Clickers & Flickers monthly and/or bi-monthly photographer presentations and Guest Speaker series by noted photographers and curators in the Los Angeles area. The list includes professionals from all areas of photography—a short list includes:Weston Naef/Curator/Getty Museum, Virginia Heckert/Curator/Getty, Michael G. Wilson/Collector, Photographers, Nick Ut/Pulitzer Prize winner, Henry Diltz, Eugene F. Lally/Inventor/NASA, Dick Guttman/Hollywood Star Publicist, Douglas Kirkland, Jean Ferro 2x, Leonard Nimoy 3x, Julius Schulman, Herman Leonard, Norman Seeff, Patricia Lanza/Annenberg, along with members, Greg Dyro,Raul Roa, Beverly Houwing, Amelia Davis, and WIPI Charter Members J.J. L'Heureux and E.F. Kitchen
. Dawn Hope Stevens history with a love of photography and archive of blues/jazz musicians is founder and publisher of Clickers & Flickers (connecting the dots), can be viewed through Dawn's WIPI Charter presentation gallery and biography including her 90s plus Malibu Mom.