KODAK SANTA FE - Professional Workshop

We started out as 14 acquaintances from disparate parts of the imaging industry brought together by a unique experience. We ended up as 14 friends whose photos, questions, learning, laughter, idiosyncrasies and hats (!!) will live on for a long, long time to come.
This book was created to-in some small way - capture the essence of our remarkable time together and the contribution each of you made to the Kodak Digital Workshop at Santa Fe.
Photography Creates memories and leaves indelible impressions upon us, and the world at large. That you for sharing this experience with us and for the amazing talents of Reid Callanan, Jerry Courvoisier, Steve Walenta, Brenda Kelley and Kim Nesselhauf for making this such a special time.
Audrey Jonckheer, Nancy Carr, Eastman Kodak Co 2005

Kodak Easy Share Gallery Book
Cover: Jean Ferro

Group Photo:
Brenda Kelley c/o The Santa Fe Workshops
Edgar Figueroa, WI-Fi Alliance
Felice Liang, Apple
Jean Ferro, Women in Photography International
Jerry Courvoisier c/o Sante Fe Workshops
Kelly Sauro, Best Buy
Kim Nesselhauf c/o Santa Fe Workshops
Kristine Marchbanks, Make-A-Wish Foundation
Kirsty Holch, Infotrends/Group Director
Laura Heller, DSN Retailing Today
Michael Wolf, Infotrends
Milton Fullman
Shireen Mitchell, Digital Sisters
Steve Walenta,
Veronica Hugger, National Scrapbooking Assoc.
Vikram Singh,
Audrey Jonckheer, Eastman Kodak, Co.
Nancy Carr, Eastman Kodak Co

coordinated by: Audry Jonckheer, Director of Public Relations Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, NY