For articles, see F2 eZine Archive 8 - Oct - Dec 2001

Archive 8 - October - December 2001

Jean Ferro, President's Letter
Fall Issue, October 1, 2001

FOCUS ON PEACE... Before we continue with WIPI business, I would like to pay tribute to all the people of the world who spend their time involved in peace giving programs. “Thank you” for working at creating a peaceful environment for our global community. Our condolences to all those who have suffered loss during this very sensitive and difficult time around the globe. Of note, there were a number of Women Photographers who had their photographs published during the most recent terrorist attack on the USA. Time Magazine Special issue only published one woman photographer, while both Newsweek and People Magazine special issues published a number of women photographers.

International Tea Time Exhibition is about to open on October 10th with our reception October 20th in beautiful San Juan Capistrano at the House of Photographic Art. Gallery owner, Maryann Charis says the exhibition looks fabulous ! WIPI produced a beautiful 20th Anniversary commemorative multi-media CD and Poster collectible that contains the shows images with bio’s and resumes for each artist. Several Images from the exhibit will be displayed on the website throughout the year. The Tea Time CD and Poster are available for sale. There are 63 talented women artists and 75 images..! The exhibit inspiration for Tea Time came from Linda McCartney’s T-pot image,, which is also included in the exhibit. A wonderful image “Saint” by Linda’s protege and talented daughter, Mary McCartney Donald is also on display. So stop by the Tea Time section and see our winners, Carol Nye, Dar Spain, Julia K. McLemore, Jane Fulton Alt, Shahla Bebe, Patrizia Riviera, Adrien Meredith Hefta, Kate McLeod and Miriam Romais along with a sampling of the other stunning images from the exhibition. Carol Nye is panning a special lecture about her work just prior to the opening reception. Again, Thank you Epson America, Inc. and MZ Burger of New York, licensed distributor of the Timex Collectible Clock and our sponsoring professional lab Paris Photo Imaging of Los Angeles. Also, special thank you to graphic artist Sharyn Keller, Keller Designs, who worked many days and nights on the invitation, CD insert and poster and to Chuck Behrman, C.H. Berhman Photography for his expertise in the CD production.

Our Fall quarterly Galleries show off the wonderful b/w photographs of Christine Burgoyne from Seattle, the portfolio is a unique pattern of images in the Professional gallery, Karren Tolliver’s striking b/w images in the General Gallery and Japanese student, Kanako Sasaki personal diary of exploration. The historical gallery contains excerpts from “Is Anatomy Destiny?” the forward to our Tea Time Multi-media CD by Peter Palmquist. Congratulations are in order for Peter, he has received the prestigious Catherine Bancroft Award from the Denver Library for the Best Book in Western American History “Pioneer Photographers of the Far West A Biographical Dictionary, 1840-1865” which is in our book review section.

In the F2-eZine WIPI News you will find an issue packed full of interesting articles such as the piece My Journey to Afghanistan 1977, with images and text by Joanne Warfield from her pre war 1977 journey to Afghanistan. Helen K. Garber brings us is a success story about documentary photographer Lara Jo Ragan and her darling Mr. Winkle, the cutest little doggie in the world. Member Alison Holland, curator shares her article from the September issue of B/W Magazine, giving us a a glimpse into the photographic world of Australia. Judith Halek, takes us on an adventure of a lifetime. “water birthing” not water rafting...water birthing..! Judith shares her techniques for documenting this most precious and tender moment for both Mother and child. In WIPI News From Abroad, we visit with photographer Paolo Poggio, originally from Italy and now living in Germany describing her favorite photographic styles.

In the Gallery Highlights area, follow the links to Advisory Board Member Jill Waterman’s article on Securing an Exhibition, Q&A ( with Jill. Marketing News has a great article by Silina Oppenheim, Port Authority Inc., along with more information about the Stock Market by Pat Hunt also of Port Authority Inc. Read the Book Review by Historian./photographer Carole Glauber of the book The Woman behind the Lens: The Life and Work of Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1864-1952, by written by Bettina Berch, Ms. Johnston was indeed prolific. This is the reason we are a much to read and see, and you have three months to revisit and tell a friend about our international online resource center and F2-eZine with a focus on women photographers.

A special note of Thanks to members Aliki Sapountzi /Scotland for putting together a list of galleries and museums in Greece and Karren Tolliver who has put together a list of international exhibition spaces that concentrate on Women’s work. You can find Karren’s list in the Gallery Highlights section, and please send along any contacts you may have to Karen and Aliki will post the Greek Galleries in the Member’s Message Board and we will add Aliki’s Museum contacts into the Photography Link list with the next update. In the near future, these contacts will be available only to members.

And again, a special thank you to our webmaster Amie Vanderford-Pfaff for her fine work and dedication and to Sylvia White, our Treasurer / Membership who gets our bills paid on time and to Helen K.Garber our Secretary, for her dedication and great articles for the WIPI News.

We look forward to a successful Tea Time Exhibition and we look forward to meeting you at one of our “Tea Party Receptions” If you would like Tea Time to come to your vicinity, please send the contact info for the gallery, university or museum to Please check the Tea Time page for updates and exhibition images.


Jean Ferro

20th Anniversary Exhibition - International Tea Time
House of Photographic Art
27182 Ortega Highway
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 496-5127
October 10 - November 15
Reception Saturday, October 20th


For articles, see F2 eZine Archive 8 - Oct - Dec 2001