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Archive #12 - October-December 2002

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Carrie Mae Weems, Advisory Board -Nov. 2002
Susan Scafati, NY PR - Sept. 2002

Jean Ferro President's Letter:

No. 12  - Fall   October, 2002

Welcome, It's fall in Los Angeles, WIPI's base of operation. It's now three years since Nancy Clendaniel, WIPI's past director, see Shooting Jazz portfolio, Archive 6 April 2001, and myself came together to shake off the dust of a 10 year sleep and began our journey to launch as an online resource center. We used my self-portrait portfolio to kick off the
Premiere Issue, November 1999 Archive 1 and invited the world to come and celebrate our new beginning. Our love for photography brought us together that fateful day in 1988 at a photo expo in Long Beach. Nancy was representing WIPI in the Paris Photo Lab booth and I was there signing autographs for my layout in Zoom Magazine. Nancy, a wonderful photojournalist, has incredible portfolios of Jazz musicians, Olympic Figure Skaters, England, Russia and Max. For myself, numerous portfolios including Rock & Roll, photojournalism, photoart, Italy, France, and Eric. We made a good pair. We always had more ideas than the sky could hold, and we took a few nose dives, eh..but why not. Sometimes the ride is the best part of all. We are happy to say, that WIPI has had incredible growth over the last three years.

Online improvements and updates were handled by Amie Vanderford-Pfaff, Ludivine Martin and Stuart Balcomb, who contributed greatly to our online center. We've accomplished incredible exhibitions with the start of Tea Time, our 20th Anniversary Exhibition and the wonderful support of Joanne Warfield for opening the door to photo l.a. 2002. We want to thank all the women who have contributed articles for the f2-eZine, such as Helen K. Garber's features on several well known photographers (see WIPI archives) and special thanks to Carole Glauber for writing fantastic book reviews since we started. It is truly a pleasure to see so many talented people coming together to create a stable base for WIPI. Peter Palmquist, historian and founder of the Women In Photography International archive, well, I just couldn't have figured this all out without his guidance. Handing an organization is very different from doing my creating photo art projects, it's been a new learning experience. The Women In Photography International archive is in good hands with Peter. Thank you to the many talented and professional photographers from around the globe who are now WIPI members...we just keep getting better all the time! ...As we grow, we sure do glow.!

Great News ...Carrie Mae Weems (PR release) has accepted a position on our Advisory Board. We are very happy and we welcome Carrie "back." Check out the WIP 1981-1991 Historical Profile, Carrie was part of WIP in the early years. In January we will do a special story in our WIPI News section on the progress of Carrie's career.

We are pleased to bring an international selection of women's work to our members and viewers, In the Galleries this fall we present Sharon Seligman as our PRO gallery exhibition, Sharon has been documenting an indigenous group of people in the Bajio region of central Mexico. Juanita Richeson, General Gallery is the daughter of two professional photographers, her award winning photographs reveal a strong documentary style of work. Rebecca Vex, Student Gallery, says she is constantly trying to understand herself: her emotions, her perceptions, her turmoil by doing self-portraits. In our Historical Profile, a special look back to WIPI's beginning, the founding 1981 board, the women who had the vision to start an organization to support women working in the photographic arts..and they are all still photographers!

We would also like to welcome this fall, Susan Scafati, our new New York Press and PR liaison. (PR Release )
Susan is energetic and will be a wonderful support team on the east coast, so look for news from New York in our future F2-eZine.

The F2-eZine section WIPI NEWS focuses on Kathleen T. Carr's Polaroid Transfer work with an in-depth Q & A interview by Joanne Warfield Tyra Banks TZONE Foundation is beautifully captured in photos by Cat Jimenez Revisiting Black Rock Desert 2002, Burning Man ART, hotter than ever, story by Laura Casey with an artistic representation of the event by photographer Susan Holmstrom. Also see the 2000 Burning Man article that we presented WIPI News from Abroad, is a handsomely written article about "Romania." by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee

MARKETING NEWS: A Getty Presentation, Intellectual Property, is your work copyrighted? I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding the relationship of the photographer and their need to copyright their work. Read everything you can and take the time to make sure your work is handled properly from the start. Creating Success by Selina Oppenheim - Defining your Visual Integrity and Making a Commitment, reminds us of the necessary parts of elements to a successful career Stay connected with Fresh Lists, one of the best photography contact lists available to keep you up to date with return calls. In the Book Review Section, The Allen Sisters by Carole Glauber, historian, is a delightful look into the history of women photographers

We welcome all our members to submit stories and galleries for consideration. Please see the guidelines for submission.

We hope to see you at Stephen Cohen's photo l.a. starting Jan 15th, stop by our booth and say Hi.

Jean Ferro
Photo Artist/President

Special thanks this month to both PRO member, Carrie Villines and Stuart Balcomb ( for their assistance with uploading the Quarterly.

Women In Photography International /

Carrie Mae Weems Joins WIPI Advisory Board

November 2002 / New York

Original Women In Photography (1981-1991) member and highly acclaimed fine art photographer, Carrie Mae Weems, has recently accepted a position on the Women In Photography International Advisory Board. Carrie Mae Weems was part of the original 1981 WIP team whose spirit fueled the organization from a living room discussion to one of the leading women's organization for women photographers internationally. Jean Ferro, President of Women In Photography International, says, "We are very happy and welcome Carrie 'back', she is a shining star in the world of photography".

Since Weems early involvement in Women In Photography, her photography career has prospered and is world-renowned. Weems uses narrative elements in her photography to examine class and gender issues through the window of personal experience and African-American heritage. Awards include The Alpert Award for Visual Arts (1996), Visual Arts Fellowship (National Endowment for the Arts / 1994), Photographer of the Year (Friends of Photography / 1994) and selected one person exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art / New York, International Center of Photography, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Museum of Modern Art / San Francisco.

"My responsibility as an artist is to work, to sing for my supper, to make
art, beautiful and powerful, that adds and reveals; to beautify the mess of
a messy world, to heal the sick and feed the helpless; to shout bravely
from the rooftops and storm barricaded doors and voice the specificity
of our historical moment."

--Carrie Mae Weems

Reorganized in 2000 as an online resource center at, Women in Photography International serves the needs of photographers, photo educators, historians, students, gallery owners and photographic organizations around the world providing visibility for women photographers and their work through a variety of programs and juried competitions. The WIPI online Quarterly f2-eZine publication presents member profiles and portfolios, interviews, book reviews, product information and gallery listings. The WIPI Archive is a premiere resource and an unparalleled World Wide Web network for the international community.

WIP New York Representative / Press

Women In Photography International


PR Release Susan Scafati

Women In Photography International /

Recently Appointed WIPI New York Press Representative

September 2002 / New York

Women In Photography International (WIPI) is happy to announce that Manhattan-based freelance photographer and WIPI International member, Susan Scafati, has recently been added to our International committee as a volunteer press contact. According to Jean Ferro, President, "Susan will focus on New York's photography scene for exposure, exhibition and publication opportunities for the organization and its members. Scafati will also take note of WIPI members' activities in New York for potential articles in the online WIPI quarterly newsmagazine: F2 e-zine."

Women in Photography International, headquartered in Los Angeles, is an educational nonprofit organization that promotes visibility and provides resources for women photographers and their work through a variety of programs, exhibitions, juried competitions and publications. Founded in 1981, and reorganized in 2000 as an online resource center, Women in Photography International serves the needs of photographers, photo educators, photography students, gallery owners and photographic organizations around the world.

Susan Scafati studied with and assisted world-renowned photographers at the San Francisco Art Institute and the International Center for Photography. She worked at the NBC Press Office for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia and has assisted top celebrity photographers in New York (including David LaChapelle). Scafati has traveled extensively abroad, documenting photographically her explorations through Italy, France, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand. Scafati is currently a professional freelance photographer in Manhattan who specializes in portraiture, reportage, travel and fine art. Previous clients include Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, JP Morgan; associations include Women In Photography International, ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), and The International Center for Photography.

Thank you,

WIPI New York Representative / Press



For articles, see F2 eZine Archive #12 Oct -Dec. 2002