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Women In Photography International promotes the visibility of women working in the photographic arts. The images on the following pages were displayed at 12th Annual photo l.a. 2003, Jan. 16 -Jan. 19, 2003 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Booth #42


Cat Jimenez, WIPI booth #42, photo l.a. 2003

Joan Almond, book signing below left

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Listed below are Women In Photography International member images exhibited, photo l.a. 2003

Images 1 - 10

Joan Almond, Jane Fulton Alt, Winter Bell, Candace Biggerstaff, Liza Botkin Michele Dugan, Jean Ferro, Stephanie Flack

Images 11-20

Lauren Gabriele, Shelly Gazin, Carol S. Gee, Wilda Gerideau-Squires, Cat Jimenez, Kenna Love, Freyda Miller, Orah Moore, Elizabeth Opalenik, Elizabeth Rassiga

Images 21-30

Marcia Reifman, Juanita Richeson, Susan Scafati, Tracy Jean Shields, Elizabeth Siegfried, Eva Skold Westerlind, Jill Specht, Carrie Villines, Joanne Warfield, Judith Diana Winston

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