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Archive 15 July - Sept/Dec 2003

July - September, 2003 Quarterly #15

Jean Ferro, President

Dear Members,

WIPI Is looking for an umbrella for the organization!

Re: Women In Photography International - Changes & Expansion Women In Photography International is currently seeking to expand its professional network by merging with a university or foundation that has an established history of commitment to the photographic arts.

Founded in 1981, WIPI
, a nonprofit, 501.c3 organization, (headquartered in Los Angeles) has successfully fulfilled it's raison d'être: To promote the visibility of women photographers and their work. This has been achieved by providing:

1. worldwide professional networks
2. online educational resources & member galleries
3. historical database of women photographers
4. on-going exhibitions & gallery affiliations
5. workshops & lecture programs
6. competitions, including the WIPI 20th Anniversary Exhibition ̉Tea Time, Images of Women, Images of Tea and renown, collectors exhibition Photo L.A.
7. quarterly publications, which is the foundation of our current website and online gallery:, reaching over 50,000 viewers a month

With Women In Photography Intl's steady growth, we feel it is the ideal time to seek out an "umbrella" organization that will allow us to continue fulfilling the needs of the growing numbers of women entering the field of photography. With such a liaison, WIPI could expand it's administrative staff, physical offices and increase services to it's membership in the international photographic community.

We trust that our recent sponsors - Kodak Foundation, Epson America, The Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept., The Stephen Cohen Gallery, Pierce College Foundation, Maryann Charis House of Photographic Art, The Lomographic Society and Allworth Book Publishers - along with the many talented women working in the field of photography - will support this quest.

In addition to serving an international network of photographers, Women in Photography International has been devoted to preserving and perpetuating a west coast presence for women working in the photographic arts with it's extend outreach throughout the USA and Internationally. It's with this in mind that we "fling down the gauntlet" to west coast universities, museums and educational agencies (with accredited histories of commitment to the work of women photographers) ~ challenging them to "pick up" the 20 year legacy of Women in Photography International, the nonprofit organization, and move forward!

There are so many doors to be opened, opportunities to grasp and artists to encourage. WIPI has long met community needs for lecture programs, educational workshops, exhibitions and regional conferences that focus specifically on women working in the photographic arts. Just think how much more can be accomplished once a liaison with a university or museum is firmly in place?

For over ten years, we worked hand-in-hand with our beloved silent partner, historian & curator Peter Palmquist, (1937-2003) who encouraged us to "never give up" the quest to serve and preserve the work of women photographers. Peter contributed historical profiles from his Women in Photography International Archive to our online publication: F2. Together we strove to reach out to women photographers - those established and those yet unknown - to let them know they mattered and that their work would not be lost because WIPI would be their record.

It's with this raision d'être in mind that we are now approaching the most esteemed curators, directors and overseers of women's role in the history of photography on the west coast. Our goal is to link up and soar! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

We invite you to learn more about Women in Photography International by taking a tour of our website: or

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