For articles, see F2 eZine Content Archive 5 - Jan - Mar 2001

Archive 5 - January - March 2001

Letter from the President -Jean Ferro, Archive 5

Winter Issue, January 2001

Welcome to the 21st Century! How exciting and full of possibilities.

Our new Quarterly opens with "Women Photographers' Net", a "Census About Women Photographers Currently Active In Italy, Europe And The Mediterranean Region," a combined census and conference produced by photographer Patrizia Pulga for the Bologna 2000 European City of Culture. A panel of scholars and photographers assessed the working relationships of European female photographers. The census report can be found in our WIPI News and in our Reference Library

We would like to give our sincere thanks to KODAK Professional for the sponsorship they provided our members in 2000 with The Pro View Magazine and the Kodak Professional Film products.

We also want to thank Peter Palmquist for the "2000 Women in Photography" Call for Entries project. We will post results at the end of February.

Our Gallery this quarter shows a broad span of photographic styles. Sylvia White, art teacher / photographer and WIPI member since 1981, exhibits her portfolio of statuesque nude figures. In contrast is Helen M. Stummer, photographer / author, teacher and lecturer. Her work with people living in poverty worldwide, exhibits a heartfelt understanding of the delicacy of this very unstable environment. "The Fiends and Kodak Girls," written by Peter Palmquist, reminds us of the important role women played in photography at the turn of the century. Their portraits of local community dwellers remains one of the main sources of early documentation collected the world over.

In Gallery Highlights we have a new section called "SCENE/SEEN". This month's article/review is by Sylvia White on the symmetry between French photographer Eugene Atget and American photographer James Ogden.

WIPI News, highlights Julia Dean, photographer/teacher in an article written by Helen K. Garber. Garber focuses on Julia's project, "Child Labor and the Global Village, Photography for Social Change," photographer/journalist Munrie Morshed Munni in our feature "Articles from Abroad", brings us a touching story from her life in Bangladesh and, if you're thinking about creating an exhibit, read the correspondence between myself and curator/photographer Patricia D. Richards for insights about the "In's and Out's of Mounting an Exhibit".

According to our Membership Survey, there is a growing need for scholarships, educational programs and venues to exhibit work. Women want to advance in their careers and are eager to take classes in photography including digital. One of the areas that is most important in the growth of the photographer/artist, and rarely taught in schools is how to be fully compensated for the value of work created and completed. Finding ways to create, exhibit, promote images and protect the copyright can be a rewarding experience that brings opportunities for employment and gallery sales. Of course, there is always the adventurer who just shoots for the pleasure of visual satisfaction, a personal journey, which can also be very satisfying.

We are here to represent all facets of photography as part of the global community. We are eager to present gallery exhibits in the future that will include, abstracts, avant garde, nature, architecture, creative advertising, personalities, photo journalism, weddings, personal visions, etc. We invite our members to utilize this opportunity to exhibit their work either in our online galleries, or bring us your story for our F2 eZine.

Toward the end of January, our new membership exhibit/text area will be ready to go. Amie will create an image/text file for each member. Stop back later in January to see what you need to do to participate.

Since WIPI is expanding, we have employment positions available for talented people who want to take their place in the history pages of Women In Photography International. You will become part of the WIPI archive that will be housed at Yale University in the year 2003. Become a visual voice to be appreciated, recognized and collected.

Our focus is on Women working in the Photographic Arts....the F-stops here...!

A peaceful and prosperous New Year and Millennium 2001 to everyone..!

Jean Ferro 

For articles, see F2 eZine Content Archive 5 - Jan - Mar 2001