"The Portrait"

ONLINE Submissions: Proceed to Form

* Images MUST BE saved as JPEGs at "high" quality
* Images must be 72 dpi resolution
* Images cannot exceed 7 inches or 500 pixels at their widest point
* Files must be Black & White Grayscale images or RGB if you are submitting color, toned or hand painted images

Please follow this example:

(FOR OLINE UPLOAD- Title your image the same as your file name, keep it short and sweet)
Photo #1   Title:   ASmith_01_RedHouse.jpg  
ASmith_01_RedHouse.jpg   (Browse)   photo attachment

Photo #2   Title:   ASmith_02_GreenSlip.jpg
ASmith_02_GreenSlip.jpg   (Browse )   photo attachment

 image sizes


  Horizontal image cannot exceed 7 inches or 500 pixels at the widest point  



  Vertical image cannot exceed 7 inches or 500 pixels at the tallest point  



  SQUARE image no larger than 7" x 7" or 500 x 500 pixels


SUGGESTON: untitled images are best "with a title" for everyone involved, jurors, handlers, etc.

Open"Your" image on your desktop...
From the menu bar section under the "Image" drop down menu, there you will find the window as illustrated below.

After you the Image Size window to resize your image, go back to the menu bar to the "File" drop down menu.. and click SAVE AS, click copy and either change the name in the "Save as" window, or save as a copy and it will add "copy" to the original file name. You may want to adjust your title in the save as window, so that you keep your original file intact and create a new one savd as the new size you need for submission.

When you are ready to upload, you will browse, go to the folder on your desktop whre you prepared the images for submission and browse for the image inside the folder, Example: ASmith_01_RedHouse.jpg 

This example: Adobe PhotoShop7,

PLEASE NOTE your image can be 500 or 504 pixels high / 7"  widest edge (Verticle, Horizontal or square)

SEE WIPI Historical Profile for information about original board starting in 1981

* Images cannot exceed 7 inches or
500 pixels at their widest point
Make sure your file is marked JPEG, if it's TIFF.. change it to FORMAT: JPEG

Save file without layers...

If you get this window, You do not want to save your files with any layers.. just say NO..
and go back and click the Discard Layers and save a copy

Best to prepare your files ahead of time and have the FOLDER on your DESKTOP
with your JPEG images inside, lined up with the required file names.

Your image title should match your attached file name

FILE NAMES and IMAGE TITLES NEED TO BE SHORT..and organized as listed below:
Example of File Titles
YourName_03_mountains.jpg.. etc... 

YourName_03_mountains.jpg.. etc... 

TOTAL image size, based on a
vertical/horizontal 7 inches longest or tallest side or 500 pixels -
square - 7 x 7 inches or 500 x 500 pixels each side-

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