Marguerite Garth
- General Member - Los Gatos, California
1) Fine Art   2) Conceptual   3) Special Projects   
* Format digital, infrared, medium format (4x5)

I call this work ‘personal landscapes’.  Although the land of the high desert is the wellspring and inspiration for all of my projects, my fine art practice has more to do with my inner life and struggles than just the landscape. By creating tension between the superficial beauty of the scene that I embellish and the hidden detritus of the environmentally challenged pond, I aim to explain myself.  Through displaying the landscape as a beautiful yet darkly complex enveloping space, I hope to open the imagery up to metaphoric interpretations linked to mythic expressions of life and death. The vertical panoramas in this series pay symbolic respect to my meditative practice.

WIPI 2013 Annual Juried Competition - Juror Choice Gallery Presentation


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