazines and files.

The Tenba Messenger is an urban-inspired laptop bag that's designed to hold everything you need for a day; on vacation or at work; at school or at the gym. Adjustable dividers let you configure the interior for a wide variety of photographic or video equipment, and removing the dividers converts the Messenger Mini into a perfect, general-purpose carrying bag.  

7 colors to choose from:

A wonderful sellection of color and content space to fit "every photographer's needs"

retail value: $93.95




* Once notified and galleries are received, you will receive your prize within 30 days.
In order for WIPI to maintain the integrity of it's competitions, failure to provide your winning gallery and bio statement and/or bio will result in prize forfeiture.
* European winner of any hardware product may exchange for USA dollar value through PayPal.
Software is downloadable and not included in dollar value exchange.

See previous winner galleries as example

Patricia D. Richards  / 2012 Annual 

Shawna Gibbs / 2012 Annual

All WIPI exhibitions remain part of the Women In Photography International Archive



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