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Bridgette Auger, Brooklyn, New York,
2004, silver gelatin print

This image is a large format portrait of my mother taken as she was getting
dressed in her bathroom.



Sarah S Bones   Malvern, Pennsylvania,

"Fishtown Friends"
2006, digital capture

This image was made while shooting the Philadelphia neighborhood Fishtown
for the annual ASMP Focus Philly Contest.


Taralea Cutler, Toronto Ontario, Canada

“Biker Dad”
2006, Digital

I was inspired by this tattoo-clad man and wanted to show the contrast of this dad’s intimidating exterior and the innocence of his daughter within a formal portrait.



Joan Dooley    Pasadena, California,

“Chicago Reverie”
2006, archival inkjet

This documentary study, made in Chicago, was part of a series of portraits of
train passengers made in various cities worldwide.



Jennifer Drucker, St. James, New York, 

"Julia at the Beach House" "Logan in Miller Place"
2005 platinum/palladium print on cotton rag paper

This is my daughter lost in thought. The final image is hand printed using
Platinum and Palladium metals. Edition of 12.



Jennifer Drucker, St. James, New York,

"Logan in Miller Place"
2005 platinum/palladium printed on cotton rag paper

I took this photograph of my son on a very hot day in August. The image is
hand printed using Platinum and Palladium metals. Edition of 12.



Melissa Sara Farley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

"And There Is Nothing Left To Say"
2006, archival inkjet

This photograph portrays the idea of feeling defeated by the world and finally giving up. It is meant to explain the feelings of loneliness and isolation one feels at this time.



Melissa Sara Farley,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

"Lights Will Guide You Home"
2006, archival inkjet

This image documents the emotions one goes through after a loss of a
loved one, it depicts the healing process and care needed to move on.



Julia Fullerton-Batten, London, United Kingdom,

"Summers Hair in Twigs"

2006, C-type

Cathy Stein Greenblat    Nice, France,

"Girl in the Fountain"
2006, film scan, inkjet print

Near midnight during a heatwave, Nina was happy to be allowed to cool
off in the fountain in the Place de la Republique in Arles.

Mimi Haddon, Marina Del Rey, California,

"Cassia - study in red"
2006, archival inkjet

This image is part of an ongoing series called "Cassia: a vintage girl in a modern world"

Philomena Hughes, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Angela N. Hunt   Los Angeles, California,

2006, archival inkjet

I love the light in this portrait, especially as it falls on her skin. It looks
like she's made of alabaster and fire.

Jill Moore Janss
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

2006, film scan, b/w silver print

This image is part of a series taken in Juarez, Mexico which documents
Lydia Patterson Institute’s annual beauty pageant.

Denise Johnson
Williston, Vermont

"Watermelon Boy"
2004, archival inkjet

This image is one from a series entitled "Summer Camp" in Lake Salem northern Vermont. The focus is on the daily life of the children at their family's summer camp.

Joyce P. Lopez,   Chicago, Illinois,

"Princess Bride With Earring"
2005, archival inkjet

This image, part of a series, documents a Pakistani wedding ceremony
that took place over a seven day period, in the US.

Cate McRae     London, United Kingdom,

"After Swimming"
2006 film scan, silver gelatin print

A quiet moment after an afternoon of the beach and the North Sea.

Aviv Orly     Ramat-Gan, Israel,

"Sleeping in Tokyo"
2006, archival Inkjet, lamda printing

Sleeping in Tokyo" is part of a series, "An Israeli in Japan", documents my subjective point of view of Japanese behavior in public places.

Keri Pickett, Minneapolis, Minnesota,

" Monks walking in Bagan"
2004, selenium toned, silver gelatin Print

Bagan, an arid area with over 4000 temples from the time period 1000-1200 AD, known as the Golden Age, when Buddhism spread throughout Burma.

Keri Pickett, Minneapolis, Minnesota,

"Man Smoking" Myanmar,
2004, silver gelatin print

Man smoking on the more than century old U Bein Bridge in Myanmar (aka Burma).

Jan Potts San Francisco, California,

"Dad's Face 3"
2005, silver gelatin print

This image is from a series trying to bring myself into better focus. It includes self-portraits and images of people who have influenced my life.

Patrizia Pulga   Bologna, Italy,

"Playing on the road"
2002, black & white  print

This picture, taken in Brixton, London, is part of a series which documents the life of children  in different parts of the world.

Caroline Shepard, Brooklyn, New York,

2005, digital/C-print

Caroline Shepard, Brooklyn, New York,

"Gary & Sumayah"
2006, digital/C-print

Hajnalka Tulisz   Cseteny, Hungrey,

2006, digital scan/ 4x5 sheet film

I used a wide angle pinhole camera, the shutter speed was 8 seconds.
The subject distance is about 1 inch.

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