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Leah Abrahams Green Bay, Wisconsin,
"Mexican Child"  
2000, color slide digitally altered

Jane Fulton Alt,    Evanston Illinois
2000, silver gelatin

Jane Fulton Alt,    Evanston, Illinois,
1999, silver gelatin

Cile Bailey, Mandeville, Louisiana,
"Look Who's Watching You"
2005, archival inkjet

Sky Bergman, Santa Barbara, California,
"Untitled/Japanese Subway series-1"
2005, ink

Sky Bergman, Santa Barbara, California,
"Untitled/Japanese Subway series-2"  
2005, ink

Sarah S. Bones    Malvern, Pennsylvania
"The Girl in the Barn" The Guatemala Highlands
2003, b/w digital

Rebekah Burgess, Brooklyn, New York,
"Birthday Celebration"
2004, C-print

Adrienne Burk, Los Angeles, California,  
"Ode to Vermeer"
2005, inkjet print

Kelly Caves  Long Beach, California,
Cuban Girl with Jump Rope"  
2004. 35mm/archival inkjet

Donna Connell, Richmond, Virginia,
2000, silver gelatin print

Taralea Cutler, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
"Biker Dad"  
2006 Digital
* Also chosen as Top 25 Juror Choice

Nicolette Del Muro, Santa Barbara, California,
2006, inkjet print

Joan Dooley     Pasadena, California,
“At Granny McKiernan’s House, Ballyconnell, Ireland”
2006, archival inkjet

Kiara Downey, Brooklyn, New York
"Patient Warrior" 2006, digital

Kay Erickson Pearl City, Hawaii,
2005, sepia toned silver gelatin print

Milessa Farley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
"Lights Will Guide You Home"
2006, inkjet print
* Also chosen as Top 25 Juror Choice

Julia Fullerton-Batten, London, United Kingdom,
"Mother and child"
2006, C-type

Wilda Gerideau-Squires  Andover, Massachusetts,
2003, Film, C-print

Abby Greenawalt, Arlington, Virginia,
2005, inkjet

Cathy Stein Greenblat   Nice, France
"Girl in the Fountain"
2006 film scan, inkjet print
* Also chosen as Top 25 Juror Choice

Cat Gwynn  Los Angeles, California,
"The Portrait"
2004, film scan

Catherine Hall  New York City, New York
"Deanna, Age 9"
2006, archival inkjet

Catherine Hall New York City, New York
"Jason Cleary, 12 going on 14"  
2006, archival inkjet

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