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Archive 7 - July - September 2001


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Jill Specht   Member Profile & Portfolio
Los Angeles, California

The freedom of darkroom experimentation yields surprising marriages of color, form, and gesture. Blackness and gradation combine with rich hues and shapes to create a mysterious unit. The human body, colored gels, and photographic paper (no camera or negative) offers one a broad range of exploration and discovery.

Jill Specht has been working in Los Angeles since relocating from Illinois in January, 2000. Specht's first three public exhibitions of her work, on the west coast, were in Venice at the Hatch Gallery, in Los Angeles at the internationally known Brewery Art Walk, as well as, West Hollywood's West Coast Singers' 2001 Awards Banquet Gala.

Jill finds Los Angeles' worldliness informative and stimulating. Sensory input has been important to her long before she flew through Southern Illinois University in three and a half years, graduating cum laude in her major, photography. Downtown Los Angeles offers moderately priced studio space and living and working in a 21 acre artist complex offers lively dialogue about current aesthetic and curatorial directions.

The recent and upcoming work have at their core her interest in the continued exploration of the photo image and camera-less darkroom work. Through the lens, editorial, portrait, and urban lifestyle shooting are of the greatest interest to Specht. At the moment, she finds that L.A. holds a rich and expansive range ofsubject matter and challenge.

While in Los Angeles Specht has assisted, styled, and helped coordinate productions for commercial photographers. Projects have included Architectural Digest, Coors, Food & Wine Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Kawasaki, Kreiss Furniture, Lexus, Mighty Dog, Office Depot, Romantic Homes Magazine, Skechers, Smithsonian Magazine, Universal Studios. A Frank Lloyd Wright house, tucked away in layers of trees in the Santa Barbara area, and the Ennis-Brown house, in Los Angeles, were the subject of a project for Residence Magazine. Specht traveled to Seattle to facilitate the documentation of new CEOs during the Microsoft restructuring for Fortune Magazine June, 2000.

Jill Specht


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